How to Stream 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics Live Online Without Cable

If you want to watch on network TV

NBCUniversal is the exclusive official Olympics broadcaster, meaning your local NBC station will be the only place to watch the Games via network TV.

While exact details have yet to be released, history tells us that NBCUniversal’s competition coverage will begin on Wednesday, Feb. 2 (two days before the opening ceremony). Given the time difference, NBC will likely air the opening ceremony live from Beijing before rebroadcasting it during primetime in the US.

Can I watch the 2021 Olympics on Hulu?

Yes. Hulu Plus Live TV’s package includes NBC and it’s affiliates, so users will have access to all six of the channels that will stream Olympic events — NBC, USA, NBCSN, CBC, Olympic Channel and Golf Channel. Hulu Plus Live TV comes with a seven-day free trial. 


Streaming Options

So what about the rest of the Olympic coverage? This year the Olympics will be on Bravo, CNBC, Golf Channel, MSNBC, NBCSN and USA Network. So how can cord cutters get access to these channels?

We’ve got two options: Sling TV and PlayStation Vue. Both of these services offer every channel that will allow you to stream this summer’s Olympics. The best part is you can cancel these services at any time. No need to agree to a two-year cable contract when Sling TV and PlayStation Vue will let you subscribe month to month.


Not only will Sling TV offer every channel covering the Olympics, but they are moving MSNBC and CNBC from their world news package to their Blue base package specifically for the Olympics.

PlayStation Vue

If you choose PlayStation Vue not only will you get live streams through the PlayStation Vue app, but you will also be able to log into the NBC Olympics app.

4. Use an OTA Antenna or Locast to Watch NBC

Just like the old days, you can still pick up local channels like NBC from an antenna. Outside of the cost of the antenna, you won’t pay a thing to watch all the coverage of the NBC main network.

If you live within 35 miles of the broadcast signal, you will likely be able to pick up your locals channels with a cheap indoor antenna ($15-30).

We suggest the Mohu Leaf 30 (30-mile range) or Mohu Leaf 50 (60-mile range) depending on line of sight.

How to watch the Olympics on TV without cable

The easiest place to watch the core NBC coverage is on your TV with a digital TV antenna. Digital antennas start at really affordable versions like this one and get more expensive for further range. If you live in or near a big city, odds are you can get a strong signal for this one-time, low cost without cable. Plus, once you have it, you can watch all of your local channels with the same antenna and no subscription cost. Digital antennas pick up channels like NBC, CBS, ABC and Fox.

Where I live in Ventura, California, the NBC signal is not strong enough for my TVs, so I’m stuck with streaming options. Lucky for me, and many others, streaming the Olympics is also quite easy.

The NBC Sports app (free, iOS and Android) can stream nearly all of the network’s 6,755 hours of scheduled programming with a cable login, but you can watch a lot of content without a credential, too The livestreams require a cable subscription, BUT you can watch replays, highlights, and featured clips without a login credential, and filter the videos by sport and athlete.

Cable and Over-the-Air Options

You can also watch much of the Olympic coverage with a cable plan that includes the NBCUniversal channel family. A cable plan is typically more expensive than live streaming alternatives, but it’s great for people who want to get the largest possible variety of cable TV networks for one price. 

Want to watch other sports? Check out our roundup of the best sports streaming services. The other major sport airing right now is football. NFL fans should read our guide to the best NFL streaming services.

Stream live Olympic coverage from TV networks

The last time the Winter Olympics took place, streaming options were not as good as they are today. Today you have several options to get a live TV stream to your home without a cable subscription. Popular choices are SlingTV,  FuboTV, Hulu and YouTube TV.

SlingTV comes in two packages that each cost $35 per month on their own. Accounts come with a special trial offer, so you can get most of the Olympics without paying full price before deciding if SlingTV makes sense for you. Check it out here.

FuboTV is a newer TV streaming service that is more sports-centric than Sling. It also comes with a special free trial. It provides live streaming to computers, phones and streaming devices like Roku, Chromecast, and FireTV. Learn more here.

While Hulu is often referred to as a streaming competitor to Netflix, there is a Hulu + Live TV option that brings the Olympics to your screens. With Hulu, you get access to an extensive library of streaming movies and TV shows, or an upgraded account for live TV. Hulu is also available in a bundle with Disney+ and ESPN+. Learn more here.

YouTube TV will also carry NBC’s coverage of the Olympics. Like the other services, it offers a free trial period. There’s currently a limited-time offer for $54.99 per month for your first three months.

Which Athletes Are Participating in the 2021 Olympics?

While all the athletes for the 2021 Summer Olympics have not yet been confirmed, we will likely see some of the world’s biggest sporting names take part in the Games. We will see the likes of Serena Williams, Simone Biles, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Rafael Nadal are just some of the world-class athletes who look set to represent their countries at the 2021 Olympics.

The United States will be aiming to finish at the top of the medal charts once again, just like they did at the Rio Olympics in 2016. Great Britain finished second in Rio, followed by China, Russia, and Germany.

If you have an old TV lying around but don’t want to pay for cable, consider getting an HDTV antenna. They’re affordable and they work well for basic channels This antenna, the Chipman, costs $19 and connects to your HDTV via coaxial cable. You’ll be able to watch all of the primetime NBC broadcasts with this one-time purchase.

If you want to watch in Spanish

Last year the NBCUniversal Spanish-language networks Telemundo and Universo aired Olympics programming, which was also available to stream on the Telemundo Deportes website and app.


How to Watch NBC free with a TV antenna

A TV antenna is the best way to watch the opening ceremonies and all Olympic coverage carried on NBC for free. 

If you have an antenna handy, but haven’t used it in a while, plug it into your television’s coax port and scan for channels. With NBC carrying 18 nights of Olympic coverage, you could end up getting much of what you want to watch for free in HD quality.

If you are new to TV antennas, here is a list of resources that I have written to get you started.

How to Watch Olympics 2021 on Roku

Roku users can also enjoy the Tokyo Olympics directly from the home screen of their device.

This will include in-depth coverage, highlights, and more.

Similar to Firestick users, Roku owners must have a subscription to a Legal IPTV Service to stream live coverage of the 2021 Olympics.

However, the Roku 2020 Olympic Experience will be available on your Roku homepage with content available via Peacock.

Can I watch the 2021 Olympics on fuboTV?

Yes. FuboTV includes all six of the channels that the Olympics will be on — NBC, USA, NBCSN, CNBC, Olympic Channel and Golf Channel. It comes with a free seven-day trial.


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