How To Use Dowels In Woodworking Joinery

Dowel Like a Professional in 10 Problem-Free Steps

Step 1: Prepare the Wood

Step 1: Put together the Wooden

Clear the floor earlier than becoming a member of wooden with dowels. Use 80 to 120 grit sandpaper to degree the surfaces.

It will assist take away tough spots that will create gaps within the joint. Brush the sanded surfaces to take away extra wooden.

Step 2: Put together the Dowel

Making the dowel wider than that measurement would

Making the dowel wider than that measurement would cut back the board’s power. However utilizing narrower dowels leads to a weak wooden bond.

Be sure that the diameter of the dowel is half the width of the wooden. To make becoming a member of wooden with dowels, bevel the guidelines of the dowels.

Word: Etch a tiny groove beneath the axis of the dowel. It will operate as a channel for air and adhesive.

Step 3: Information the Drill Bit utilizing Dowel Jigs

Accuracy and precision are important when joining

Accuracy and precision are essential when becoming a member of wooden with dowels. To drill exact holes, mark the sting of the board first utilizing a dowel jig.

Step 4: Align the Dowels

After marking the board where you will drill the h

After marking the board the place you’ll drill the holes, align the dowel logs. When you align the logs correctly, tighten the bolts.

Professional Tip: Doweling jigs include bushings of varied sizes. These will accommodate numerous drill bit diameter sizes.

Step 5: Mark the Boards

Use a pencil to mark the exact location where you

Use a pencil to mark the precise location the place you’ll drill and insert the dowels. Detach the boards and utilizing the marks as a information, align the jig.

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Step 6: Put together the Drill

Once you are sure with the marks, fit the bit into

As soon as you’re positive with the marks, match the bit into the facility drill. Place the tip of the bit proper into the marked space of the board.

Step 7: Start Drilling Holes

Grip the handle of the grip firmly. With a steady

Grip the deal with of the grip firmly. With a gradual hand, press the set off swap as you push the bit gently into the mark.

As soon as performed, reposition the drill bit into the subsequent mark. Repeat the identical process earlier than becoming a member of wooden with dowels.

Warning: Be further cautious when utilizing an influence drill. Observe security and ensure to arrange a first aid kit in case of an emergency.

Step 8: Align All Holes

Insert the doweling centers into the holes that yo

Insert the doweling facilities into the holes that you’ve got simply drilled. Align each boards with the holes and marks as a information.

Press them collectively and ensure each boards are exactly aligned. It will create a precise indentation on the opposite board.

Use this indentation as your information in drilling the subsequent set of holes.

Word: When drilling a gap, be sure to set an allowance for air the glue to set in.

Step 9: Insert the Dowels on the First Board

When done drilling all the holes, remove the dowel

When performed drilling all of the holes, take away the doweling jig and facilities from the board. Fill an affordable quantity of glue into each gap.

Insert the dowels into the holes. Take away extra glue that will squeeze out utilizing a humid rag.


Dowel Joint Benefits

Dowel joints are a method very generally utilized in woodworking, the place two items of wooden are hooked up by a dowel or wood peg. It’s no coincidence that dowels have been used for a whole bunch of years. Now that you recognize when to make use of dowels in woodworking, it’s time to check out the numerous advantages that dowels can deliver to your initiatives.

Dowling is a quick course of

As soon as you’re well-trained in making dowels, this can be a easy and fast course of. In only a few moments, you’ve got made a powerful and sturdy connection. Making your self a dowel maker jig makes the method even quicker. You possibly can uncover step-by-step the right way to make these in my article “3 Way Dowel Jig | New & BIG Improvement For QUICK Set Up | FREE PLANS”. As well as, there are additionally free plans out there.

The strongest connections are dowel connections

In terms of power, dowel joints are on the high of the listing in terms of woodworking joints. A single dowel could make a connection a lot stronger, however the precise power comes when a number of dowels are used. To realize a powerful and sturdy connection, put up dowels each 4 inches (approx. 10 cm).

It isn’t essential to have any {hardware}

Dowel joints don’t require screws, staples, or nails. This not solely reduces the prospect of harm when working with {hardware}, but it surely additionally supplies the item a extra polished look by not disrupting the grain sample.

It Is Safe

As a result of the dowel passes by way of the wooden, the joint is extraordinarily strong, far stronger than utilizing merely glue or nails to hyperlink two items of wooden.

Straightforward to assemble

When you’ve determined the place you need the dowels within the wooden and the way deep, you’ll must hole out the holes that the dowel will go into. Simply add some wooden glue, slide the pin into the piece of wooden after which connect the opposite piece and that’s it. It’s that straightforward.


The dowel connections can be utilized in every kind of conditions. You need to use dowels for a right-angle or flat nook connection, and even if you wish to work in additional advanced connections. Dowels aren’t only for woodworking, customized dowels help you make connections in metalwork and even plastic.

Low prices

Dowels are an inexpensive different to screws, however the greatest distinction in value is when in comparison with biscuits. To make use of biscuits in woodworking, you want a customized device that can take fairly a chunk out of your funds.


In case you correctly draw up a dowel connection, you may solely join your items of wooden in exact alignment and get a stunning outcome. A dowel joint can not slip as soon as it has been constructed as a result of the dowel pins maintain it in place.

Widespread Makes use of for a Dowel

Placing Furnishings Collectively

Oftentimes, you run to Goal or Ikea to select up a “shelf in a field” or a brand new television stand, or another DIY mission that it’s important to learn directions and put collectively your self. It is a uncommon factor NOT to seek out dowels as a part of the package to place this DIY furnishings collectively.

Within the bag of screws and the allen wrench, you may make sure you discover miniature dowel “rods” in any other case often known as dowel pins. The directions will sometimes require you to make use of the mini bottle of glue to place into the pre-cut holes the place you’ll stick the dowel. As soon as the glue dries and the shelf is put collectively, the dowel serves to strengthen the shelf you’ve got simply put collectively.

​In case you had been to easily use glue to hitch two items of wooden, it would not be practically as sturdy as utilizing dowels.

Cross Dowels

These are utilized in placing collectively furnishings as effectively. These help you be a part of two items of wooden collectively. These are metallic ​and have a threaded gap inside like different metallic nuts. The ends (not less than one among them) are slotted and the slot is parallel to the threaded gap. 

What Are the Benefits of a Dowel Joint

  • Velocity – Making a dowel joint is way quicker than making a mortise and tenon joint.
  • Straightforward to Create – Dowel joints are simply holes with pegs glued into them. Good and easy!
  • One Instrument – The one device that that you must create a dowel joint is only a drill.
  • Higher Wanting – It provides a greater end to your mission since you don’t see screws.
  • Much less {Hardware} – You don’t want to make use of nails, screws, or every other sort of metallic fastener.
  • Energy – A dowel joint is way stronger than an ordinary butt joint as a result of it’s bodily “locked in” by a dowel.

Drill Your First Holes

To start doweling your joint, align the 2 boards to be mated into their ultimate positions. You'll want to make use of not less than two dowels for every joint, extra if the joint is especially broad. One rule of thumb is that if the board(s) are lower than 6 inches broad, place one dowel 1/4 of the way in which throughout the joint, and a second dowel 1/4 of the width in from the other aspect. So, for a 6-inch broad board, the primary dowel could be positioned at 1 1/2 inches in from one edge, and the opposite dowel 1 1/2 inches in from the other aspect. If the hole between the dowels exceeds 4 inches, add a further dowel.

Utilizing a pencil, make a mark on the desired areas on each boards. Then, separate the boards and align the doweling jig with one of many marks on both board. Set up the drill bit into your power drill or cordless drill and place the drill cease onto the bit on the desired depth.

Drill your first gap by way of the jig to the drill cease, then reposition the jig over the second gap and repeat. Proceed till all holes on this board have been lower.

Utilizing a Dowel Jig

A dowelling jig could make the method of working with dowels lots simpler. It may additionally sluggish you down at first as a result of your studying the right way to use it and its simply not muscle reminiscence. However a easy jig can run any the place from $8 to $30. I’m utilizing a General Tools Aluminum EZ Dowel Joining Jig Kit. I just like the jig as a result of it comes with a cease clamp for the drill however and a tool that helps information the drill bit into the wooden. Drilling free handed could cause the drill factors to be at an angle.

There are also pin markers that can be placed on t  There are also pin markers that can be placed on t

There are additionally pin markers that may be positioned on the ends of the dowels and within the gap of the adjoining piece that can place a pin “mark” or indention into the adjoining wooden.


Query: How do you make a dowel with no jig?

You possibly can construct your personal jig or you may work your approach across the want for such a device for those who make the fitting measurements, align all the pieces correctly, and take your time with dowel drilling.

Query: Do I would like a jig for dowels?

There are a number of methods to make a dowel with no jig, however having one is beneficial as a result of it makes the job quicker and extra correct.

Query: Are dowels stronger than screws?

Sure. Dowels are stronger than screws as a result of they’ve further holding energy given by the glue that reinforces their power.

Stacked Cake Meeting

When inserting lengthy pointed dowels by way of tiers, press slowly however firmly with two thumbs. When the tip reaches the cardboard, you’ll really feel its resistance.

On the level of resistance, faucet the blunt finish of the dowel with a hammer so it pierces the cardboard base. As soon as the purpose has bored a good gap for the dowel to cross by way of, you may full the job by hand. Push the dowels down so their butt ends are just under the floor of the cake. Relatively than burying them deep out of sight, it’s higher to cowl them with decorations, leaving them discoverable for the individual whose job it’s to seek out and take away them in a while.

Steps To Use Dowel Screws

Measure Correctly

The foremost factor to do is actually the measurement. It’s best to measure each minute element earlier than going for it.

Perfection can solely be achieved by giving time to particulars. Most people try the error of not happening the small print and measuring superficially.

One of the best factor to do is carry a pocket book and pencil with you whereas working.

Draw a tough sketch of your work and write the measurements together with it.

It will make sure that you measure all the pieces and there’s little or no danger of misjudgment.

Now, you have drawn a sketch and ready for measuri

Now, you’ve got drawn a sketch and prepared for measuring the logwood however the right way to truly do it?

Initially, discover the middle of the logwood and mark it with the assistance of ink.

In case you are becoming a member of two items of wooden then discover the middle of one other wooden as effectively and mark it.

Measure the lengths with the assistance of a scale or a measuring meter and write it down in your pocket book.

Be sure that your marks on the wooden are straight and never curved at any level.

Double examine all the pieces with the assistance of a scale. Regulate the diploma angles of the wooden and be a part of them.

Drill alongside the measurements

And so, you are done with the measurements and mar

And so, you’re performed with the measurements and marking on the wooden.

The subsequent factor to do is drilling which the core of dowelling. As talked about earlier, it is best to all the time go for a slender drill.

A slender drill provides you with some house in addition to straightforward to make use of on the identical time.

Drilling turns into considerably straightforward with the assistance of inked measurements. Now, you simply need to comply with the marks with the assistance of drill.

Initially make sure that the logwood is regular and never shifting.

Be sure that your workstation is evident as a result of it should finally flip messy with the drilling.

Place the logwood correctly on the workstation and maintain it regular with the assistance your one hand.

Second, is to decide on the fitting pace of the drill. Don’t work in haste and go for a excessive pace.

At all times go sluggish. Drill the holes within the wooden by simply inserting the tip of the dowel into it.

Preserve the pace sluggish and insert fastidiously. Don’t transfer your different hand out of the vibrations in any other case, it should hinder the alignment of the wooden.

You simply need to meticulously place the drill on the marks, maintain the pace sluggish and simply insert the tip of the dowel.

The dowel will work by itself and latch the wooden accordingly.

Align the holes of the wooden

The drilling part is now done and your wood is rea

The drilling half is now performed and your wooden is able to be lastly joined. The subsequent factor to do is align the holes of the wooden.

Place the wooden above one another by aligning the holes or in keeping with your design. The bottom line is to make sure steadiness whereas working.

Preserve the primary wooden regular with the assistance of a hand and tighten the dowel round it.

Just be sure you don’t transfer the second wooden whereas tightening. You possibly can take assist of somebody in case you discover it troublesome working by yourself.

Align the doweling jigs by matching the holes.

Glue the dowel screws

The dowel screws do not usually fall off if tighte

The dowel screws don’t often fall off if tightened correctly.

Nevertheless, don’t take this danger and buy wooden glue beforehand. Mud and clear your workstation correctly.

Clear the mess attributable to the drilling on the logwood. Be sure that all the pieces is clear earlier than gluing the screws.

Take some ample quantity of the glue and unfold it on the perimeters of the joints in every log.

You need to use a woodworking clamp to maintain the logs in place if essential.

Wipe out the additional glue instantly with the assistance of a cotton fabric and permit it to dry.

Normally, the wooden glue takes few hours to dry. Depart it undisturbed for few hours.

Contact it up

Gluing is as essential as drilling and be sure to don’t spill even a drop of it within the gap.

Spreading the glue within the holes results in everlasting fixing of the screw.

It’s possible you’ll must unscrew the joints in future and maintain this in thoughts earlier than lastly gluing the screws.

Now, the glue has lastly dried and your work is sort of performed. The subsequent factor to do is giving a ultimate contact as much as your work.

You may make use of paint, stain or polishes for a similar. Unfold the paint evenly on the surfaces and let it dry.

And right here you’re, prepared together with your masterpiece.

#4 Theyre Versatile

Since wooden dowels are bought in a wide range of thicknesses and lengths, they are often purchased and trimmed to accommodate any dimension or form of cake. Furthermore, they are often lower flat on the ends or sharpened to make the 2 sorts of help columns wanted to correctly stabilize a cake.

  • This dowel technique includes hiding cardboard and wood rods inside a sculpted or multi-tiered cake.
  • With out being seen, these non-edible inside helps maintain the cake up.
  • There are two sorts of dowels concerned with this method.

SHORT DOWELS lend vertical help to a cake, stopping it from getting squished or crushed by the cake stacked above.

LONG POINTED DOWELS lend horizontal help, stopping the tiers of the cake from sliding side-to-side or slipping aside.

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