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Free Paint

There are loads of great ways to access free paint

There are loads of great ways to access free paint in the UK if you really need it including schemes, money-saving websites, and making the most out of your local recycling grounds. Check out some of the options below to get your hands on 100% free paint.


RePaint Scheme

The Community RePaint scheme has been sponsored by the well-known brand, Dulux, since 1993. You can use other people’s unwanted paint to give your home a fresh look – and all for free! Many people choose to donate their leftover paint if they know they’re not going to use it again.

As well as helping the environment by reducing wastage, this scheme is great if you’re worried about money and are on a tight budget since you can access different types and different brands of paints. Undercoats, varnish, floor paint, and satin paint are just a few examples of what this scheme has to offer.

Community RePaint redistributes hundreds of thousands of litres of paint to a variety of different places including community centres, individuals in social need, decorators, and street shops. As a decorator, you could try making as much profit for your business as possible through accessing this free paint, especially if you’re struggling with money.

There are loads of different reasons why you may want paint including decorating your home, repainting a community centre, or covering up things on a wall.

This scheme will be just what you’re looking for to serve your every need, so click here to find the Community RePaint scheme closest to your location.

Update: The RePaint scheme is no longer free and now charges a small fee for all paints 


Freebie Websites and Apps

Make sure to keep an eye out for free paint on freebie websites and apps. Freebies can sometimes be more readily available than you think – if you put in a bit of time to research, you might find yourself bagging some of the best deals out there.

There are plenty of 'free stuff' websites online that make it easy to search for specific items. Go to the homeware sections and create an alert for 'paint'. That way, as soon as any free paint deals are listed, you will get a notification. 


Free Samples

If you don’t need to cover a lot of space with your paint, getting free samples may be a great way to access free paint. A lot of stores give free paint samples to allow customers to know they’re making the right choice with their purchase, and you can easily take advantage of this by shopping around and claiming free samples today! So, all you’d need to do is to do a little research on which shops give free samples of paint to their customers.

Tip: White paint is much cheaper than coloured. A sample (of black for instance) can be used to create a large tub of grey for less than half the cost.


Recycling Centers

It’s not unusual to have used and opened cans of paint that you never – and will never – finish using. This is why many people donate cans of paint to recycle and waste grounds, with the environment in the forefront of their minds. This helps people get the most out of your planet’s resources, and also means that you don’t have to blow your budget. 

Local authority recycling grounds can be a great way to access free paint. People take their leftover paint there, so if you love doing your bit for the environment by minimising waste, and you’re also on a tight budget, visiting your local recycling centre, hazardous waste facility, or dump may be just the place to search when trying to get your free paint. 

Some local authorities (particularly throughout London) have specific paint recycling schemes, so rather than going down and taking a chance, these paints are quality checked and readily available. You need to check your local waste centre to see f the scheme is available there.  


Friends, Family & Strangers

Why not put a shout-out on your social media asking if any of your friends and family have any paint they won't use lying around? People often have half used paint tins in their sheds that they won't use and would be happy to get rid of.

Alternatively, check out your local 'reuse' group on Facebook, where people connect with others in their local areas to offer and request items that would otherwise end up in landfills.


Freecycle & Gumtree

There are also websites dedicated to giving away and requesting quality used items such as freecycle and gumtree.  Again these are a great way to find and request items such as paint, to help reduce waste and save money.  To find you local, simply type in the area + reuse, then join and ask if anyone has any free paint available. 


Love Freebies? Check out our dedicated freebies section for plenty more


If you have any questions or know of other ways to get some free paint that you would like to share, please drop us a comment below…


Multi-Lingual Support

JS Paint is now largely localized into 26 languages.

How am I releasing so many languages at the initial release of multi-lingual support, you may ask? Well, this project has the somewhat unique opportunity to reuse localizations from an existing program, since it’s primarily a remake of MS Paint.

I downloaded and installed 26 versions of Windows 98 in virtual machines, and extracted text from mspaint.exe in each one of them, using a set of scripts that I wrote to to help me automate the process.

To change the language, go to Extras > Language. Your preferred language may already be detected, if specified in system or browser settings.

For Arabic and Hebrew, right-to-left layout is sup

For Arabic and Hebrew, right-to-left layout is supported!

I tried my hand at some Arabic calligraphy…

 				If you want to contribute translations, get i

If you want to contribute translations, get in touch! I need to do some technical work to set up for community translations on a public platform, but I’m glad people have already expressed interest in helping translate! (I also want to simplify the language in various parts of the UI before asking people to translate them.)

Speech Recognition

 				Using only your voice, you can switch tools a

Using only your voice, you can switch tools and colors, pan the view, click on buttons on the screen by name, and use most menu items. You can even say “draw a cat in a party hat” to have JS Paint try to sketch a cat in a party hat.

This feature pairs well with Eye Gaze Mode for a more complete hands free experience.

The feature is only available on Chrome, and only understands English. Note that Chrome sends your voice to Google servers.

Access with Extras > Speech Recognition. If this option is grayed out, your browser is not supported.

JS Paint will show what it thinks you said in the status bar at the bottom of the screen.

There are many synonyms for commands, and often you can do things with very short phrases like “Curve” to switch to the Curve tool. If it’s not recognizing your voice for short commands like “Curve” or “Cut”, you may want to try longer phrases like “Curve tool” or “Cut selection”, as this helps it distinguish the sound as speech, rather than a cough for instance.

13. Ctrl+Paint

 Ctrl+Paint is a resource that offers free learnin

Ctrl+Paint is a resource that offers free learning on the basics of digital painting. Each covers a different concept, allowing you to learn complex subjects in manageable increments.

This drawing tutorial website founded by Matt Kohr is organized like a proper syllabus and offers premium online painting courses for as low as $10. Link to the website :


  • Avoid downloading Microsoft Paint from third-party websites, as any such website can easily install a virus on your computer.

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  • Paint cannot be installed on a Mac computer.

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How to get free paint

Perhaps you’re skint and want to decorate yo

Perhaps you’re skint and want to decorate your home on a budget, you want to cover up graffiti, or repaint a community centre?

The Community RePaint scheme will be just what you need to get free or really cheap paint.

Take a look and see where your closest scheme is and check out the details on what they can offer.

Each of the schemes is run differently, depending on the area.

Many of them offer free paint, but some can charge £1 – £2 per litre of paint, so it’s best to check your local centre ahead of time so you can fully budget for your project.

The organisations that run the free paint schemes are third sector/not for profit, so any money raised goes back to support their local communities in different ways.  

Casein Painting Videos

43. Casein Painting in the Wild

Click to watch on YouTube

This short video is a trailer for a much more involved video series by artist James Gurney. It was not my intent to include “sales videos” but there’s enough information in the trailers to introduce you to casein paints and casein painting if you’re not already familiar with it. Gurney also has many other casein painting videos in his Casein Painting playlist. Each video addresses some aspect of painting in general and casein painting specifically. Length ranges from 14 seconds to over 10 minutes.

4 minutes

44. Casein Quick Paint

Click to watch on YouTube

This is the first in a series of short, time-lapse videos highlighting the quick casein studies of Cliff Cramp. He paints in studio and on location using casein. Videos range in length from just under three minutes to nearly five minutes, so you get a quick look at several subjects.

45. Casein Paint Sketching Tutorial Demonstration: Vintage Radio Flyer Tricycle

Jared Loves to Draw artist Jared Cullum narrates this time-lapse casein painting demonstration in casein.

2 minutes

46. Four-Minute Painting with Casein

Click to watch on YouTube

Don Low describes with captions over this time-lapse video how he paints an illustration through multiple layers with casein.

4 minutes

30. Schoolism

 Schoolism has risen to be one of the best-known a

Schoolism has risen to be one of the best-known art schools online due to its unprecedented approach towards art. The 30 additional courses available on the website are very much diverse and well-read, which makes it an amazing opportunity.

The online painting courses on the website can be availed in two ways, which are on a monthly ($ 28.99) and yearly ($ 998), which are worth the content and instructions in the course.

The online painting courses are divided on a self-paced and a fixed time basis depending upon the course content and how the curriculum is developed. Link to the website :

While you learn to paint at any one of the places we mentioned above and fulfill your enthusiasm about drawing and painting, we’re always here to help you out when it comes to getting a portrait or handmade artwork made straight out of a photograph.

Yes, you heard that right. We, at MavenArt make sure that we turn your much-loved photograph into an elegant and classic painting with the help of top-notch technology and our brilliant on-board artists, be it a human portrait or a dog portrait.

All you’ve got to do is – 1)Please send us the picture you want to convert into an artwork. 2)Choose the basic specifications such as size, dimensions, type of artwork(caricature, portrait, charcoal sketch etc.) and go through the preview we send over to you. 3)Just wait for an amazing bundle of art and love delivered straight to your address.

What’s the guarantee? Well, our reviews speak for themselves. It’s the love and support of all the amazing customers we’ve had. Amazing prices, best service and top notch quality. Checkout MavenArt.com.


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