Is it Tacky to Write a Check For a Wedding Gift?


  • If you’re putting the check or gift card in a box, as suggested above, tie a nice bow around the gift with a ribbon, and cut the two loose ends of the ribbon into “V” shapes.

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  • Some cultures may have different expectations for the appropriate way to give a wedding check, including the amount that is considered acceptable. If you’re still not sure how to give a check as a wedding gift in your culture, ask someone who might be more familiar with the couple’s culture.

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3. Should I give a wedding gift that matches the price per head?

"The formality of the wedding impacts a number of elements, including time of day and dress, but there is no tie into the cost of the gift. What you gift the couple should be exclusively dependent on your relationship to the happy couple, as well as your own means. No guest should feel as though they need to overextend themselves with the gift because they are expected to wear black tie," says Carlson.

Similarly, just because your BFF had a 10-person wedding in their backyard doesn’t mean you should give them an inexpensive gift. Also, if you happen to be attending multiple events for the couple, consider this as well: you can use the 60-20-20 rule, which means spending 20 percent of your total budget on an engagement party gift, 20 percent on a gift for the bridal shower, and 60 percent for the actual wedding gift.

3. Unique Wedding Gift Ideas

Any couple who goes for a wedding registry is pretty specific about their needs for the future. But everyone expects a little more love and creativity into a gift than just a simple cheque. If you wish to go off-registry, then you have to put a lot of thought into the gift being special, useful and unique. Check out some of the incredibly unique Wedding Gift Ideas of 2022:

  1. Monogrammed Bath Robes
  2. Personalised Home Sign
  3. Polaroid Camera
  4. Cocktail Making(Bar Set)
  5. Dutch Oven
  6. Wine Set
  7. Serving Platters for Parties
  8. Classic China Dinner Set
  9. Champagne Flutes
  10. Custom Doormats
  11. Amazon Gift Card
  12. Home-Decor Coupons/Vouchers
  13. Funky Luggage
  14. Copper Utensil Sets

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Q. What is a good inexpensive wedding gift?

Ans- These are the 5 best wedding gifts on a budget:

  • Photo Frames
  • Dinner Set
  • Crowd Funded Gifts
  • Customised Mug-Sets
  • Bedding Items

7. Giving as an Individual vs Giving as a Couple

To make a good impression on the newlyweds, it is important to consider if the wedding gift is being given as an individual or as a couple.

While the amount for most wedding gift expenses around between $50 to $75, this really only applies to individuals giving gifts. If giving as a couple, the amount of the cash or check a wedding gift (or regular wedding gifts) is usually closer to $100, or possibly more.

This is primarily because it sorts of represents a gift from both people in the couple. Giving a gift as a couple also leaves room for splurging a little more on the wedding gift (or cash or check alike) as they can split the overall agreed upon expense.

7. Should my wedding gift amount increase if I have a plus one?

There’s no rule in the wedding gift etiquette handbook that would suggest your wedding gift amount go up if you bring a date. "While it may make sense to spend a bit more because you are bringing two mouths to feed, there is no expectation that you need to do so," says Carlson.

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2. Cash or Check Which Is Best During the Wedding Reception?

Cash is better for the reception, but a check may be given as well. Most wedding receptions have cute envelope boxes for the cash or check gifts.

Typically, this type of wedding gift is given in an envelope or greeting card. The boxes protect the gifts as well as make for ease of movement after the event. Everything is contained and orderly making for less stress!

Another way it is collected during the wedding reception is by a member of the wedding party or a family member.

While the boxes are convenient, this method keeps the cash and checks in one place as well. They usually are seated by the entrance to the reception as guests are entering so the envelopes can be collected in a timely manner.

This gives everyone the chance to get to the wedding hall quicker and enjoy the party! It is one less thing to worry about for the wedding couple or the guests!

Check as A Wedding Gift

A check is preferred by some guests for various reasons. Here are some of the most popular reasons why, but also some drawbacks:

Advantages of Check as A Wedding Present

  • A check is considered the safer method of giving money as a wedding gift.
  • You can easily cancel it in case of theft or loss.
  • It is also easy to carry around without feeling the bulkiness of cash.
  • With a check in hand, the married couple can easily track the guests’ contributions and send thank you notes accordingly.

Cons of Check as A Wedding Present

  • The downside of a check is that it allows room for error when writing the names of recipients.
  • Like cash, it can be considered an impersonal gift to give to loved ones.
  • Inconvenient for the recipient; they’ll need to go to the bank to cash it.

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Who do newlyweds buy wedding gifts for?

Depending on how generous the newlyweds are, their gift list may be a long one or a short one. Typically the bride and groom will give cute, small gifts for the flower girl or a token of appreciation gift for the ring bearer. It’s up to the newlyweds how they give gifts and to whom they give gifts.

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Wedding Registries Must-Haves

Some wedding gifts are commonly given for a reason. Check out our list on the most popular wedding registry gifts below, or refer to our extensive wedding registry checklist for more information.

Kitchen and Dining Essentials

Kitchen tools and dining sets are the most common wedding registry gifts for good reason. Some of these essentials include tableware, knives, saucepans, mixing bowls, slow cookers, blenders, coffee makers, toasters, microwaves, and cooking tools. No matter what you choose to include make sure that you pick items that are high quality and will last. Also make sure that your kitchen and dining ware match the style of your house as they will be highly visible.

Upgraded Cleaning Equipment

The better your cleaning equipment, the easier the cleaning. Now is the time to request a new vacuum or washing machine if your current one just isn’t doing the job.

Hobby Gifts

If you have a passion that requires equipment you couldn’t find spare cash to pay for, by all means add it to your registry. That might be a fishing pole and tackle box or a new telephoto lens. Or maybe it’s vintage wine to add to your current collection. Family and friends love these gifts because they know they’ll bring you more joy than that toaster oven they got for their wedding.


Tools are great gifts because they’re both practical and symbolic of the new life you’re building with your loved one. Just make sure you ask for the right tools. If you need a lawnmower, make sure it’s a reliable model. Or ask for things with warranties.

How to gift a check properly to the wedding couple?

There are a few things you need to keep in mind when gifting a check to the wedding couple. Some of them are:

  • Always make sure that you get the names right. You can either address one of them or both as per your preference but make sure that their names are spelled right. However, if you know that they don’t have a joint account yet, address it to the person you are more close to.
  • You can give them the check at the reception but if you don’t feel comfortable, then you can also mail it to them as it will be more secure.
  • If you do decide to mail the check, you can do so either before the wedding or right after. As a general rule, always send it within at least two months of post-wedding.
  • To make the gift feel more personal, you can also place the check inside a greeting card along with a small handwritten note.
  • If you would like the couple to spend the money on a specific purpose such as a honeymoon or a romantic dinner at an upscale restaurant, feel free to mention it in the card.

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