How To Loosen Elastic Pants Economic

When do Pants Fit Well?

In general, you want your trousers to fit well but what exactly does that mean?

  1. They shouldn’t be too loose and baggy, nor skin tight.
  2. They must have the proper inseam length, which means neither too short nor too long. A slight break is great but not required. A big break means your pants are too long
  3. They must have the right circumference around your waist, seat, thigh, knee and ankle.
  4. You want clean lines and as few wrinkles as possible
  5. Pleats should not gap.
  6. The most difficult part of the fit of pants is the back view when you do not wear a jacket.
  7. In my experience, pants that sit on the natural waist have a more flattering fit than pants which are cut low.
  8. No matter how well a pair of pants fits, over the course of the day it will move. A belt and side-adjusters will help to keep it in place, but only a pair of suspenders can guarantee a great fit all day long.
  9. Some people like wider cut trousers, others like a trimmer cut but both can fit well. Of course, a pair or very trim pants will have to be slightly shorter as a break would just look awkward. Moreover, it is harder to achieve a perfect fit with slim trousers.
  10. Lightweight fabric trousers will wrinkle much more quickly and look like they do not fit as well as an identical pair of pants cut from heavier wool or tweed fabric that drapes and hangs well.

At the end of the day, you want to look good, and that means clean, elegant lines and as few wrinkles as possible.

Perfectly fitting suit and pants with a clean line
Perfectly fitting suit and pants with a clean line and minimal break.

Can You Wear Loose Pants if You’re Petite

Petite women tend to look great in clothes. However, finding pants that properly fit can be a challenge. Some petite women may feel worried about finding wide leg pants that fit them in a flattering way, without the pant legs being too long or too wide and visually consuming them.

However, this does not mean you can’t wear loose pants. It simply means you need to find the proper cut and style for you, or perhaps finding brands that carry petite sizes. A general recommendation for choosing loose pants for petite women is choosing a high waisted, cropped pant to create the illusion of longer legs.


How to Shrink the Waistband on Tights

If you only need to shrink the waistband on your tights, apply the following strategy:

11. Dampen and Dry

Since you only need to shrink the waistband, dampen only the waistband section. Get a clothes hanger and hang your tights loosely around it. Turn on your hairdryer and aim the heat at the waistband. Dry the area with the heat to shrink it.

Ultra Crop with a Flannel Shirt

The ultimate sporty and comfy combo is an ultra crop (or a sports bra) paired with high waisted loose pants and an oversized flannel shirt. This look is the definition of cozy and still cute.

Are snowboard pants necessary?

While it is possible to enjoy the activity without snowboard pants, it is highly recommended that you get yourself one, especially if and when it becomes a regular in your life.

Snowboard pants are designed to be efficient and effective when you are engrossed in the activity itself, so nothing else is going to really beat what they bring to the table.

Snowboard pants will provide dryness, breathability, and comfort all in one which remains unmatched with other non-snowboard pants combinations.

If nothing else, you should at least make sure your pants are waterproof, regardless if you are a beginner or a professional at the task. The key to staying comfortable when riding the snow slopes is to stay as dry as possible.

How to Stretch Spandex Material

To stretch spandex or elastane materials, there are two basic methods you can apply. However, remember that the level of stretch you’ll achieve depends a lot on the blended fabric and how much elastane it contains.

6. Heat and Pull

You can use a hot water soak in the machine or sink for around 30 minutes to soften and relax the fibres. Wring the garment and put it on while damp. This method will work if the size increase you need is not substantial. If the stretch is inadequate, try the next method.

7. Use Fabric Weights

Soak the garment in hot water to soften the material. Put the leggings flat on top of an ironing board or any clean surface. Secure one end of your leggings or tights with a fabric weight. Make sure it won’t budge even if you tug at the fabric on the other end.

If you don’t have fabric weights, you can use free weights or some other material as long as it is not sensitive to damp and won’t stain your leggings or the surface you are using. Now, pull the other end and secure it with another weight. Ensure the stretch you give it is more than what you need as spandex is designed to retain its shape.

Let the stretched-out garment dry for about an hour or more. Thicker fabrics may take longer to dry, so give it time. Once your leggings are dry, they should already be at the size you want. Henceforth, always wash in cool or room temperature water. Applying heat will lead elastane to either shrink back to its old size or to break down. Always air-dry and never put your altered leggings in the dryer.

What do snowboarders wear under their pants?

As snowboarding pants are meant to be worn in layers, it means what you wear under matters as well. The main goal is to stay warm and comfortable, so what they have to wear is known as long underwear.

They also are known as long johns, thermal underwear, and/or base layers. However, if you want to layer it with something else, just make sure they are not jeans or sweatpants. If it is going to be particularly cold, snowboarders opt for thermals and so should you.

These long underwear are recommended to be made of polypropylene or silk, even better if they are designed for snow sports.

Final Tips for Great-Fitting Pants

Don’t buy “goal” pants. Yes, you may have a goal to lose a few pounds, but there is no reason to tie up money in your closet that you can’t – and might not be able to – wear. Don’t buy these even if they are sale because chances are they will never fit.

Pleated pants can be a subtle, and even modern, wa
Pleated pants can be a subtle, and even modern, way to add interest to an outfit

Don’t be afraid of pleats. They may not be trendy at the moment, but pleats have their uses. Not only are they well suited to more formal attire such as morning wear and double-breasted suits, this feature is perfect for any man with muscular thighs or a few pounds on the hips. If you wear your jackets to the proper length as in, not the trendy short jackets that only cover half your seat, then pleats are a good option.

Cuffed blue linen pants add a touch of sophisticat
Cuffed blue linen pants add a touch of sophistication to casual fabrics such as linen

Likewise, don’t be afraid of cuffs or turn-ups. A pair of solid-colored, flat-fronted pants with no cuffs can look rather plain, especially if paired with a simple single breasted jacket or other solid materials. Cuffs add interest to otherwise simple ensembles and add a point of interest, especially with dark pants.

Inseam and waist measurements are essential to kno
Inseam and waist measurements are essential to know offhand

Know your measurements. We’ve recommended this many times before, but knowing your real measurements is always helpful with regards to obtaining great fit. It’s also easy to think you’re one size when you are in fact another. If you’re not a fan of trying on ten pairs of pants in the store, then keep your measurements handy and order online. That way you can try on the pants in the comfort of your home or better at your alterations tailor with a proper mirror so you can see how the pants fit from all sites.

Don’t take pants size at face value. Think you’re a 34″ waist? The measuring tape may read 34″, but pants labeled with 34″ waist measurements are often not a true 34″.  Menswear, like women’s wear, has become susceptible to vanity sizing, so a 34″ may measure a 35″ or even 36″ or just 33.5″. Sometimes you can even encounter size fluctuations from the same brand!

The Peacocks of Pitti Uomo favor extremely short and tight pants that won’t work for most men

Length is crucial. We can’t emphasize this enough that length is key. A properly hemmed pair of pants will balance the proportion of your entire look, and they can draw the eye to the other details of your ensemble, such as socks or shoes. Learn how to combine shoes, socks and pants here.

Oxblood Derby shoes with navy pants and Shadow Str
Oxblood Derby shoes with navy pants and Shadow Stripe Ribbed Socks Navy Blue and Red Fil d’Ecosse Cotton – Fort Belvedere

Pants fit but are still wrinkly? The fabric is the likely culprit. Fabric, in general, is growing increasingly lighter with time as preferences for lightweight, non-restrictive clothing increases.

The downside of lighter fabrics is the loss of “drape” or the ability of the fabric to hang neatly over the body. Lightweight fabrics cling to socks and underwear and don’t have enough weight to straighten themselves out again like a heavier fabric would. If a pair of pants is still unattractively clingy or wrinkly even though you know they fit well; the fabric is likely the source of the issue.

Lightweight fabrics often drape poorly and perpetu
Lightweight fabrics often drape poorly and perpetually look wrinkled

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