How to treat dry flaky skin under my beard and moustache area

Causes for Dry Pores and skin Beneath Beard

Dry pores and skin beneath beard sometimes arises from utilizing face wash and cleansers with harsh product substances. Whereas cleansing your face and beard, these merchandise additionally take away the pure oils, inflicting the pores and skin to dry out.

As well as, dry pores and skin beneath your beard might also be from points with sebaceous glands not correctly moisturizing your follicles or pores and skin that’s subjected to chilly climate. So, concentrate on your underlying situation earlier than making use of the suitable remedy.

We checklist a number of causes beneath. As soon as you discover out your pores and skin sort and discontinue use of irritating shampoos, you need to have the ability to remedy dry pores and skin beneath your beard utilizing certainly one of these therapies.

Genetics and Pores and skin Sort

Have you ever all the time had dry pores and skin? Once you grow a beard, the brand new progress of facial hair could cause itching, particularly in case your pores and skin is inclined to take action.

Does your pores and skin flake up and crack within the winter months? It might merely be that it’s essential use a moisturizer to maintain away beard dandruff and dry pores and skin. Most dermatologists advocate a gentle daily moisturizer that you just placed on within the morning and at night time.

Dry skin under your beard and surrounding areas
Dry pores and skin beneath your beard and surrounding areas

If in case you have a pure overproduction of sebum oil, then you might have to find specialized beard care that received’t add to the oil points.

Harsh Shampoos and Bar Soaps

How do you wash your beard? Do you employ the identical shampoo to your hair in your face? This is probably not excellent to your scalp or face, particularly if there are harsh chemical substances similar to sulfates that may dry out your pores and skin from one use.

A high-quality beard wash and conditioner could possibly be simply the factor to do away with your dry pores and skin.

Poor Eating regimen

Consider it or not, what you eat drastically impacts your pores and skin tone and texture. “You’re what you eat” as they are saying. If in case you have tried moisturizers and beard conditioners to no avail, possibly your eating regimen is lacking some wholesome fat.

Coconut oil, avocado, oatmeal, candy potatoes, and salmon are a number of the finest meals you may add to your eating regimen to enhance dry pores and skin, particularly for those who don’t get sufficient omega-3 fat.

Sizzling Showers

Do you know that scorching water day after day can result in dry, itchy pores and skin? It’s true. Research has shown that frequent hot showers result in infected pores and skin, which turns into dry and flaky over time for those who’re not cautious.

To keep up a very good beard and pores and skin beneath, you may rinse off with chilly water simply earlier than leaping out of the bathe. This may shut your pores and assist with irritated pores and skin.

Pores and skin Situations

Pores and skin situations similar to eczema and psoriasis ought to all the time be handled by a dermatologist first. Nevertheless, ongoing therapies and merchandise could also be on-line or at dwelling to offer some consolation. We now have solutions beneath.


Different facial hair situations

Listed below are a couple of different situations that could be mistaken with beard dandruff:

  • Eczema.  Per the Nationwide Eczema Affiliation, there are seven kinds of eczema: atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, dyshidrotic eczema, nummular eczema, seborrheic dermatitis, and stasis dermatitis (source). Many of those situations have widespread signs, together with dry, discolored, and itchy pores and skin.  Search out medical recommendation from your loved ones doctor for those who suppose this could possibly be the reason for irritation beneath your facial hair.
  • Beard Ringworm (Tinea Barbae).  Discovered solely in grownup males, tinea barbae is a fungal an infection and is comparatively uncommon (source).
  • Pili Multigemini. Compound hairs are widespread in beards.   One research discovered {that a} man with a number of pili multigemini hairs on his again brought on an itchy sensation (source).  Pili multigemini hairs are innocent and will be plucked.

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Medical situations can result in flakes in beards

Lastly, there are some medical situations that could possibly be underlying the flaky beard symptom and different pores and skin issues. Rosacea, psoriasis, and eczema are widespread pores and skin issues that require a mixture of modifications like medicated topicals, eating regimen, and way of life. There are additionally situations that may result in pores and skin irritation and troubles, like diabetes.

Every of those could cause minor signs or develop uncontrolled. Fortunately, with the assistance of a health care provider, these situations will be handled and managed. Analysis the primary and most vital step. In the event you’ve been utilizing a drugs that isn’t working or stopped working, let your physician know. It’s in all probability time to attempt one thing new.

Flaky and Dry Pores and skin beneath Beard

Males grooming their beards are akin to girls protecting their lengthy manes wholesome. It’s all in regards to the upkeep. Form and texture are vital. Whereas the general look of the beard is the purpose culminant, it’s really what’s beneath that issues most.Improper care of facial hair really results in dry pores and skin beneath beard. Beard dandruff happens when the pure oils of the pores and skin dry up, inflicting flaking. It could additionally end in itchiness and irritation. Chilly climate can be a trigger for flaky beard space. Pores and skin hydration is a significant difficulty right now.One other possible explanation for dry facial pores and skin on this space is using hair grooming merchandise to the beard. These shampoos include chemical substances and waxes that clog the pores. This ends in scaling of the pores and skin, inflicting ugly flakes. Use of physique cleaning soap to cleanse the beard additionally causes dryness. In spite of everything, beards are nonetheless hair, and soaps might irritate the pores and skin and even harden the hair itself.Stress, based on medical doctors, might also result in drying of pores and skin, ensuing to formation of crusts and flakes. Lack of sleep and unbalanced eating regimen additionally result in poor pores and skin. The usage of sturdy facial product, cleanser or astringent, additionally performs havoc to the delicate areas of the face.

Dry and Flaky Pores and skin beneath the Beard


How do you deal with beard dandruff?

To do away with beard dandruff, comply with these steps:

  1. Clear facial hair completely with a pure beard wash or medicated shampoo, relying on the reason for beard dandruff.
  2. Pat dry with a towel.
  3. Apply a conditioner similar to beard oil or beard balm.
  4. Fashion your beard with a beard brush or beard comb.

Exfoliate your Pores and skin

When rising a beard, you need to exfoliate two or thrice weekly.  Common exfoliation of the pores and skin removes useless pores and skin cells, oil buildup, and unclogs pores.  

Beard Conditioners

When utilized every day, a beard conditioner will nourish and moisturize your pores and skin.

There are numerous kinds of beard conditioners obtainable.  Frequent beard conditioners embrace beard balm, beard oil, beard butter, and beard jelly.  Most beard conditioners depend on widespread base substances: provider oils and essential oils.

Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Males experiencing beard dandruff on account of seborrheic dermatitis ought to think about using an anti-dandruff shampoo. Anti-dandruff shampoos are specifically formulated with lively substances similar to ketoconazole, selenium sulfide, or pyrithione zinc to kill the fungal progress.

Presently, there are a restricted variety of anti-dandruff shampoos formulated for facial hair use. Subsequently, you might want to make use of a shampoo formulated for top-of-head use in your beard.

Lactic Acid

A lactic acid cleanser will assist to take away useless pores and skin cells and flakes out of your beard.  Urea, lactic acid, and propylene glycol have been efficient in treating seborrheic dermatitis over a four-week research (source).

Different Issues

Perceive seborrheic dermatitis. In case your beard is itchy or simply doesn’t really feel fairly proper, you might be questioning whether it is dandruff or one thing else. Indicators of seborrheic dermatitis embrace: 

  • Pores and skin flakes, also referred to as dandruff‌
  • Patches of greasy pores and skin
  • Look of white or yellow scales or crust
  • Pores and skin that stays crimson‌
  • Persistent itching

You need to see your physician instantly when you have any of those signs:

  • Lack of sleep or the power to perform usually as a result of your signs are so distracting
  • The dandruff and scales are apparent sufficient that they trigger you to really feel embarrassed or anxious‌
  • Your pores and skin is exhibiting indicators of an infection
  • Residence cures and over-the-counter shampoos usually are not bettering your signs

Keep away from petroleum jelly. Many sufferers suppose that the flakes and scales related to dandruff require moisturizing. This isn’t the case. Petroleum jelly is a well-liked alternative, however it could really make your beard dandruff worse.

Keep a wholesome beard.Care for your beard doesn’t cease at shampooing it usually. You’ll be able to assist forestall beard dandruff by protecting your pores and skin and beard wholesome:

  • Develop it out. It takes time to develop a beard. In the event you’re within the early levels, don’t hand over but. Put your razor and clippers away, permitting your beard to develop with out interference. 
  • Be sure you moisturize. Speak to your physician about your pores and skin situation and select a moisturizer that received’t irritate dandruff in your beard. With out correct moisture, you’ll have breakouts in your beard, worsening your dandruff.‌
  • Get sufficient sleep. It could sound foolish, however your physique features finest when you may have loads of relaxation. This contains the situation of your beard. Once you get sufficient sleep, your total well being is healthier. 
  • ‌Eat a nutritious diet. Nutrient-dense meals are important for a well-balanced eating regimen. The correct nutritional vitamins and minerals assist preserve your pores and skin and beard wholesome. 


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