What to Do When You See Your Ex on A Dating App

How do you react when you run into your ex

How you react when you run into an ex depends on two main factors. The first factor is the non-verbal feedback your ex gives you.

For example, if you see your ex from afar and your ex locks eyes with you, your ex is most likely interested in saying hi to you because that’s what his or her body language says.

It says that your ex isn’t shy or uncomfortable and that he or she wants to have a word with you.

It’d be difficult to say exactly why an ex would want to speak to you all of a sudden, but normally, an ex wants to talk to you for one or more of the following reasons:

  • to catch up (nostalgia) and become friends again (security)
  • to apologize and assuage guilt
  • to obtain reassurance
  • to stop feeling anxious and to boost self-esteem
  • to use your help
  • to get back together (unlikely and uncommon)

The second factor that determines how you should act or react depends on you. If you’re hurting from the breakup and you know that talking to your ex hurts you, you probably don’t want to get pulled into a conversation with your ex.

Doing so despite not being emotionally ready would essentially cause you anxiety and prevent you from moving on.

The best way to react to seeing your ex in public is to deal with your ex quickly and efficiently.

You can do that not by ignoring your ex because that would be rude and could bring a bad reaction out of your ex, but by saying hello to your ex and ending the conversation right away.

There are a few ways you can handle an encounter with an ex without getting hurt or hurting your ex.

1)You can say hi, smile and keep walking.

2)You can stop for a minute or two, have a very short conversation about topics you couldn’t care less about, and part ways without making any plans to catch up.

3)Or if you’re really really hurt because of the breakup and fear that talking to your ex will reopen your wounds (or your ex’s), you can simply acknowledge your ex with a nod of your head and keep walking toward your destination.

Bear in mind that your health and well-being always come first regardless of whether you want your ex back or not. You’re responsible for your emotional wellness, so take actions that heal your wounds and help you move on.


14 Keep It Short and Don’t Look Back

Engaging in a small talk even if you ended the relationship on a good note or things ended up as a mess, can make future encounters more comfortable. However it is important to make the “small talk” small! So after exchanging a few words, tell him you have to run, smile, walk away and never look back. Your encounter should be a small occurrence and never the highlight of your day!

Fact #1: You cant read while dreaming, or tell the time

If you are unsure whether you are dreaming or not, try reading something. The vast majority of people are incapable of reading in their dreams.

The same goes for clocks: each time you look at a clock it will tell a different time and the hands on the clock won’t appear to be moving as reported by lucid dreamers.

5. Its not about your ex, its about you

According to Psychics Universe, there’s a chance that an ex in a dream represents a part of you. Maybe it means that you gave up too much of yourself and what you love in your past relationship, and it’s time to get that back. Or maybe it means that you’re neglecting yourself in some way. Either way, it can’t hurt to analyze your own behavior during the time you were with your ex and figure out if you need to make any major changes.

11 Avoid Him if Needed

It is completely understandable that it might be too early for you to encounter your ex. Our hearts are not made of steel and sometimes all we need is time to move on from the past. So if you spy you ex in your proximity and know that you are just not ready to wave hello and smile at him as if everything is okay, don’t push yourself before you are ready. It doesn’t mean that you are a weak and cowardly; it just shows that you are smart enough to respect your feelings and take time for yourself.

18. Spend Time With Your Family And Friends


Being alone after a breakup can lead to depression. In times like these, you stop trusting people. However, this is the perfect time to reconnect with the people in your life who will actually stick around no matter what. Spending time with your family and close friends can help you clear your mind and push the dark clouds away.

7. The ex in your dream is actually you, breaking up with yourself

As you can probably tell by now, exes appearing in dreams can symbolize all kinds of things. Exemplore says it might just be your mind’s way of telling you that you’re repressing a different side of yourself — likely an opposite side of yourself — and that you need to get in touch with who you really are.

“Interpreting this type of dream as a sign that you should re-connect with your ex will not only leave this issue unresolved but will also complicate the issue further,” the site says. “This dream is giving you the message that you need to strengthen the relationship you have with yourself; don’t distract yourself by misplacing your energy into external relationships at the moment.”

15. Cut All Communication Lines

If you think messaging him once in a while or drunk dialing him will do no harm, you are mistaken. Staying in touch with him will keep you trapped in the past and never let you move on. It is also a good idea to block his number, delete all his mails/texts, and burn his letters.

Your Ex Doesnt Want To Talk To You Again

This is the least favorable scenario of all so far…

And you might be even wondering, “does my ex miss me at all?”

For your ex to never want to talk to you again, there must be something that you have said or done that pushed your ex to make this decision of cutting all contact with you for good.

Below are two of the most common reasons that your ex might never want to speak to you again.

  • You cheated on your ex.
  • You ended the relationship on bad terms.
  • They feel annoyed at you constantly harassing them to get back with them.

If you cheated on your ex, then it justifies why your ex blocks you.

They are probably very hurt by your actions and if any thoughts of you just lead to more pain for them.

So rather than face all the pain, they choose to block you to erase you out of their life.

If you both ended the relationship on bad terms, then it could be that your ex feels that it is just too painful to deal with anything else that has to do with you.

At this point, you should let your ex calm down and wait for them to reinitiate contact with you once they have really cooled down and thought things through.

The third situation is the most common situation by far.

You cannot accept that the breakup has happened and you are fighting desperately to keep the relationship with your ex.

But in such attempts, you are actually “pushing” your ex and this annoys them.

What you should do in this case is to really just step back, take a breather, and stop contacting them.

Constantly contacting them would only irritate them even more, and make them even more convinced that their decision to block you was the right thing to do.

So if you have been constantly harassing your ex to reconsider your relationship with them and to get back with you, then you have to stop doing it right now.

Telling them to get back with you will not get them back with you.

The first step is to let them feel safe to be in contact with you again and you do that by not contacting them at all.

After some time, they will think that you have really gotten over them and possibly contact you again.

The good news is that most of the time your ex doesn’t really mean it when they say that they never want to talk to you again.

During breakups, most of us cannot think logically, and we often say things we don’t really mean it.

With time, you will calm down emotionally, and bad memories would also become blurred. You just need to be patient enough.

Signs Your Ex Will Eventually Come Back

So how do you know your ex might eventually come back to you?

Here are a few signs that you will notice…

Sign 1: Your ex suddenly reaches out to you out of the blue

I’ve had many coaching clients that have experienced this.

A recent client of mine is trying to get back an ex who she suspects is trying to get back with his ex-wife.

Her ex and the ex-wife have a daughter together and have recently started to take some pictures together.

My client found out that the ex-wife had been posting pictures of them together as a family.

This made my client panic and think that her ex is getting back with the ex-wife.

Furthermore, my client had messaged her ex just before seeing those pictures and think that her ex has blocked her because he did not reply to the message.

But just a week later, the family picture was taken down from the ex-wife’s profile.

Then her ex suddenly messaged her out of the blue and told her that he had found a part of her lingerie in his room.

When she received the message, she was surprised because she thought she was blocked by her ex.

But it turned out that her ex somehow had a change of heart and reached out to her.

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Sign 2: Your Ex Loves You But Is Scared

This happens more often than you would think.

So you might be wondering if your ex loves you, why does your ex block you?

It could be to help your ex “try” and get over you and move on.

But the reality is that your ex probably still hasn’t gotten over you, but at the same time your ex doesn’t think that the relationship is going to work out because of what happened towards the end of the relationship.

What that means is that your ex is conflicted.

Your ex wants the version of you when you both first got together, and not the version of you when the relationship started to go south.

But the fact is that your ex still loves you and still wishes to get the relationship back IF you change.

So how do you get your ex to see that you have changed?

The most common thing that many people do, but is the biggest mistake, is to tell your ex that you will change.

But you probably have already tried it haven’t you?

And you’re still here reading this post on how to get your ex back.

And you haven’t tried it – good. Because it will probably not get your ex back still.

So what should you be doing instead?

The answer is to let your ex experience the change in you.

When you let your ex experience that you have changed without telling them that you have changed…

Then your ex will want you back as long as you get your ex to feel positive around you.

Sign 3: Your Ex Is Miserable

This is when your ex has a change in their situation.

One situation is when there is a family death as mentioned earlier.

Another situation is when your ex somehow finds out that someone else is chasing you.

This happens more to women than men.

For example, I’ve had many female clients who started to go dating after their ex broke up with them.

This is one of the fastest and powerful tactics to quickly increase your confidence.

So while going dating, my female clients would take some pictures of the and their dates on their social media.

So what happened was when their exes saw those pictures, a feeling of “possession” somehow got triggered in them.

When their exes saw them with someone else, this suddenly made them want my clients back.

And this resulted in my clients’ exes reaching out to them and eventually got back with them.

So if your ex reaches out to you after seeing you go on a date…

Then chances are it’s because your ex is miserable.

Your ex probably misses the times you both had and want you back.

Now, do take note that this isn’t a guaranteed way to get your ex back.

There’s no guarantee your ex will reach out to you when your ex sees you with someone else.

Even if your ex is miserable, there’s no guarantee your ex will reach out to you at all.

It all comes down to your individual situation and circumstances.

Bottom Line

Even if you are blocked, you still can get unblocked.

And you can certainly still get your ex back IF you do the right things from here onwards.

Fact #19: Gender differences

Interestingly, 70% of all the characters in a man’s dream are other men, but women’s dream contain an equal amount of women and men. Also men’s dreams contain a lot more aggression. Both women and men dream about sexual themes equally often.



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