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The pros and cons of a PC for college

If your answer to “Should I get a MacBook for college” is “they’re too expensive”, windows PCs are far more likely to give you bang for your buck. 

For many people, the choice between Mac and Windows will start with a consideration of price. You can get all kinds of PCs with fantastic specs for the right budget – this isn’t always the case for Macs.

When choosing between PC or Mac, ask yourself if you already have any Apple devices. If you don’t need access to Apple tools or applications, then Windows is likely to be a great choice. 

The PC is a highly customizable device which allows you to update and adapt hardware and software to suit individual requirements. 

Of course, Windows devices do have their limitations. They’re not always the most attractive products, and they can’t access certain tools built specifically for Apple OS. So, are PCs good for college? 

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons: 


  • Windows PCs are customizable, with the option to add new hardware, replace broken hardware, and change the performance of your device.
  • There are tons of manufacturers to choose from, so you’re not limited to the kind of functionality you get.
  • It’s easy to find an inexpensive option if you’re limited on budget.
  • You can build a PC on your own, and choose the exact performance features you need. 
  • Windows is very easy to use, and comes with access to a huge range of features. 
  • PCs are better than Macs for gaming – if you need to relax after studying.


  • The components in a PC aren’t always as good as they are in a Mac.
  • Windows PCs can be less reliable than their Apple alternatives.
  • Windows PCs are more likely to have issues with security.
  • It’s hard to run Apple OS applications on a PC.

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Key factors – Mac or Windows

1. The Brand Value

Many students prefer Mac or Windows for the world-class high-tech features, intelligent software, and other core specifications. Apart from all that, one of the most important factors is brand value. Many students perceive that Mac has a better brand value. On campuses, students consider carrying a Mac as ‘cool.’ The reasons are debatable. During the 2006 to 2009 period, Apple ran an advertising campaign called, Get a Mac aggressively. In the commercials, the Macbook owner is represented by a young adult wearing a sweat-shirt, and the Windows device owner is shown as an older gentleman with a suit and a tie. Whether this campaign led to the belief that student prefers Mac, is also debatable.

It’s a natural human tendency to choose some

It’s a natural human tendency to choose something that has hit our emotional chord. We can resonate with the brand value since it taps into our inner instincts of enhancing our value by owning a specific brand product in the market. Brand value indeed turns out to be the most significant positive influencer among students to choose a Mac.

2. Cost of the devices

Many students who picked Windows over Mac did that because Mac costs a lot more than just a regular Windows device. Apple Inc is a luxury brand, and its products are not always in harmony with most of the students’ socio-economic conditions. Usually, students are functioning with limited funds. It’s not practically possible for students to afford Mac even if they desire to or are tempted to do so. In the survey, around 51% of students using Windows admitted that if costs were not an issue, they would have happily purchased Mac.

3. Compatibility

Compatibility is another factor that puts off so many students and their desire to own Mac. Mac requires individual specifications. In simple words, it is not easy to handle Mac. It comes up with its restrictions and limitations. Say – Network issues or device linkup issues in college labs or sharing information across networks or easy plugin devices, etc., can all become daunting tasks with a Mac.

4. Available software tools

This is a very crucial factor—the intended use of the device matters. Students into any education areas that require special tools such as Creative Writing, Media, Graphic designing, Animation, etc., may find it hard to find support for such tools on Mac. At the same time, most tools work on Windows devices. Certain tools work on Mac but won’t work on Windows.

5. Individual adaptability status

And the last factor is what platform students are comfortable with. Some students grow up with a windows device since school days and are most comfortable with it. They tend to go with Windows devices. Others grew up in a household where they use a Mac. Those students go with a Mac.

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Pros Cons Of Windows vs. Mac For College

Mac Cons

  • Expensive
  • Limited selection
Source: 9to5mac
Source: 9to5mac

Macs are known to be incredibly powerful machines. They’re well made with powerful hardware which make for long-lasting devices that are well worth the expensive price tag over time. 

They tick all the boxes for performance because of their streamlined hardware and software. However, it is possible to get a Windows laptop with the same specs as a Macbook Pro that is vastly cheaper.

Macs are going to be ultraportable which makes them a great traveling laptop. This is going to be important for the student who is constantly moving from building to building, class to class, coffee house to coffee house. 

However, you can also get super portable Windows laptops so the Mac doesn’t exactly beat out Windows just yet. 

Macs have great all day batteries and can easily pull 13 hours off the charger. That is another plus for the college student. You don’t want to have to worry about that battery and finding an outlet when you’re sitting in a lecture hall of 500 other freshman.

…If you’re doing art or media, you’ll find that your university will likely have a Mac lab for your use..

If you’re doing art or media, you’ll find that your university will likely have a Mac lab for your use that is going to have all the software and power you’ll need to get your work done. 

This is because Macs are great for photo, video, and music editing and much, much more. They are specialized machines and work well with the software you’ll probably be using. 

You may be inclined to use your university’s lab because it will definitely be more powerful than whatever laptop you’ve got in your bag, windows or mac. 

However, if you feel more inclined to use your own laptop in the comfort of your dorm room or wherever you like to study, both Windows and Mac will be able to give you the performance you need.

The Macs biggest drawback (as has already been mentioned above) is the outrageous cost. There have been many polls and surveys taken of college students which show that Mac would be the most popular option for college students if cost was not a factor. 

Most students are like Mac for the brand, the style of their laptops, their ease of use, and their durability. However, a majority of the students taking part in the survey use Windows because of the cost.

If you’re willing to pay more than $2000 for a machine that can be matched in performance, durability, and versatility by a Windows laptop for far less, you’re likely shopping for the brand and not necessarily its features. 

That’s perfectly fine. If you’ve always used a Mac, you’re going to be most comfortable on a Mac. But for those looking to get a laptop for college, the Mac is not your only nor your best option. 


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