How to use a paper toilet seat cover

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The Wrong Way

This video, confusingly titled “The Proper Way to Put on a Toilet Seat Cover”, is, in fact, wrong, because she makes mistake number three: Not poking out the flap and letting it float in the water.

Now, you may say, “But the weight of the pee/other will drag down the paper of its own accord, so I don’t need to spend that four seconds poking it through and letting it dangle before I go.” To which I say, “What if the perforated seams on that particular toilet-seat cover are unusually strong? Like a factory defect on that one toilet-seat cover? What if — bear with me here — the weight of your pee/other doesn’t force the flap of paper down? Then you’ve just created a goddamn hammock for your pee/other right under your nether regions.”

Poke it through.



  • You can also fight bacteria and the spread of germs by keeping clean after you use the bathroom. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, avoid touching the door handle when you leave the bathroom, and use hand sanitizer throughout the day to kill germs.

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