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Salt in the Laundry Room (plus other helpful tips)


  • Sprinkling a liberal quantity of salt down your drains will assist stop your drains from freezing, however don’t depend on this technique. When you plan to be away from dwelling when the temperature might dip beneath freezing, you should definitely flip off your water major.

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First, seize your jar and add 1 cup of the salt to the jar. I take advantage of a chunk of paper to “funnel” it into the jar as I pour it out of the measuring cup. Straightforward Peasy!

Add 10 drops of your lemon oil to the salt.

Combine it to totally mix. I like to make use of a fork to mix the salts and oils collectively within the jar. They combine collectively in seconds.

You simply need to be certain that the oils are included all through all of the salt.

Then, add the opposite 1 cup of the salt to the jar and important oils and repeat the blending course of.

That’s it. You’re executed.

You’ve received your very ownlaundry scent booster with important oils able to clean up your towels and garments.


Hydrogen Peroxide

The Spruce / Ana Cadena 

Head to the medication cupboard for the hydrogen peroxide as a good various to the a lot harsher chlorine bleach when it’s essential to whiten clothes. Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is an oxidizing agent that can be utilized as a bleach. The three% answer bought in drug shops as a first-aid disinfectant is the only option for the laundry as properly. Hydrogen peroxide breaks down into water and oxygen and is a extra environmentally protected various to chlorine bleach.

Hydrogen peroxide works properly in eradicating underarm yellowing and the dye from nail polishcurry, and crimson wine stains.

Different makes use of for salt

Dispelling extra detergent

When you use an excessive amount of detergent some salt sprinkled on the suds will shortly dispel them with out impairing their cleansing energy.

Rust stains

Rust stains in laundry objects might yield to a mixture of salt adopted by lemon juice.

Brightening and whitening

Salt can be a assist in the laundry for brightening garments. Some individuals simply add it to the detergent drawer of the washer, simply as you’ll with every other laundry help.

Listed here are one or two different makes use of for salt. I have not (but!) tried all these, so I do not know simply how good they’re. Some had been urged to me from my Squidoo web page on cleansing with salt, others from readers of this web site (Thanks!).

Salt makes use of within the backyard

Salt is sweet for killing poison ivy. Spray it with salt water. Watch out of different close by crops. Salting individuals’s land was a technique of destroying their means to dwell off the land – a hostile act of conflict: not one thing you need to inflict upon your backyard!

Attempt salt on mosquito bites. It takes away the itchiness. Simply moist the place of the chew and rub some salt in.

Epsom Salt & Kosher Salt Are Not The Identical

All around the web you’ll discover recipes for do-it-yourself cloth softener crystals utilizing Epsom salt as a substitute of salt.

IMPORTANT: Epson Salt & Kosher Salt are NOT interchangeable. Particularly when coping with your laundry.

Plenty of well-meaning individuals appear to assume that Epsom salt is simply one other kind of salt, like Himalayan pink salt. It’s not!

Scientifically, kosher salt is definitely sodium chloride (NaCl) and Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate.

Utilizing salt for cleansing laundry and dry supplies

Image: added lemon juice works properly for cleansing with salt on some surfaces

Cleansing with salt:

Listed here are a couple of ways in which salt can be utilized for laundry and different family duties reminiscent of mud cleansing.

Delicate objects

Salt can be sprinkled on some (dry) supplies to wash off mud and dust. For instance in case you have delicate cloth objects or synthetic flowers which have mud embedded within the folds, a sprinkling of salt will collect the mud and it may be fastidiously shaken out of the merchandise.

The Greatest Laundry Scent Booster When You Can’t Make Your Personal

I do know that not everybody is a large fan of creating their very own scent booster or their very own something actually.

If that’s you no worries. You should buy safer laundry scent boosters than the chemical crammed ones. 

For my part, the most effective laundry scent booster is Mrs. Meyer’s Laundry Scent Booster. They’ve quite a lot of scents you can select from and they’re a fairly protected model. I do nonetheless assume they use a “pure perfume,” and I do know that some don’t even like that, so simply preserve that in thoughts. 

Ironing and Salt


Ironing shouldn’t be all the time a enjoyable activity. Salt could make it simpler.


Cleansing: An iron with tough or sticky spots on its floor could be cleaned by working it, set at low, over a chunk of paper with salt on it.

­Starch: Add a splash of salt to the laundry starch to maintain the iron from sticking to clothes. This may even give a clean end to linens or wonderful cottons.


Laundry Scent Boosters Are Not Secure

Lengthy story quick fake fragrance and the other chemicals in laundry scent boosters are harmful. I’m not right here to scare you into switching to all pure merchandise. I simply need you to be extra conscious and to think about switching to a extra pure possibility. 

One of the best ways to soundly preserve your laundry smelling good is to make your personal pure scent boosters. That means you understand precisely what goes into your laundry and into your home. 

Table Salt

Desk Salt

The Spruce / Ana Cadena

There are previous wives’ tales about utilizing salt to set the dye and cease dye bleeding of materials. Sadly, salt will not work that means on in the present day’s materials and dyes. However plain, easy desk salt works within the laundry as a gentle abrasive factor for stain removing of rust and red wine stains and to soak up liquid stains earlier than they set.

If in case you have a crimson wine spill, sprinkle it liberally with desk salt. Use the most cost effective salt you will discover. Let it take in the liquid after which brush away earlier than you wash the merchandise. Keep in mind, when you do not wash it out, salt can depart white stains in your cloth.

If in case you have stains or residue on the underside of your iron, salt works properly as a mild abrasive. Merely dampen a handful of salt very barely and scrub the faceplate of the iron. When the iron is clear, wipe with a clear damp material. You're able to iron.


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