How to wipe your Android phone completely before selling it

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Should I Remove the SIM Card Before Selling my Phone? February 28th, 2018 This is a question we’ve gotten from many customers… “Do I need to remove my SIM card before sending in my phone?” And the answer is: Yes. While it’s not 100% necessary, it’s always a smart idea! What is a SIM Card, and Why Should I Remove it? The SIM card (which stands for Subscriber Identity Module) has a couple of different uses depending on the type of network you’re on. In some cases, the SIM may also contain information such as contacts, call history, and texts. If you’re on a GSM network (AT&T or T-Mobile) the SIM is what smartphones use to communicate with each carrier’s cell towers and acts as your “login info” for that network. If you’re on a CDMA network (Verizon or Sprint) you may or may not have a SIM card. CDMA networks don’t use SIMs as a form of identifications, instead, they use the phone’s ESN (Electronic Serial Number), a number given by the manufacturer. Although some smartphones may have a SIM, it’s either because it is needed to connect to the 4G LTE network, or to allow the phones to function in foreign countries. When you cancel your service or activate a new phone your old SIM should automatically be deactivated, making it a useless piece of plastic. The new owner of your phone will have to insert a new SIM into the phone to use it, but it doesn’t hurt to remove it yourself just in case! How do I remove my SIM? SIM card removal is different for different devices, in some phones the SIM is located behind the battery cover; simply pop off the battery cover and slide the card from the slot. (While you’re at it don’t forget to remove your SD card if your phone has one!) Other phones, like the iPhone, have a SIM card tray on the side of the phone and require an ejector tool to remove. If you don’t have an ejector tool, no worries, a simple paper clip or other small pointy object will work just fine! What should I do with my old SIM card? If your phone is on a GSM network (AT&T or T-Mobile), place your old SIM in your new phone and you’ll be good to go! You don’t need to purchase a new SIM card when you switch phones. If you’re using a CDMA network (Verizon or Sprint), your carrier can help you determine whether or not you’ll need a new SIM and will help you activate your new device. Depending on your carrier, you may be able to do this online. If you’re switching networks you’ll probably need a new SIM card, in this case, you can simply remove your old SIM and throw it away. What happens if I forget to remove my SIM before selling my old phone? If you’re selling your smartphone to ItsWorthMore, just relax! As part of our evaluation process, we’ll remove and safely dispose of your SIM card for you. You have nothing to worry about! If you’ve sold your phone to a friend or shipped it off to someone on eBay, it’s ok. When you activated your new phone, the old SIM should have been deactivating. You can always double check by calling up your provider! What else should I do before selling my phone? The number 1 thing you should do before attempting to sell an old phone is to to make sure your phone is ok to sell. If you’re leasing your phone or set up in a “pay to own” contract, you cannot sell your phone until it is 100% paid off. Checking the ESN will let you know if you’re good to go! After you’ve made sure that your phone is ready to sell, get a quote and see how much your used phone is worth here. « Previous Post Next Post »

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How do I clear my Samsung before selling?

Soft Reset Samsung Galaxy Phone

  1. Unlock your Samsung phone and go to Settings.
  2. Scroll down and tap on “Backup & Reset”.
  3. Scroll down the screen and tap on “Factory Data Reset”.
  4. Warning: Data deletion is not permanent and can be easily retrieved with any data recovery tool.

What happens if I wipe data/factory reset?

If that is what you meant there, then your device won’t boot after that because there is no OS installed. To clear your confusion factory reset only set your device back to the default settings when you buy it. Means it will wipe your downloaded apps, cache, saved data, contacts, messages etc..

What Is The Difference Between Hard Reset And Factory Reset

A hard reset is a process of wiping the device’s data and settings. It doesn’t delete any information that you might have saved on an external memory card or SIM card, but it does erase all your apps as well as your personal contacts, messages and call history.

A factory reset deletes all your information from both the phone’s internal storage and any external storage, but it should also restore your apps to their factory settings.

A factory reset deletes all your information from both the phone’s internal storage and any external storage, but should also return things like app configurations back to default.

If there are files like music or photos stored on the SD card which you want to keep for yourself then do not perform either type of reset – just remove the SD card before performing one of these procedures so that they’re not lost.

Removing a SIM card is different because it does not erase data on your device itself; instead it removes cellular connectivity by cutting off access between your handset and carrier network. This will wipe out messages & caller ID info, calls history etc., though contacts won’t be erased if they were synced with Google account (assuming you’re using Android).

Do I need to encrypt my phone before selling ?

Encryption jumbles up all your data so that it’s unreadable without an encryption key (i.e. a password or PIN number). Anyone who doesn’t have the key can’t access your data, and hackers will have a very hard time accessing it too.

Some devices are encrypted as standard, including iPhones and new Android devices (some higher end 5.0 Lollipop phones and new Android 6.0 devices).

However, the data on older Android devices is not encrypted as standard. It’s pretty easy to encrypt your data though, and it gives you an extra level of security too.

To encrypt your device, go to Settings, then Security, then Encryption (this will vary from phone to phone, but it’ll be a similar path). You’ll need at least 80% battery to carry out the process, and it takes around an hour. You’ll also need to plug in your phone, so you’ll need to find something else to keep you amused for an hour. Read a book or something.

Encrypting your data may seem pointless when you’re about to delete it, but it makes it nigh-on impossible for someone to access your info after wiping your device (which isn’t likely but is possible due to the way phone storage works).

Can spyware survive a factory reset

Answered By: Richard Parker Date: created: Jan 12 2021

If you are very concerned and want to ensure your phone is safe from spyware, back up your data (photos, contacts, etc.) and then use the”Factory Reset” function of the phone to clear all apps and settings. Spyware like this will not survive a reset.

Asked By: Lawrence Hill Date: created: Jun 13 2021

What is the benefit of factory reset

Answered By: Ashton Russell Date: created: Jan 18 2022

Data like contacts, photos, apps, your cache and anything else that you saved onto the device ever since you started using it will be cleared from it. It will not remove the device’s operating system (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) but will go back to its original set of apps and settings.

Asked By: Morgan Flores Date: created: Mar 26 2021

The Bottom Line

Should you remove your SIM before selling your phone? You now know better. Removing a SIM card before selling your phone should be standard procedure. 

If a scammer finds the SIM card, your data may be at risk. In summary, here are the options available to you when disposing of your SIM card.

  1. Save your SIM as a backup
  2. Erase the data
  3. Destroy your SIM
  4. Recycle your SIM

There is a lot that goes into safeguarding personal information. Due to technological advancements, eSIM cards will eventually replace the physical SIM cards. Then, you won’t have to worry about how to dispose of a SIM card.

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