How to Transfer Steam Games to Another Computer without Downloading

How to share games on Steam using Family Sharing

1. Open the Steam application.

2. Select Steam in the top-left corner of the screen, and then from the dropdown menu, select “Settings” if you’re on PC, or “Preferences” if you’re on a Mac.

Foto: If you're using a Mac, the

Foto: If you’re using a Mac, the “Steam” button will be in the menu bar at the top of your screen.sourceRoss James/Business Insider

3. Select “Family” from the settings menu. Here Steam will show you what other users have logged into Steam on the same computer.

4. Check the box that reads “Allow Library Sharing on this computer,” and check the users you’d like to share with. Both users need to agree to this, and you can deauthorize accounts from this same menu. Once you’ve done this, you can share a game library with anyone who uses that computer.

Foto: You can deauthorize accounts from accessing

Foto: You can deauthorize accounts from accessing your game library by unchecking the box at any time.sourceRoss James/Business Insider

It’s also possible to share a library between different computers, meaning that you can share a game with someone halfway across the world. However, still only one person will be able to play at a time from a shared library.

1. On your computer, log into the account that you want to share games from.

2. Once you’ve logged in, log out and back into your own account.

3. Once again, go into your Family settings and check the box that reads “Allow Library Sharing on this computer.”

4. Steam will acknowledge that the other account has been used on your computer, and make it available for family sharing, giving you access to its game library.

Whoever you’re sharing with can then log into your account on their computer and do the same thing, meaning they’ll have access to your game library as well. You can do this on up to 10 different computers.


How do I transfer game saves to another computer?

Copy the source files from the appropriate folder (mine is « D: Launchergames« ) to the destination PC’s folder. Start the Bethesda Launcher client, click on the game, and then click on the « Download » button. If the files are present, the launcher will verify them and sync your cloud saves. Done.

How do I add Dota 2 to Steam library without downloading?

Go to your Steam “Library”, right click on Dota 2, and select “Delete local content” Now open up windows explorer and browse through the Steam folder location. Copy your friends Dota2 folder (Or Dota 2 beta) into SteamApps/common/ Now head back to Steam and try to install Dota 2 again.

Are digital PS5 games cheaper?

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    How to Transfer Epic Games to New PC 

    #1. Copy and paste Epic game folder to the external hard drive. 

    Copy your Epic games folder from the default location: C:\Programs Files\Epic Games. (If your games are not installed on the location, you can move to the right place for copying.)

    #2. Reinstall Epic Games Launcher on the new computer

    Install and Run games launcher > Click Library and select games you want to install > Choose game install location (You can select C drive and name folder as Epic Games.)and click Install > Click to pause the download process and exit the launcher.

    #3. Paste the game folder to the new PC

    Connect your external hard drive to a new computer > Paste the folder to the game install location you set up (“Replace the files in the destination.”) > Open Epic launcher again >Click Library and resume the game installation

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Here are two proven ways to do it. One is using

    Here are two proven ways to do it. One is using EaseUS Todo PCTrans to move the epic game to another drive/PC without re-downloading, the other is manually re-install Fortnite to another drive/PC.

    How do I transfer Dota 2 to another PC?

    From the PC where you are about to get a Reborn Copy; look for the file location of that PCs Steam then go to SteamApps -> Common -> Dota 2 Beta, open the Dota 2 Beta folder.

    How to backup :

    1. Connect hard disk.
    2. Login into steam.
    3. In menu, click files.
    4. Backup and restore.
    5. Backup.
    6. Select location ( your hard disk)
    7. Done, finish.

    Moving a single game between drives

    • Go to Steam > Settings > Downloads > Steam Library Folders
    • Make a new Steam library folder on the desired new drive (you can right click on one of these folders to set it as your default installation path, although the next time you install a game, Steam will ask where you want it to go).
    • Move an already installed game to the new drive: Right click on the game in your Steam library > Properties > Local Files tab > Move install folder… > Choose the directory > Move folder

    How do I know if a game supports Steam Cloud?

    How do I tell if my game uses Steam Cloud? Developers are able to completely customize how The Steam Cloud is used for their games, including which user files are uploaded. The Steam Storepage will show a Steam Cloud logo in the upper right if a game uses the Steam Cloud.


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