YellowPages Finally Launches Phone Book Opt-Out Website


Yellow Pages Digital & Media Solutions Limited or one of its affiliates (“YP”) sells to the client, who purchases same, the services described on the attachment of this contract (the “Advertising Services”) for the indicated monthly or lump sum fee (the “Fees”) and pursuant to the current Terms and Conditions (the “Contract”). Following the date of the execution of this Contract, YP will on or about the date indicated: provide the Advertising Services; publish the print advertisement in selected Yellow Pages™ print directories; and begin offering the digital advertisement in the digital (electronic or mobile) directories. Website services include the creation and development of a website (the “Website”), the registration of a domain, and website hosting and support. Should the client have an existing domain, the domain shall be transferred to YP solely for the purpose of providing the Advertising Services. Upon termination of this Contract, provided the client is not in default of payment of Fees, YP will transfer the domain to the client (fees may apply). Client will be responsible for all third party or registrar transfer fees.



The client acknowledges that this Contract is strictly conditional upon YP’s approval of the client’s credit.

The client acknowledges that YP may conduct all usual commercial credit enquiries with third parties regarding the client’s solvency and credit score and disclose to third parties (such as Equifax) information regarding the client’s credit in order to update the client’s credit file. Any personal credit enquiries will require the written consent of the client.

The client agrees that in the event of any changes in the client’s Advertising Services (such as increase in spend) and/or credit status (such as default or late payments), YP may at its sole discretion review the client’s credit and requests additional credit conditions.

YP may cancel this Contract if it deems, at its sole discretion, that the client’s credit is not satisfactory.

The client acknowledges that failure in meeting and fulfilling required credit conditions on time could impact YP’s delivery of the Advertising Services.

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