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A Brief History of Seasonings

Exactly when our pre-human ancestors had the first barbecue may never be known. The oldest known remains of purpose-built structures for fires date back about 400,000 years. Discoveries made in South Africa, however, suggest that early hominids were cooking meat more than a million years ago.

Now, it’s a big step from slapping meat on a fire to adding seasonings for flavor, and scientist don’t know for sure when that happened, either.

Some researchers think seasonings were discovered by accident by ancient hunter-gatherers carrying meat wrapped in leaves or bark and finding they liked the taste that was imparted. It is known that Neanderthals used herbs some 250,000 years ago: scientists have found traces of them in prehistoric plaque.

The early spice trade and the value of spices centuries ago are well documented, and I won’t spend time on that here. Suffice to say, every major civilization around the globe developed their own local seasonings, sometimes using native-grown spices and herbs, and sometimes using imported or transplanted goods.

Today, most people with access to a grocery store can avail themselves of a dizzying array of international spices that would once have been worth a king’s ransom.

4. Ask them to help you out

You were able to help them out when they needed it, now’s their chance to return the favor. If you have needed the money back for something, ask them to help you out by paying you back the debt they owe. If you’re feeling slightly more generous than usual and don’t find the money necessary, then you could even ask them for a non-monetary favour in lieu of the money as well!

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3. Edging Your Secret Weapon For Giving Better Head

Edging your man is like having a superpower. It prolongs his pleasure and makes his orgasm so much more intense when he finally ejaculates. That’s why this tip on giving head is one you can’t afford to ignore.

Here’s how to edge your man…

1. When you can tell that your man is close to finishing, stop stimulating him, so he does not orgasm. You can do this by taking him out of your mouth and stopping your blow job completely, or if he’s not so sensitive, you can slow down your blow job, so you’re stimulating him less intensely.

Either way, he should not cum!

As you reduce your stimulation, he will realize that he’s not going to cum yet and will feel like you are teasing him slightly. Perfect 🙂

2. After a few minutes of barely stimulating him, start to increase his pleasure and bring him close to orgasm a second time.

3. Stop again, and don’t let him cum yet. Reduce the amount of pleasure you’re giving him, so he misses his orgasm a second time.

4. After a few more minutes of barely stimulating him, start to increase his pleasure again and bring him close to orgasm a third time. This time let him cum.

When he does finally cum, his orgasm will feel a lot more powerful than normal because he got so close twice beforehand. This is the power of edging!

Of course, steps 1-4 are just guidelines; you can edge him 3, 4, 5, or however many times you like before you finally give him head. The key is bringing him close to climax without letting him cum a few times before you finally allow him to explode!

Note: Some readers may think that all edging does is frustrate their man. It doesn’t. It simply teases him, and this teasing leads him to have a stronger orgasm.

Just ask him how it felt after the next time you edge him if you don’t believe me, or try edging on your own when you masturbate. Discover the best masturbation techniques for women.

It works on you too! – Don’t keep edging just for your blow jobs. It also works great when he is eating you out, during sex, or even when you are masturbating alone. Yes, edging can lead to stronger orgasms during masturbation!

You can find our in-depth edging guide here.

14. Communication, Communication, Communication

Something that is often overlooked when giving goo

Something that is often overlooked when giving good head and finishing him off is that you need to talk to him. Assuming that he likes this or hates that or is indifferent to something else is a bad attitude to have. You can learn a lot from the Bad Girls Bible. However your man is the only one who can teach you how to give good head the way he likes it.

Like I said in Chapter 1 of the Blow Job Guide, great communication is vital if you want to have a great sex life. Keeping this in mind, it’s vital that you communicate your own desires to your man. If you don’t particularly like the idea of him cumming in your mouth or on your face or even on your body, then talk to him and let him know how you feel.

Find out how to make talking about sex easier in our ultimate guide to sexual communication.

While I always encourage you to experiment and try new things (as long as it’s safe and legal), if you aren’t comfortable doing something, don’t ever feel compelled to do it.

Equally, if you don’t talk to him, you’ll never discover what blow job techniques he hates and what ones he fantasizes about.

Of course, as he’s close to orgasm, he may not be able to articulate what he wants or even what feels good [10 p 124]. Just keep doing what you’re doing.

3. The payoff wrapping, resting and slicing your brisket

BBQ with Franklin: The Payoff

Finishing your brisket 

  • When your brisket has a nice bark formed and is still soft and pliable you might want to wrap it.
In this video Aaron wraps the brisket with butcher
  • In this video Aaron wraps the brisket with butcher paper. If you can’t find it in the shops you can get a roll of unwaxed butcher paper on Amazon.
  • At this point you might want to start preparing your BBQ sauce and sides
  • Once wrapped, put the brisket back on at 250°F until done. Aaron uses appearance and feel of the brisket to measure when it’s done but he has smoked thousands of briskets. We recommend using one of the leave-in thermometer reviewed here, and taking it off when it’s at an internal temperature of 195-203°F

2. Ask for an update on what they used the money For

People borrow money for a specific purpose, and they usually let you know what this is when they make the request. If, for example, money was borrowed to pay for tuition, ask them how the school is going.  This lets you ask for the money in a very passive way and can prompt them to remember their debt, it might even open up the conversation about when they might be able to pay it back.

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Apply salt and rub the night before

If you can, it’s best to trim your brisket the night before you plan on cooking it. This way you can apply the salt and rub and give it plenty of time to work its way in.

The added advantage of doing this is that everything is prepared already so you can focus on getting your smoker going nice and early.

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