How to Wrap Large Cords and Hoses

Discover ways to shield your video manufacturing gear and safeguard your set with this video tutorial

Skilled audio and video technicians have been utilizing this tried-and-true coiling technique for years. When you must transfer quick, a tangled cable may be pricey, embarrassing, and (frankly) inexcusable. This video cites two true tales that relate straight to tangled cable and cord. Spend just a little time perfecting the “Over and Underneath” technique, and you’ll reply to any pressing cable request with confidence!

Have a tangled mess of cords, cables, and cord? Keep away from doubtlessly harmful conditions by correctly wrapping your cables.

If you have to retrain your cables to correctly wrap them, strive setting them out within the solar for a number of hours. You too can soak rope then lay it within the solar. Now your cables and cord are able to coil.

Wrapping Cables (XLR, BNC, and so forth) and Extension Cords

This method works each clockwise and counterclockwise — excellent for each right-handed or left-handed crew members.

Step 1: Seize your cable and begin with an overhand loop.

Step 2: Flip the cable, and roll it underhand to create the second loop.

Step 3: Repeat overhand and underhand till the cable coils solely in a circle.

Step 4: Use a velcro tie or string to tie the cable in place. It’s finest to maintain the tie connected to the male finish of the cable so it doesn’t intrude with any microphones or gear you could plug into.

Don’t wrap the cable round itself and join the ends. That’s an improper method that may shorten the lifespan of you audio and video cables.

Have suggestions for shielding your video gear? Tell us within the feedback.


How do I maintain my headphone pad from cracking?

To stop cracking, it would be best to use a particular leather-based conditioning resolution. This not solely retains the leather-based supple and tender however acts as a kind of seal to guard it from humidity and different damaging circumstances. Nevertheless, over-conditioning is simply as dangerous as not conditioning in any respect.

Do headphones last more than earbuds?

In terms of headphones, larger often means longer lasting. Most wi-fi earbuds will get you 5 to 6 hours of juice on a single cost, whereas many prime headphones are rated to final effectively over a complete day.

How do you repair headphone wires with tape?

You solely must wrap two of the wires in a skinny, pre-cut piece {of electrical} tape. Then, slide the warmth shrinking tubes again down over the lined wires. Maintain a lighter under the tube; watch out to keep away from touching the flame to the tubing. This may trigger the tubing to contract and tighten across the wiring.


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