How To Make Your Cum Taste Better

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Spice It Up

Spices in general, are bad for making your cum taste bad. They’re hard to process and will make your cum taste spicy. Also, they’ll make you fart more, which is not good if you’re going to be having getting naked with someone for a long time.

The exception is – Cinnamon.Cinnamon is a great herb for good tasting cum beca

Cinnamon is a great herb for good tasting cum because it neutralizes bad odors. Next time you have a jar of cinnamon in front of you, open it up, and see how strong the smell is. You can smell it even if you’re inches away from the container.

Cinnamon is also great because it slightly sweetens up your cum. Sugar and other sweet chemicals are usually broken down and turned into glucose for energy, but cinnamon is tough and goes straight through your stomach…to your cum.

If you’ve ever watched someone try “The Cinnamon Challenge,” you know it’s hard (if not impossible) to swallow a spoonful of cinnamon. Instead of trying to do this, start adding it to foods you’re already eating.

Yoghurt, cereal, cake, coffee, hot chocolate, eggs, even milk can take a little bit of cinnamon to it. Add in a pinch and see what you like. I love adding cinnamon to my greek yoghurt (gotta get that protein).


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Sex and taste of sperm

Reception of such herbal supplements allows the ma

Reception of such herbal supplements allows the man to not only improve the taste of sperm and affect the amount of its production but also change their sexual activity.

Sex drive

With SemEnhance your sexual desire improves in 7-14 days because the composition of the pill also contains natural aphrodisiacs, which can have a significant effect on libido. Thus, sexual desire is significantly increased and takes sexual activity to a new level.

Orgasm duration

With SemEnhance, a man absorbs components of the formula that increases sexual stamina. Therefore, this is not only a pleasure for a partner in the form of a “sexual dessert” but also an unforgettable orgasmic sensation for both partners.

Since semen taste pills increase the seminal fluid viscosity; the prostate and seminiferous tubules need to perform more contractile movements to expel the ejaculate. More contractions during ejaculation significantly increase the duration of orgasm.

6) Frequently Asked Questions

Sperm quality and sexual opportunities

Medical fact

Sperm is not just a community of spermatozoids about to fertilize an egg. This is a special cocktail created by nature for procreation and the result of the work of the male sex glands.

Specific chemical composition and consistency provide an optimal environment for sperm survival.

It consists of the following:

Ergothioneine – the taste of raw mushrooms and is involved in sperm maturation Fructose – a sweetish taste, necessary for the nutrition of germ cells Selenium, zinc, iron – metallic taste, support survival

Thus, adding certain components can not only change the taste of sperm but also significantly affect the ability to conceive.

 In addition, with supplements to improve the

 In addition, with supplements to improve the taste of sperm, oral sex will cease to be a duty for a partner. 

A pleasant taste in combination with aphrodisiacs evokes sensuality and increases the libido of both partners.

3) How to make your sperm taste better using herbal pills?

Take Charcoal

Yes, charcoal, but not the kind that’s in your grill.

Charcoal has been used as a dietary supplement for centuries, but recently, it’s been seen as poisonous. The reason is that hospitals now use it to cure poisoning. Yes, it’s true, if you go to a poison control center, they will probably make you take a bunch of charcoal to neutralize whatever poison you consumed.

Fortunately, you can use this same technique, on a smaller scale, to make your cum taste better.

A small dose of charcoal will help neutralize any toxins in your bloodstream, as well as kill any gas-producing by-products of eating (if you eat spicy foods, take charcoal).

Take a small dose of about 200 mg a day. This will help clean up your bloodstream but won’t cause any negative side effects.

If you currently smoke, drink, or do drugs, I highly recommend charcoal, to help you speed up the detoxification, getting these toxins out, so your cum can start tasting good as soon as possible.


So, just how do you make your semen taste good?

Be healthy.

Seriously, it really is that simple. Men who are healthy, who eat a healthy diet of mostly organic foods, drink mostly purified water as their preferred beverage, and do not smoke tend to have sweeter-tasting semen.

The men I’ve spoken with over the years incorporate low-sugar fruits into their diet to sweeten their semen, while also avoiding dishes laden with garlic, onions, and other sulphuric foods. They also limit alcohol and caffeine, and they don’t smoke.

The irony is that removing refined sugar from your diet can make your cum taste sweeter. Adding in low-sugar fruits, such as apples, pears, peaches, pomegranate, and berries, can help, too; and “vegetables” such as avocados and cucumbers are actually fruits that are very healthy for you. I think these low-sugar fruits affect the semen flavor possibly because these natural foods also offer many vitamins and nutrients that assist your body’s overall health and immune system.

Citrus fruits are not recommended, however, except for lemon juice. The men I’ve talked with avoid oranges, as they each noticed that oranges and/or orange juice brought back the bitter flavor to their semen. Lemon juice is actually alkalizing on the body, so if you drink lemon water to assist digestion, there’s no reason to stop.

I don’t have any personal anecdotes on apple cider vinegar, but ACV is so great for the body, keep using it as you normally do until you’ve removed all other factors making your semen taste bad. If your cum still tastes bitter, omit ACV for a couple of weeks and see what happens to the flavor of your semen.

Watermelon and beets can also improve the tastiness of your cum while their nitric oxide content improves your arteries’ health, potentially increasing the size and duration of your erections.

From my own sexperience as an oral aficionado, I can honestly say that the best semen I have ever tasted was with an intact man who was very healthy. I could drink buckets of his cum.

So, what does cum actually taste like?

Depending on several factors, including diet, hydration, and the concentrations of each component, the taste of both male and female ejaculate can vary loads. That said, taste is largely dependent on flavor and texture. 

Generally, the texture of semen is that of a viscous fluid. In reference to its viscosity, semen can be described as anything from “slightly watery” to “creamy” to “thick”. The amount of protein present and the frequency of ejaculation demonstrate a fair amount of sway over viscosity in male ejaculate. 

According to Ken Saladin, a distinguished professor of biology and author of Anatomy & Physiology: The Unity of Form and Function, semen will be thicker if there is more protein in it or if ejaculation is less frequent. Conversely, if there is less protein present or the person ejaculating has already done so recently, it will likely be thinner. But these aren’t the only variables at play. 

The viscosity of semen is subject to change for many reasons. Alterations can occur due to food and fluid intake, as well as sexual and physical activity. Changes can even take place after certain medical procedures.  

Vasectomy, for instance, is a medical procedure performed with the goal of preventing the sperm from reaching the urethra. The urethra is the anatomical pathway the semen takes to leave the body. The result of a vasectomy is that there is little to no chance of sperm being present during ejaculation. (We say “little to no” because as far as contraception goes, vasectomy has a failure rate of 0.15%.)

According to a study on the effects of vasectomy on semen, after a person undergoes a vasectomy, their semen’s viscosity decreases. The lower the viscosity, the thinner the ejaculate. 

The study also found that undergoing vasectomy produced a slightly lower pH (making the ejaculate slightly less basic—and no, we don’t mean it gave up on Starbucks…). However, the change in the volume of ejaculate was not found to be significant. This is because, as previously mentioned, sperm only accounts for 2-5% of the total emission. With 95-98% of the volume still present, that miniscule decrease would only be noticeable to someone holding a test tube, which (probably) is not the situation in your bedroom. 

So, obviously the viscosity (and therefore the texture) of male ejaculate can fluctuate wildly. But, if we had to draw a comparison (for texture only), we’d have to say it’s along the lines of heavy cream, liquid icing, or crepe batter. Yum! Female ejaculate can have varying consistencies, as well, and is best described as a milky liquid. 


In the realm of flavor, the fructose in both male and female ejaculatory fluid can impart a very mild sweetness. This sweetness can sometimes be more pronounced depending on the concentration of fructose and, also, glucose (the other sugar present in these fluids). But this doesn’t mean all ejaculate is sweet—everybody is different, and it is totally possible (and normal) to have a saltier, muskier, or even tart taste. Remember, the amounts of sugar are not gargantuan, so any flavor imparted is going to be minimal. In other words, while the sugar may lend a pleasant taste, you won’t feel like you’ve been pelted with Skittles.  


In male ejaculate, the electrolytes—particularly sodium—can render a somewhat salty flavor. This is normal and somewhat expected. In fact, saltiness is so prevalent, it’s one of the most common flavors associated with semen. Female ejaculate, on the other hand, is less frequently represented as being salty. 


Due to the alkaline (or “basic”) nature of semen, it is not unheard of for male ejaculate to possess a bitter flavor. Interestingly, individuals with a history of vasectomy produce semen with a more muted flavor. This make sense, because in the aforementioned study on vasectomy, the pH of the semen prior to surgery was higher (more alkaline) and the pH of the post-procedure semen was lower, closer to 7. On a pH scale, 7 is the number representing “neutral”. Therefore, semen with a neutral pH tends to have a more “neutral” flavor. Female ejaculate can also sometimes have a bitter taste, though the reason for this is not as well-documented in the literature. 


Male ejaculate has occasionally been referred to as “bleachy”—that is, smelling or tasting a bit like bleach. While a chemical taste might seem alarming at first, it helps to remember that bleach actually has a pretty high pH. On the acid-base scale, it’s about a 13, meaning it’s definitely alkaline. Recall that semen is also alkaline. This is partly due to its many alkaline components (calcium, magnesium, and zinc, to name a few). That alkalinity is actually where this quirky scent and taste come from. It isn’t a bad taste, per se. Let’s just say, it can leave your mouth feeling very clean after you’ve done the dirty! 


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