How To Use Channel Pear

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3. Configuring PEAR

We can configure PEAR in several ways. We can see every configurable option by typing the following in the terminal:

And we will see a lot of configurations. The default configuration is fine for most cases, but we may are interested to change them.

The most likely configuration to be changed is the PEAR directory, which by default has the /usr/share/php value. This is where the PEAR PHP components will be installed.

To change the configuration, the syntax is the following:

So, for this case, we would have to type:

And the configuration will be changed.

If we change the PEAR directory, we also have to change the PHP configuration, to indicate where this directory is, to make PHP know from where it has to include the components. For that, we have to edit the /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini file, adding this path to the include_path directive, so it will remain as follows:

Adding the path to the configured PEAR directory after a colon, indicating that is another directory to include.

Don’t forget to restart Apache after doing any change in PHP configuration.


6. Examples with useful PEAR components

To end up with this tutorial, we will see some examples of one of the most useful PEAR components, with the manifest file. Even if PEAR is deprecated, many of its components are still available in other sources (mostly Composer).

6.1. HTML form

One of the most used packages is for building HTML forms. If you have ever worked with a PHP framework, such as Symfony, this will familiar to you.

To install it with PEAR:

And this is an example of how can be used it:


As you can see, we can add rules to the fields very simply, including regular expressions or closures as callbacks; and the component will make every verification.

The code above will generate a form with the following appearance:

2. Form appearance using QuickForm2

2. Form appearance using QuickForm2

6.2. Validator

One of the most repeated tasks when dealing with user input is (should be) the validation. There is also a component to perform validations of many types. It’s called Validate:

And this is how it can be used it:


As you can see, this can be very useful to perform some specific validations, such us with emails, number formats, or dates (and more).

6.3. XML serializer

A tiring job is to parse XML files. But, yes, there’s a component to deal with this task, XML_Serializer.

Install it:

And then use it for serialization:


Of course, we can do the reverse way, with the unserializer:


With this component, practically, XML parsing does not require any work.

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How to Install Channel PEAR on Roku?

Since Roku has removed Channel PEAR from its store due to its questionable legality, you can neither install it from the Roku Channel Store nor as a private channel. However, you can enjoy this channel on the big screen of your Roku TV by side-loading. Here’s a detailed guide on how to do that exactly.

Enable Developer Mode on Roku

The first step is to “enable Developer Mode” on your Roku TV to side-load the app on Roku.

Step 1: Grab the Roku remote and press the buttons mentioned in this particular order:

  • Home button – 3x
  • Up button – 2x
  • Right button – 1x
  • Left button – 1x
  • Right button – 1x
  • Left button – 1x
  • Right button – 1x

Step 2: This step will enable the Developer Mode and you will launch “Developer Settings” on the screen.

Step 3: You will see the Roku device URL on this page. Make a note of this URL and the username and then click on the “Enable installer and restart” option

Step 4: On the next page, the “SDK License Agreement” will be displayed. Go through the conditions and select “I agree”. 

Step 5: Now, you need to enter a Web Server Password and then click on “Set on password and reboot”. This would restart the Roku device.

Step 6: After the Roku device has restarted, you will access the Developer Mode to side-load the app via a web browser on your Laptop or Desktop.

Step 7: On the web browser, type in the URL you noted down earlier from the Roku screen from step 3.

Step 8: Now, log in with the username you made a note of in step 3 and the password you entered in step 5.

This will connect your computer to the Roku TV in its Developer mode. The Development Application Installer page would appear on the PC screen.

Side-load Channel PEAR on Roku

Step 9: Firstly, download the “Channel PEAR Zip File” for Roku and upload it to the Development Application Installer page.

Step 10: Select the “Install” option after you have uploaded the file to start sideloading the app on your Roku device.

Step 11: Once the downloading process of the app is finished, Roku will open the app and would add it to its home screen.

Pair Roku with Channel PEAR Account

Step 12: The launch screen of the app on Roku would display an “Activation Code”. Jot it down.

Step 13: Navigate toChannel PEAR Library” on your PC, select “Pair” and choose Roku from the list.

Step 14: Now, type in the code you jotted down previously in the empty box and select the “Pair” option.

Step 15: After you have successfully paired the channel to Roku, a message, “Congratulations! You have paired your Roku device with channel PEAR.” would pop up on the screen. You can finally sit back and indulge in all the entertainment the platform has to offer.

Similar Roku channels like Channel PEAR or Channel PEAR alternative on Roku

There are several alternative options to Channel PEAR on Roku available in the market with features similar to it.

  • XTV
  • Pluto TV
  • Yidio
  • Mobdro
  • FilmOn
  • FuboTV
  • Livestream


As we previously stated that the Channel PEAR is not available on the official channel store. The side-loading is the only way to get Channel PEAR on Roku. Roku allows only one app to side-load at a time. If there any update or latest version of this app is released, you cannot update them directly from Roku. At that time you should follow the above instruction again to re-download the Zip file and re-upload it to Roku device.

To Uninstall Channel PEAR from Roku, go to the Development Application Installer page and then choose Delete button.


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