How To Unfollow Inactive Twitter Accounts Easily- Best 3 Tools

First, save your follows

Extremely online person Anil Dash recently unfollowed over 5000 Twitter accounts. Before he did so, he copied his follows onto a Twitter list. That meant that if he regretted his experiment, he could still see his old timeline by opening that list in any Twitter app.

This is also useful if you follow a few small accounts and you’re worried about losing them in the shuffle. (You could also look through your follows and just write down which ones you definitely want to re-follow later.)

Note that if you unfollow private accounts, you won’t be able to follow them back without their permission. This might bug your friends with private accounts.

Dash also exported his follows into a spreadsheet so he could choose whom to follow back later. You can do the same by following the instructions in his post.


How to Unfollow Users From Your Twitter Following List

Finally, you can unfollow users on Twitter from your own following list. This method is convenient if you want to unfollow multiple users, though you can only do so one at a time.

  1. Go to your Twitter profile page and click <#> Following, (<#> represents the number of people you are following) located under your location and join date.


  2. Alternatively, you can go to and click the Following tab.

  3. Find the user you want to unfollow and hover over the Following button to the right of their username.

  4. The button will change to Unfollow. Click Unfollow.

  5. Click Unfollow on the confirmation message.

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Use a command line tool

For the actual unfollowing, Dash used a command line tool called t, which takes some work to install and run. (You’ll have to install Ruby first.) His post includes instructions on installing the tool and unfollowing everyone.

This approach is complicated, so only use it if you follow more than a couple of hundred people. If you’re following a thousand accounts, figuring out this process will still be faster than clicking each unfollow button.

You can also unfollow on Twitter by going to your Following list. Jennifer Still/Business Insider

If you unfollow a private Twitter account, you will no longer be able to see those tweets, and you will have to request to follow it again. If you unfollow a public Twitter account, you can follow that person again at any time.

How to Unfollow Someone From a Tweet

You can unfollow another Twitter user right from a tweet, which also removes the offending tweet from your timeline. It's easy and fast.

  1. Go to a tweet from the user you want to unfollow.

  2. Click the down arrow next to it.

  3. Select Unfollow @username.

  4. You'll get a notification that says You unfollowed @username.


Is there an unfollow limit on Twitter?

There are no limits but how you do it can land you in trouble. Check the question below.

How many accounts can you unfollow on Twitter per day?

There is a limit but no one knows the exact figure as Twitter doesn’t disclose it. But aggressively unfollowing people will surely attract Twitter’s attention – not the good one. So it’s important to do it in moderation.


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