Power Off iPhone 11 Without Screen

1. How to Restart iPhone 6 and Old Models without Screen

Resolving iPhone hanged, frozen, stuck screen issues restart iPhone with broken screen seems tough, as you can’t swipe or touch to let the device respond to your commands. So, using a touchless (we mean screen touch) method to restart your iPhone is good solution here.

Let’s see how to restart iPhone 6 without screen forcefully, while the iPhone behaves weirdly or your iPhone is damaged. Please note that iPhone 6 and older models than this have the same steps to restart. So, the following steps can be used by the users who own previous models than iPhone 6/6S too.

  1. Hold down the ‘Power’ button and ‘Home’ button simultaneously until the Apple logo glows on screen.
  2. As soon as you see the Apple logo, you need to lift your fingers from the iPhone buttons.
  3. Allow your iPhone to restart on its own.

Enable AssistiveTouch on iPhone X or Newer

While assistive touch no longer allows you to power down your iPhone, it is still incredibly useful if any of the physical buttons on your phone have worn out or broken over time. It is especially useful if you want to be able to lock your phone without the side button. The method to turn on assistive touch on newer iPhones/iOS is slightly different than the older one discussed above. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Enter your settings menu, scroll down and select “Accessibility.
  2. Locate the “Touch” Setting under Physical and Motor.
  3. Tap “AssistiveTouch” at the top of the menu and toggle it On.

That’s it! Assistive touch is and easy to enable feature that offers many benefits if you happen to be struggling with hardware issues on your iPhone.


Method 5. [70% Guaranteed]Contact Apple Support

Before calling Apple, make sure that it’s not the protective stuff on iPhone and debris or dirt around the power button causing your iPhone misfunctioning, then a repair can be arranged. Just visit Apple official support website and choose the service type you like.

Be aware that the Sleep/Wake button is included in

Be aware that the Sleep/Wake button is included in Apple’s free limited warranty if it’s due to material defects and workmanship. Click here to check out your warranty status. And if your device is unluckily already out of warranty, you’ll have to bear a lot of maintenance cost.

Additionally, For those who want to know “how to restart iPhone 5 without power button”, Apple once admitted that it’s a common problem on iPhone 5 and Apple did offer a replacement program for the sleep/wake button, but it’s out of date nowadays.

Botton Line

Even though you can use the two solutions mentioned above to recover data from an iPhone whose screen is not working, it’s always a good strategy to have a backup file to make the process more convenient. Simply connect the iPhone to a computer and use iTunes to restore all your files. If you regularly back up your files, you won’t have to look for additional solutions to recover the deleted files.

Method 3. [50% Guaranteed] Squeeze the Power Button to Hard Reset iPhone without Power Button

Some iPhone users reported that there are times when you squeeze or pinch the Power button top corner front glass to the back case while pushing the Power button for about 10 seconds, the Power button will usually function.

If your iPhone is in a jam and you don’t mind risking the device, it’s worth a try. But still, we recommend you to use this method only when you really have no idea on how to restart your iPhone 7 without using the power button when your screen is frozen.

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