[SOLVED] Comcast can log into my modem remotely, but I can't even ping it

Reset Button

  1. Some Comcast modems are equipped with a "Reset" button for quick resets. To reset these modems, locate the "Reset" button on the front or back of your modem. The location varies from one model to the next, but the button is always cleared marked. Press and hold the button for at least five seconds. Depending on your modem model, you may need to use a thin, non-metallic object like the tip of a ballpoint pen to push the button. Release the button and allow the modem a few moments to complete the reset process.

Have the Wiring Inside and Outside the House Inspected and Fixed

I treasure my backyard garden, but I can’t say the

I treasure my backyard garden, but I can’t say the same about rodents making it their habitat. 

It turns out I once lost internet connection for an entire weekend as a beaver decided to snack on the central wire running to the modem from the poles. 

However, it’s best to let a professional take charge of the inspection and troubleshooting in this case.

Your trouble may result from environmental factors like rough weather, rain, or animal damage, or fire and construction damages in the house. 

Interestingly, a high ambient temperature can raise upstream power levels while bringing down the downstream ones due to increased resistance in the wires. 

Don’t sweat trying to reach the Comcast support team yet for an inspection appointment. 

Your local technicians can inspect and fix any lousy wiring or unforced damages disrupting the internet connection.


Check for Excess Coax Cable Splitter

One of the leading causes of T3 timeout is upstrea

One of the leading causes of T3 timeout is upstream signal noise (the data signal sent from the modem to the CMTS). 

The cable modem cannot raise upstream power levels to a sufficient point that allows communication before timing out.

As a result, the modem reinitiates the registration process, resets the cable interface, and establishes a successful connection with the CMTS.

Now cable management can impact the signal-to-noise ratio significantly. 

I cannot emphasize enough the need for a minimal and direct connection of coax cables.

It is best to resort to a two-way splitter exclusively when you need to extend the coax cable to other devices in the house.

The primary coax connection should be from the pole to the splitter as input. 

One of the two outputs goes to the modem, and the other to devices around the house.

If you cannot forego the need for additional splitters, check for damages or loose connections at the ports. 

Also, I like to keep a few spare ones in mint condition to test the wiring by replacing the used splitters.

Moreover, ensure that the connections are tight and no noticeable damage or oxidation on the wires.

How to Reset a Router Remotely with Your Browser

There are a few ways you can reset your router without walking over and restarting it manually. The easiest method is to open the browser and log in as an administrator.

  1. Open a web browser and connect to your home router as an administrator. You’ll need to know your router’s IP address to do this. Type this IP address into your browser URL field and type in the administrator credentials.

  2. Once you're logged into your router as administrator, you can usually find the option to reboot your router in the Advanced section of the router's menu.

    Be careful not to select any Reset or Factory Reset options, as this will perform a hard reset and clear all of your configuration and settings in your router. However, if rebooting the router doesn't resolve the issues you're having, performing a hard reset may be the only alternative option to resolve any problems.

  3. Once you select the Reboot option, your router may display a countdown to when it will power down. Once it does, the router will automatically restart again on its own. It'll usually take 30 to 60 seconds for the whole router reboot process to complete.

    In this same area of the router menu, some routers include a scheduler option to configure the router to reset at a regular interval automatically. If this option is available, it can be helpful to keep the router operating efficiently over the long term.

Step 3: Continued

Note. Read the following steps before performing them.2. Press the cable button at the top of the remote. This will clear any button pushes from memory. If you mess up on any of the following steps, press the exit button followed by the cable button and start back at step 3. Press either the TV or AUX button (whichever one you are planning to program) once. it will blink red if you press it correctly.4. Press and hold the setup button until the TV or AUX button flashes twice.5. Enter the first 5 digit code you wrote down into the keypad. If you completed this correctly, the TV or AUX key will blink twice. If it does not, Go back to #2 above on this page.6. Now, test your remote by pressing the TV or AUX button (whichever one you programmed), and aiming it at your device. Then press the power button.7. If your device turns on and off as you press power on the remote, then you have successfully completed programming and should skip to step 5. If the remote does not operate the device, go back to #2 above on this page. OR of you have tried all the codes or you want to do this faster go to the next step.

Voice Modems

  1. Comcast customers who also are subscribed to voice or phone service from Comcast use a special modem with a reset button. Locate the "Reset" button on the front or back of your modem and press and hold the reset button using a thin, non-metallic object such as the tip of a ballpoint pen. Hold the button until the lights on the face of the modem turn off. Release the button and wait for the modem to cycle back up and reinitialize. This process may take as long as five minutes, but it is necessary to restore full functionality to both Internet and voice services.

Step 5: Things to Remember

Congratulations! You have successfully programmed your Comcast remote to control your devices! Here are a few reminders that may be helpful. –Pressing one of the mode buttons on the top of the remote will set the remote to control that device –Pressing the all on button will turn on the cable box, followed by the TV, followed by the AUX device –When in cable mode, the volume buttons will control the TV volume Thank you. please post some comments on how this works for you.


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