How to Melt Snow and Ice Without Rock Salt

What Melts Ice?

To soften ice, it’s essential introduce foreign substances on ice, reminiscent of salt and different chemical particles that may make the ice soften sooner. Mostly used are rock salt, calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, and potassium chloride.

Ice melts quick while you combine it with one thing that lowers the freezing point of water, which chemical substances do.

As a homeowner, if you just want to melt the ice w

As a house owner, in the event you simply need to soften the ice with out every other extra advantages, then rock salt is ok. If nonetheless, it’s essential take into account pets, youngsters, and flora then it’s best to in all probability select magnesium chloride or potassium chloride.

Corporations use a mixture of various chemical substances, which often works finest. For instance, the Ohio Division of Transportation regularlyused a saline answer (brine) earlier than chilly temperatures happen, to forestall the formation of frost. Then, after brine (for a similar winter), they used rock salt with liquid Calcium Chloride to raised soften ice in extraordinarily chilly temperatures.

On prime of that, they experimented with Ice Chunk (previously Geomelt) constructed from beet juice to extend the effectiveness of salt, in order that they didn’t have to make use of an excessive amount of salt to forestall damaging the surroundings.

Mixing salt with different pure substances to extend the impact, and decrease the utilization of salt appears to be the perfect technique for melting the ice.

Snow Melting Mats

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#6: Sugar Beet Juice Pickle Brine

So this technique would possibly get the cops referred to as on ya for homicide. However other than the bloody crimson stain, it really works fairly properly. You combine 20 % beet juice with 80 % pickle brine. Sure, there’s salt in brine, however that is much less damaging than common rock salt.Some of us simply use sugar beet juice by itself with success. Nevertheless, it’s going to take for much longer to work so this isn't going to be appropriate in colder climates.

Additionally, the crimson hue of your driveway might be fairly startling to your neighbors. 

#9: Heated Mats

Heated mats might be too costly to use for your en

Heated mats may be too expensive to make use of to your total driveway. However they could be a large assist in maintaining out of doors stairs or a walkway snow-free with out utilizing salt. They’re initially costly, however over time they’ll pay for themselves. 

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Pure alternate options to rock salt

You in all probability gained’t like to listen to the primary of the pure alternate options to utilizing rock salt, and that’s as a result of it means you have to shovel snow and ice earlier than it will possibly accumulate. Don’t let snow and ice sit in your driveway or sidewalk, as a result of it’s going to have the chance to turn out to be extra harmful over time.

In circumstances the place it isn’t potential to take away the snow in time, there are alternatives to enhance the traction on a slippery walkway. Sadly, even these de-icers marketed as “pure” or “natural” can nonetheless comprise dangerous chlorides. There are a number of supplies which you could unfold on a slippery path, together with sand, wooden ash, sawdust, wooden chips, or straw. Use these supplies on probably the most slippery of paths the place there’s a whole lot of site visitors. None of those supplies will really soften the ice, in fact, however they’ll no less than make for a safer walkway.

You may as well spend money on the correct footwear reminiscent of attachable snow-grips to enhance your private security on an icy highway. Be good and don’t exit strolling with no first rate pair of trainers.

In the end, rock salt is a fast repair that solely ends in elevated issues sooner or later. As a substitute, be smart and attempt to preserve your driveway and walkways free from snow when it first falls, and enhance the traction on already icy paths with pure supplies that won’t leach into the soil and waterways.

Picture credit score: flickr through dickdavid

2. Fertilizer

Discovering an alternative choice to rock salt isn’t nearly effectiveness. Generally the perfect answer is a handy one, reminiscent of a product you might have already got in your storage or shed. Fertilizer doesn’t work as rapidly as rock salt, however many fertilizer mixes embody ammonium sulfate, potassium chloride, or urea. Like rock salt, these molecules decrease the melting level of ice, however they accomplish that with out damaging your pavement and yard.

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4. Rubbing Alcohol

Isopropyl alcohol isn’t solely helpful for cleansing, because it can be poured on ice to assist clear a driveway or path. Nevertheless, merely dumping out a complete bottle ofrubbing alcoholcould be costly and inefficient, so it’s really useful to mix ¼ cup of alcohol, six drops of concentrated dish cleaning soap, and ½ gallon of scorching water in a bucket to create a cheaper selfmade ice soften answer. Simply make sure to shovel away any extra water after pouring, as it will possibly refreeze and type new ice if left standing.

Why You Ought to Not Use Salt And Chemical substances To Soften Ice?

Let’s begin with the professionals related to utilizing salt. It’s simply obtainable, melts the ice, and comes low cost. Appears to be like nice superficially. However when you’ll come to know its after-effects, you’ll change your opinion. The identical goes for a majority of ice soften as all of them comprise chemical substances like Aluminum Chloride, Ammonium Nitrate, Ammonium Sulfate, Ammonium Chloride, Calcium Sulfate, Magnesium Sulfate, Magnesium Chloride, and Sodium Cyanide.

Dangerous to concrete and roof

Rock salt is basically sodium chloride. Sodium chloride assaults the steel rebar contained throughout the concrete when it’s soaked-up into the concrete.

It’s corrosive to concrete, asphalt, and bricks as properly. Salt traces left on the floor causes stains and streaks. The actual drawback begins when it will get into the porous concrete and creates holes and cracks that worsen with frequent freeze-thaw cycles. 

Totally different chemical substances contained in ice soften react with concrete and other ways.

Not secure for youths and pets

One more reason you shouldn’t use rock salt and different chemical substances is it isn’t secure to make use of round youngsters, pets, and crops. Chlorine in salt and chemical-based ice soften is a poisonous respiratory irritant and might injury pets’ pores and skin, eyes, and membranes.

Espresso grounds

We’re massive proponents of repurposing coffee grounds as an alternative of throwing them out, and that is one other instance. That’s as a result of espresso grounds comprise nitrogen, which helps lower the melting point of ice. They’ve a secondary operate too: As a result of espresso grounds are darkish in coloration, they soak up extra daylight than lighter-colored supplies—like snow, ice, and rock salt—which can assist velocity up the melting course of.

What’s Concrete Protected Ice Soften?

Sodium chloride and potassium chloride are the least damaging to concrete. Then again, calcium chloride is probably the most damaging to concrete.

Whereas evaluating three chloride-based ice melts (Sodium Chloride, Calcium Chloride, and Magnesium Chloride) analysis confirmed that Calcium Chloride (salt) was probably the most damaging to pavement concretes when used as a deicing answer, being twice as damaging as magnesium chloride.

Sodium Chloride confirmed nearly no injury, whereas magnesium chloride was solely barely damaging (despite the fact that the picture would possibly suggest otherwise).

Research: Jain, Olek, Janusz and Jozwiak-Niedzwied
Analysis: Jain, Olek, Janusz and Jozwiak-Niedzwiedzka
Concrete exposed to distilled water for 95 weeks
Concrete uncovered to distilled water for 95 weeks
Concrete exposed to sodium chloride for 95 weeks
Concrete uncovered to sodium chloride for 95 weeks
Concrete exposed to calcium chloride for 10 weeks
Concrete uncovered to calcium chloride for 10 weeks
Concrete exposed to magnesium chloride for 10 week
Concrete uncovered to magnesium chloride for 10 weeks

Be aware: Magnesium chloride is twice as much less damaging to concrete than calcium chloride, despite the fact that it could seem totally different in footage.

One other analysis from the Utah Transportation Commission confirmed related outcomes: Sodium Chloride (salt) wasn’t damaging, whereas Calcium Chloride and magnesium chloride have been considerably damaging the concrete inflicting cracking, mass loss, and energy loss.


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7. Vinegar

The acetic acid in vinegar is a chemical compound that lowers ice’s melting level, however it doesn’t soften ice fairly in addition to rock salt and a number of the above alternate options. Like isopropyl alcohol, vinegar can technically be used by itself, however it gives higher ends in a mix of equal elements vinegar and scorching water. This answer can quickly soften stable sheets of ice, at which level they are often damaged up with shoveling. As with alcohol, take care to clear the ensuing water out of your driveway, walkway, or porch to forestall it from refreezing.



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