How to Wrap Large Cords and Hoses

Learn how to protect your video production gear and safeguard your set with this video tutorial

Professional audio and video technicians have been using this tried-and-true coiling method for years. When you have to move fast, a tangled cable can be costly, embarrassing, and (frankly) inexcusable. This video cites two true stories that relate directly to tangled cable and rope. Spend a little time perfecting the “Over and Under” method, and you can respond to any urgent cable request with confidence!

Have a tangled mess of cords, cables, and rope? Avoid potentially dangerous situations by properly wrapping your cables.

If you need to retrain your cables to properly wrap them, try setting them out in the sun for a few hours. You can also soak rope then lay it in the sun. Now your cables and rope are ready to coil.

Wrapping Cables (XLR, BNC, etc) and Extension Cords

This technique works both clockwise and counterclockwise — perfect for both right-handed or left-handed crew members.

Step 1: Grab your cable and start with an overhand loop.

Step 2: Flip the cable, and roll it underhand to create the second loop.

Step 3: Repeat overhand and underhand until the cable coils entirely in a circle.

Step 4: Use a velcro tie or string to tie the cable in place. It’s best to keep the tie attached to the male end of the cable so it doesn’t interfere with any microphones or equipment you may plug into.

Do not wrap the cable around itself and connect the ends. That is an improper technique that can shorten the lifespan of you audio and video cables.

Have tips for protecting your video gear? Let us know in the comments.


How do I keep my headphone pad from cracking?

To prevent cracking, you will want to use a special leather conditioning solution. This not only keeps the leather supple and soft but acts as a sort of seal to protect it from humidity and other damaging conditions. However, over-conditioning is just as bad as not conditioning at all.

Do headphones last longer than earbuds?

When it comes to headphones, bigger usually means longer lasting. Most wireless earbuds will get you five to six hours of juice on a single charge, while many top headphones are rated to last well over an entire day.

How do you fix headphone wires with tape?

You only need to wrap two of the wires in a thin, pre-cut piece of electrical tape. Then, slide the heat shrinking tubes back down over the covered wires. Hold a lighter below the tube; be careful to avoid touching the flame to the tubing. This will cause the tubing to contract and tighten around the wiring.


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