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Can you set butter in an air popper?

Similar as with an oil popper: you set it on after popping. Some scorching air poppers have a small tray that you possibly can use to soften butter utilizing the nice and cozy air, then dump it on. You may‘t pop popcorn straight within the butter. There’s an excessive amount of water in butter, and proteins burn on the temperatures required to pop corn.


22. Peppermint Bark

It’s crunchy and candy with a little bit little bit of spice. In case you’re on the lookout for the right vacation deal with, that is it proper right here.

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What’s the Distinction Between Yellow and White Popcorn Kernels?

So you’re strolling down the aisle on the lookout for popcorn kernels when abruptly you see extra choices than you’d ever imagined. Probably, there are a number of white and yellow popcorn kernels. Some may be natural, others not. You may even see an heirloom combine or blue kernels, too.

White and yellow kernels are the 2 most typical popcorn kernel varieties, so let’s dive deeper into the variations between the 2.

I always had an inkling that white popcorn kernels

I at all times had an inkling that white popcorn kernels resulted in a smaller, extra delicate batch of popcorn, and as soon as I did a little bit extra analysis, I discovered that actually, it was true. Based on Peggy Woodward in her Taste of Home article:

White popcorn kernels are smaller, extra delicate kernels than their yellow counterparts. Yellow kernels are likely to pop bigger, and are sturdier. As in its title, yellow kernels are additionally barely tinted yellow, giving them a ‘buttery’ attraction.

If movie-theater-style popcorn is what you’re after, I like to recommend utilizing yellow popcorn kernels for his or her sturdiness. They’ll maintain up a little bit higher to your toppings, too, with their massive, fluffy form.

At the end of the day, when you have a popcorn cra

On the finish of the day, when you could have a popcorn craving, you possibly can select both sort of kernel and be completely set with a bowl of completely popped popcorn. Generally I even combine the 2 for added selection.

12. Thai Curry

To me, curry is without doubt one of the most scrumptious issues on the planet. I’m drawn to its distinct taste like a moth to a flame.

I by no means thought to apply it to popcorn, although. So once I stumbled upon this recipe, you possibly can think about my glee!

In case you are curry-obsessed like me, it’s best to positively give this one a strive.

What sort of oil is used for popcorn?

Select your cooking oil rigorously.

Further virgin olive, walnut or avocado oils are finest. Canola oil is the following best choice. Flax seed and wheat germ oil shouldn’t be heated, so that they don’t actually work for popping popcorn. Use palm and coconut oils sparingly due to their excessive saturated fats content material.

Do-it-yourself Popcorn Seasoning

Now that you just’ve perfected making stovetop popcorn, the choices are limitless relating to making quite a lot of do-it-yourself popcorn seasoning flavors. Listed here are a few my favorites:

🥶 Chilly Butter

In case you aren’t buttering all of your popcorn without delay, you will want to take care of cooling butter. As butter cools it should naturally begin to solidify. That might trigger some points.

In case you are having that downside, you possibly can add a small quantity of a impartial tasting oil to assist the butter to proceed flowing. While you purchase a spreadable butter on the grocery retailer, usually oil has been added to it, so it is softer when chilly. You might be making use of that very same precept right here.

I choose to make use of all of the butter up earlier than it cools or preserve it heat.

Get Seasoning To Stick To Popcorn With 3 Easy Methods

There are lots of methods that will help you pop popcorn at house, so the best way to make the seasoning persist with popcorn can be barely totally different from different varieties of popcorn.

Subsequently, I’ll divide it into three separate instances to make it simpler to visualise and apply the strategy extra rationally. However first, it’s best to see if your popcorn kernels spoil. It’s at all times higher to start out off your recipe with recent kernels, don’

1. Stovetop Popcorn

Note the two essential stages in attaching seasoni
Observe the 2 important levels in attaching seasoning to stovetop popcorn

It’s thought-about the most well-liked way to make popcorn when there’s no popcorn makers. To season the popcorn with this methodology, it’s best to keep in mind to maintain two important factors in thoughts.

Earlier than Popping

Earlier than popping the popcorn, it’s best to coat the kernels with some oil to assist them pop and create some binder on your seasoning. The best ratio is to make use of 1 tablespoon of oil for ¼ a cup of kernels to make a skinny oil coating with out getting your popcorn soggy.

Sprinkle a little bit salt rapidly to coat the filling calmly earlier than the popcorn cools down. Whereas the popcorn is popping, shake the pan gently to pop evenly and take up the oil higher.

After Popping

In case you overlook so as to add the seasonings earlier than the popcorn has completed popping, don’t worry since you nonetheless have the right remedy. Pour the popcorn right into a bowl, add a binder like oil, butter, or no matter you want, similar to Tabasco, vinegar, or honey.

To stop it from getting soggy, use a sprig mister to coat the popcorn and sprinkle a few of your favourite seasonings. Shake the popcorn properly within the bowl and make a number of extra occasions as soon as the flavors are proper. Let’s take pleasure in it.

2. Air Popped Popcorn

As talked about earlier than, air poppers may give your snack a dry texture. Nevertheless, this doesn’t imply you need to hand over on this handy methodology. Figuring out how to cleanse popcorn makers can considerably tackle the difficulty, or you possibly can take a look at the strategy under:

Utilizing Oil/ Butter

As I stated above, it’s best to use some adhesives on your popcorn to “stick” with the seasoning. Oil and butter are essentially the most viable candidates for this goal on account of their availability and lip-smacking flavors.

Oil and butter are some of the most popular ways t
Oil and butter are among the hottest methods to assist the seasoning persist with the popcorn


Step 1: Soften butter or use some oil.

Step 2: Use a sprig mister to use the oil/melted butter to your popcorn. In case you don’t have a sprig mister, you possibly can drizzle the fat onto your snack, however ensure you do it slowly and evenly to forestall the popcorn from changing into soggy.

Step 3: Use your favourite seasoning powder to sprinkle evenly on the popcorn

Step 4: Wrap your palms on each side of the bowl and shake to combine the popcorn with the seasoning.

Step 5: Proceed to coat some butter/oil over the popcorn and repeat the method of shaking and tossing the popcorn. You may repeat this course of 2-3 occasions till you’re feeling your popcorn has sufficient taste.

Right here is the best way I shake and toss my air-popped popcorn

Watch this video: How To Make The Finest Air Popped Popcorn

With out Utilizing Oil/ Fat/ Butter

Besides oil or butter, you can use other ingredien
Apart from oil or butter, you should utilize different substances to make a binder for seasoning.

Suppose you need to take pleasure in a wholesome bowl of popcorn with out oil and fats; the best way to make the seasoning persist with popcorn with out oil and butter. Very simple.

You simply want to arrange one of many following substances, similar to Tabasco, honey, water, vinegar, saltwater, lemon juice, and many others., to create a binder for seasoning.


Step 1: Put together some adhesive liquid of your preferences.

Step 2: Pour the popcorn right into a bowl and drizzle some liquid over the popcorn. Use a mist to moist over the floor of the popcorn, don’t pour a considerable amount of liquid to keep away from your popcorn getting soggy.

Step 3: Sprinkle the seasoning (powder) evenly on the popcorn.

Step 4: Shake the bowl of popcorn properly in order that the seasoning is evenly absorbed.

Step 5: Repeat the method till the seasoning is evenly absorbed.

Get tips about the best way to get the seasoning to stay to popcorn with out oil and butter. You may see this video to know extra:

Watch this video: How To Get Popcorn Seasoning To Stick To Popcorn With out Butter

Steaming The Popcorn

Sufficient steam can help moisten the popcorn, mak
Ample steam may also help moisten the popcorn, making the seasoning simple to stay.

Unusual as it could sound, steaming is a unbelievable manner to make sure that the seasoning stays in your popcorn. In case you are all the way down to experimenting with new methods to boost your popcorn, the directions under are positively made for you.


Step 1: Deliver water to a boil in a saucepan and pour your favourite kind of popcorn right into a colander.

Step 2: Place the colander containing the popcorn over the pot of boiling water.

Step 3: Coat the popcorn within the steam by stirring the popcorn within the colander.

Step 4: That is essentially the most crucial time to make the seasoning persist with the popcorn. Sprinkle the seasoning evenly over the popcorn; the steam will make the right binder for the seasoning.

Step 5: Observe that you just mustn’t steam your popcorn for greater than 30 seconds. Prolonged publicity to moisture will give your snack a soggy texture.

3. Microwave Popcorn

You can add a little seasoning before popping the
You may add a little bit seasoning earlier than popping the popcorn within the microwave.

Apart from the stovetop popcorn methodology, the microwave can also be a fast and handy method to take pleasure in nice popcorn. To make your popcorn extra evenly spiced, you possibly can apply the strategy under.

Earlier than Popping

Put together a paper bag to whip up some popcorn. To make popcorn crispy and take up the seasoning evenly, you positively can’t overlook the oil or butter. Brush a little bit oil to coat one facet of the bag evenly.

Enjoyable truth: This is without doubt one of the requisite steps to make your popcorn colorful. Butter and oil are highly effective binding brokers, permitting seasonings/meals coloring to stay to your popcorn; so at all times ensure you have some when making ready this crunchy snack.

Then, put a portion of your kernels within the bag with a few of your favourite seasonings. Fold the mouth of the bag about 2-3 occasions to seal it.

The following factor that you must do is shake the bag to evenly distribute the seasoning on the popcorn and put it within the microwave.

Observe that when inserting within the microwave, it’s best to put the oiled and buttered half going through up. After about 2-3 minutes, you could have the complete taste of buttered popcorn straight away.

Getting seasonings to stay to microwave popcorn simply with this methodology.

Watch this video: The right way to Get Seasonings to Keep on with Make Your Personal Microwave Popcorn

After Popping

If the style is to not your liking, you possibly can add extra flavors like air-popped or stovetop popcorn. Pour the popcorn right into a bowl, mist with some binder (oil, butter, Tabasco, vinegar, and many others.). Sprinkle with seasoning and shake properly.

Repeat the method till you could have the proper popcorn taste.

The right way to make Film Popcorn YELLOW!

For a very genuine Film Popcorn expertise, this recipe consists of an choice to make your popcorn yellow!

After many many batches of popcorn, I’ve settled on a mixture of imitation saffron and tumeric powder as the easiest way so as to add an genuine yellow color to the popcorn. I dissolve it in a contact of water, then swirl it round within the butter earlier than including the kernels.

Caveat: You will get yellow fingers and tongue, similar to while you take pleasure in Cheetos and Cheezels! There’s additionally the slightest hum of heat left in your tongue from the spices, barely noticeable. None of my buddies seen it – till I probed them repeatedly!!!

For fellow meals nerds taken with how I landed on this: The spices should be dissolved in a contact of water as a result of they don’t dissolve or seep into fats. This was additionally the issue with regular yellow meals colouring – it doesn’t dissolve in fats. I attempted emulsifying it by shaking in a jar with the butter, grinding with salt and sprinkling. I additionally discovered that utilizing each spices achieved the color I used to be after – tumeric alone makes the popcorn a loopy neon yellow color, whereas saffron comes out a cheddar orange color. 

Phew! Who knew I could write so much about po

Phew! Who knew I might write a lot about popcorn??!!

I’ll let you know this although. Placing apart the yellow colouring, as a result of that basically is elective, Do-it-yourself Film Popcorn is insanely addictive. It’s buttery in a manner that simply dousing with regular melted butter by no means can be. It’s calmly and evenly salted in a manner that you may’t obtain simply by utilizing regular cooking or desk salt.

And the most effective half?

IT STAYS CRISP FOR DAYS. As in – completely crispy.

Begin enthusiastic about the way you’re going to smuggle this into the cinema. As a result of actually, it’s nearly felony how costly film popcorn is to purchase!!! – Nagi x

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