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There are thousands of campgrounds across Canada. To book a camping site, you will need to know the length of your vehicle and the number of passengers. 

Make sure that the campgrounds you choose accept RVs.

Your camping site will cost $40 to $90 per night, depending on the season, the destination and the number of services.

Canadian campgrounds are classified according to the number of services available:

1 service = electricity 2 services = electricity and water 3 services = electricity, water and sewer

The following websites will help you find campgrounds by province:

Conversations [ ]

Corruption and Conscience

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Imperial Watch

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Where Can I Sleep In My Car Legally: Rural Neighbourhoods

It is usually good to avoid big city streets and main roads where you will find metered parking lots and also avoid some parking places that are highly sought. Parking and sleeping in some rural areas in the neighborhoods where people park their cars outside their homes can be either a great or horrible idea depending on the laws of the particular region.

So if you want to park and sleep in rural areas then you should consider looking for vacant parking lots on the rural street or woody areas with few homes around.

Where Can I Sleep In My Car Legally: Shopping Malls And Grocery Stores Parking Lots

Approximately, all shopping malls and grocery stores have parking lots. Shopping malls and grocery stores parking lots are secure and safe to park and enjoy your sleep in your car. They are well lit and some of them even have security cameras for safety factors. Some malls and stores are legal but some do not allow people to stay in their parking lots. There is no policy of allowing people to sleep in their cars at the mall’s parking lots.

The most common advantage of staying in these places is that you will be able to get access to their bathrooms and restrooms to freshen up in the morning.

You should be aware that not all shopping malls and grocery stores are safe. Robbers and thieves can sometimes target your car with the assumption that it is not occupied.

Crime [ ]

Main article: Crime (Oblivion)

Within the walls of a city, and the surrounding countryside, any crime committed gains the attention of the guards; the nearest will move to the perpetrator, informing them that they have broken the law, and gives three options; pay the fine, resist arrest, or go to jail.

If the perpetrator chooses to pay the fine, the guard will take them to the nearest castle and take whatever bounty was placed on them as payment, as well as search them for all stolen item in their possession. If the fine cannot be paid, due to lack of gold, the option will not be given.

If the perpetrator accepts the jail sentence, they will be sent to the nearest castle to serve their sentence, based on the size of the bounty; the larger the bounty, the longer the sentence.

If the perpetrator resists arrest, the entire guard will immediately engage them, attacking until yielded, or until the perpetrator is dead, or fled from the fight.

If the guard has a disposition of 91 or more, they will not immediately react to a low and non violent crime, looking away as long as the crime is minor.

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