Removing Stripped Screws in 3 Easy Steps

Change to a Flat-Head Screwdriver

The Spruce / Meg MacDonald

For those who’re making an attempt to take away a Phillips head screw, change to a guide flat-head screwdriver. By urgent onerous, it is typically attainable to dig into the stripped head by angling the screwdriver.


3. Pull with Pliers



Examine the screw head intently. If there’s any daylight between the screw head and the floor to which it’s fixed…

  1. See if you will get maintain of the screw with a pair of locking pliers (also referred to as vise grips).
  2. If you will get the device to seize agency maintain of the screw, it is best to be capable to flip the pliers till the screw loosens and pulls away.

This isn’t the least labor-intensive possibility, however underneath the appropriate circumstances, it really works like a appeal.


6. Lower In with an Oscillating Software



If there’s an oscillating tool in your workshop, corresponding to a Dremel (and if you happen to’re a dedicated DIYer, you most likely ought to personal one in all these instruments)—affix the metal-cutting disc and create a brand new, deeper slot within the screw head. Comply with up with a flathead screwdriver, urgent it firmly into the indentation and twisting it slowly.

Step 3: Gluing

That is just about a common approach to take away a pesky little screw. Fill the stripped head of the screw with a glue (corresponding to epoxy, however hot-melt glue is fast and works very effectively) and stick the screwdriver in. Look forward to the glue to dry or cool, after which apply even stress as you rotate the screw.

Rubber Glove

In fact, this is perhaps a bit of cumbersome – holding the rubber band over the tip of your screwdriver is perhaps a bit of fiddly, and in case you have points with dexterity, it might effectively show to be a non-starter.

On this case, you would possibly be capable to accomplish the identical factor just by placing the screwdriver inside a rubber kitchen glove as an alternative! You may merely put the pinnacle of the screwdriver inside one of many fingers of the glove, utilizing that to get further buy in the identical manner as utilizing a rubber band on the tip.

You could possibly additionally strive totally different thicknesses of glove, in case you have them – simply watch out to not poke holes via any gloves that you just’re hoping to wash any messes up with in a while!


Lastly, you may use epoxy or tremendous glue to affix one thing to the stripped screw head. Epoxy might be going to provide you a stronger connection, however often takes fairly a bit longer to set.

Relying on the circumstance, you may strive gluing one other screw on prime of the stripped screw, to have one thing additional to grip onto – and even affix a screwdriver instantly into the stripped screw head.

In any case, you possibly can’t get far more grip than chemically bonding the items collectively!

This might effectively, after all, consequence within the sacrifice of the screwdriver, so be ready to throw it away after use if you happen to can’t cleanly take away the screw and glue/epoxy afterwards – however that might effectively be a really small value to pay in comparison with not having the ability to restore your laptop computer!

Step 1: Rubber Band

On this strategy, seize a thick rubber band and, utilizing a screwdriver a dimension greater than the screw, push the screwdriver on prime of the rubber band, on prime of the screw. Apply agency stress and switch gently. Bear in mind, righty-tighty, lefty-loosey!

Find out how to Repair a Stripped Screw

There isn’t a lot you are able to do with a stripped screw when you take away it. However you have got choices to make use of the opening of the stripped screw nonetheless. 

  • Glue an anchor within the gap.
  • Use a bigger screw.
  • Fill the opening and add one other screw.
  • Get a screw restore package.


  • Watch out when utilizing energy instruments on a caught screw, since they will trigger injury to the screw and something round it. Wield them with warning and maintain your fingers clear.

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Use Rubber Bands for Grip

The Spruce / Meg MacDonald

Huge rubber bands work effectively for offering the motive force bit with sufficient traction on the stripped screw. Lower the rubber band with scissors, then lay it throughout the screw head. Place the motive force bit on the rubber band and press onerous whereas turning the screw counter-clockwise.


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