Reddit Bodyweight Workout Routine Spreadsheet (2022)

Workout Schedule

  • You would be required to perform this workout thrice a week. You will have at least one rest day between two workouts.
  • You can choose to go with Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. You can also fit Sunday in the former option.
  • This workout is designed to provide you with a full body workout. Don’t split the workout to perform this on different days. It won’t work.

This workout plan is capable enough to meet your fitness goals. In general, the Reddit Bodyweight Workout Routine develops your overall strength. It also promotes strength and size gain provided that you are consuming enough calories to gain mass. Even if your goal is fat loss, this workout routine can serve you well. Just keep a check on your diet and you are on the right track.

Pair 2:


Supported Squat:

  • Use your hands for as much balance or assistance as you need but over time, slowly reduce the amount of force you put on the supported object until you are doing it all on your own.
  • Keep your back straight, hips back and chest big


  • Shoulder width feet
  • Keep core and lower back tight (minimise ‘butt wink’)
  • Track knees along middle toes (do not let them collapse inwards)
  • Keep your chest big (thoracically extend) and dont let it collapse in so you slouch (good for learning how to keep tight for when you add weight so you don’t kill yourself)

Step up/Deep Step Up

  • Minimise the amount you use your back leg to push off or use a hip thrust for extra momentum


I have a tutorial covering the L-sit in depth (here). For brevity and to avoid repeating myself a lot, you can read about it there and I will just provide the progressions that are listed in the routine here with GIFs

Foot support:

  • Legs straight, chest big, butt off the ground. That’s all.

One leg:

  • Hands past the midway of your thigh, or atleast past your butt.
  • Compress, do not lean back.
  • Legs straight toes pointed, enjoy the leg cramp


  • Legs bent at 45 to 90 degrees, not tucked straight to chest.
  • Push hips forward through the gap made between your arms


  • Legs straight, hips through, toes pointed, chest big.



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