How To Store Or Dispose Of Bacon Grease. (and what to use it for)

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The way to retailer bacon grease

Elrod has some ideas for the place to place your bacon fats when you filter it: “I retailer bacon grease in a clear glass jar with a decent becoming lid, like an empty jelly jar.” And whilst you can technically maintain it in your kitchen pantry at room temperature, “I retailer it within the fridge for my very own peace of thoughts. If I’ve lots I maintain some within the freezer.”


Bacon grease will solidify within the fridge, and in its stable kind, it’s straightforward to handle. All you must do is dig out a spoonful and plop it proper into no matter cooking vessel you’re utilizing. When you’re an overachiever, you possibly can even use an ice dice tray to portion it out within the freezer for later.


What to Do With Bacon Grease

Bacon fats is such a flavorful fats to cook dinner with. We use a beneficiant quantity when making Mexican refried pinto beans or black beans.

Bacon fats is fabulous for sautéing brussels sprouts.

You can too use bacon fats to brown rice for a rice pilaf or for making scrambled eggs.

Principally, you should use bacon fats for frying something that will profit from having bacon taste!

When cooking with bacon fats, spoon it out from the jar. Normally half a teaspoon is all that’s wanted to present a taste increase to what you might be cooking.

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Bacon Grease on Canine Meals

Is Bacon Grease Good or Unhealthy for Canines?

Many canines will relish a dish of bacon fats. Nonetheless, many veterinarians warn in opposition to giving the substance to canines. Apparently, the high-fat food regimen will doubtless trigger pancreatitis and weight problems on the canine. Due to this fact, in case you should give it to your canine then do it often.

The subsequent time you consider cooking bacon consider the best way to store its first.

Different Makes use of

Don’t throw away bacon grease simply because you aren’t a kitchen fanatic; it has a wide selection of purposes apart from cooking.

Leaving the grease in a bug-infested space kills and repels them away. Moreover, making use of the content material on an space of the pores and skin with a splinter softens it thus easing its removing.

Recipes Made Higher with Bacon Grease

From the Editors Of Merely Recipes

1. Make DIY fireplace starters. 

Certainly one of our favourite fall actions is curling up in entrance of a hearth with the household to sip sizzling chocolate and watch holiday movies. To organize a roaring flame that may heat the room, you’ll want a hearth starter. As a substitute of spending cash on expensive store-bought fireplace starters, why not make your personal? 

All you must do is dip a bit of fabric or cloth in your bacon grease and tie it with a string so you possibly can simply mild the strip with out burning your fingers. Then, ignite the grease-soaked cloth when your fire is prepared. Fairly easy, proper? It will get simpler: Dipping your kindling within the grease could also be ok to get blaze going. 

Wilted Spinach Salad

Spinach salad by no means tasted so good! This quaint salad is an effective way to make use of bacon grease. You may get my model in my cookbook, Fresh: Nourishing Salads for all Seasons.

The way to make your personal pre-cooked bacon

If you wish to have bacon (and bacon grease) available, take into account making your personal precooked bacon. On this brief video beneath, I share how you can make pre-cooked bacon within the oven to keep away from having to make it earlier than friends arrive. In spite of everything, even these of us who love bacon will not be followers of the lingering odor after cooking it.

4. Oil squeaky doorways and hinges

You recognize that one bed room door that wails and whines each time you open and shut it? You possibly can benefit from the sounds of silence just by dipping a Q-tip in bacon grease and dabbing it alongside the door hinge. The bacon grease will act as a pure lubricant and permit all of the working elements to operate easily.

Is bacon grease dangerous for you?

Bacon fats is larger in monounsaturated fats (the great fats)  than butter. In contrast to margarine, bacon grease does NOT comprise trans fats (aka “dangerous fats”).  A comparability between a tablespoon of bacon grease, butter, and canola oil is fairly fascinating. Bacon grease has barely much less ldl cholesterol than butter and solely 2 extra milligrams of saturated fats. It has the identical variety of energy because the oil, however extra saturated fats and sodium.

How To Inform If Bacon Grease Is Unhealthy?

First, search for typical indicators of going dangerous, just like the presence of mould, any discolorations on the floor, or an off odor. When you’ve adopted all the rules from the storage part above, that ought to virtually by no means occur.

Rancidification is subsequent in line. Like all fat, akin to oils or lard, bacon grease is prone to going rancid. It might go rancid due to improper storage circumstances, or just from being saved too lengthy in a container that wasn’t sealed tightly.

If the fats smells rancid or not fairly because it used to, it’s most likely rancid. Whereas typically rancid fats is innocent, it doesn’t style good. And meaning the meals you make with it’ll style dangerous too. Due to that, it’s greatest to discard it.

If all the things appears to be simply advantageous with the grease, you possibly can strive a small quantity earlier than utilizing it, simply to verify it’s okay.

Yummy Veggies

I nonetheless assume that the explanation that so many individuals don’t like greens is that they’ve had steamed frozen greens served to them one too many occasions. There are a lot of scrumptious methods to take pleasure in greens. They are often fancy, like this Roasted Asparagus with Lemon Butter Sauce, or they are often easy – like a easy one vegetable sauté. However if you sauté your greens, strive utilizing bacon grease! Greens which might be cooked in a contact of bacon grease are scrumptious and have a a lot richer taste.

What if I’ve to eliminate my bacon grease?

When you completely must eliminate your bacon grease, no matter you do, don’t pour it down the drain. I’ve to confess, for years, as a Youthful Dennis, I had no concept why you weren’t supposed to do that, and I used to be too afraid to ask. However the reply’s fairly easy.


Bacon grease hardens because it cools, and it cools whereas taking place pipes. This coats the pipes and clogs them, and the stress of a stream of working water isn’t normally sufficient to dislodge the stable grease. Whereas your sink drain would possibly seem to be a magical gap to nowhere, in case you’ve ever fallen sufferer to a kitchen sink clog, that issues can get gnarly actual fast. Let’s keep away from that, we could?

My suggestion is to only let your pan cool off at room temperature till the grease solidifies. Then you possibly can simply use a rubber spatula to dislodge the grease from the pan and plop it into the trash.


Nonetheless, because you’ve managed to learn this entire article about saving bacon fats, and also you’re now armed with some fairly cool data, rethink the concept of simply tossing it within the rubbish can. It’s not tough to filter, it lasts for a very long time within the fridge, you waste much less kitchen sources that means, and oh yeah, it tastes good.


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