How to get more stone at HQ 6?

How to Get Stone in Rust?

There are many ways you can obtain Stone in Rust, from manually harvesting to trading it. Some methods are more efficient than others.

First, let’s take a look at the most basic approach. For those starting a new game, picking up stones is the best way.

  1. Walk around the world.Search for small stones.
  2. Search for small stones.Pick up the stones.
  3. Pick up the stones.

Use these small stones to craft tools, especially Stone Pickaxes. These will help you mine stone nodes.

  1. Craft a Stone Pickaxe by combining 200 Wood and 100 Stone.Locate a stone node.
  2. Locate a stone node.Strike the nodes with your Stone Pickaxe or anothe
  3. Strike the nodes with your Stone Pickaxe or another tool if you have one.

Mining is very efficient, providing you with enough stone to build yourself a base. The better your tools, the more stone you’ll get. For example, using a jackhammer will yield 1 000 Stone within three seconds.

How to Get High External Stone Gates in Rust?

High External Stone Gates are strong entry points for your base. They work well with High External Stone Walls to protect your base from intruders.

  1. Locate the ‘’High External Stone Gate’’ option in the Level 2 workbench menu.Select it and start crafting.
  2. Select it and start crafting.
  3. After around 30 seconds, transfer it into your inventory.

These gates are tough and can withstand flamethrowers. However, they’re still vulnerable to explosives.


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    Where to get tier 1 Smithing Stones

    (Image credit: Bandai Namco)

    Tier 1 Smithing Stones are quite abundant in the West Limgrave starting area of Elden Ring and nearby places, but only if you know where to look. We’ve detailed a few good spots already but here’s a map with plenty of locations that should easily net you over 40 tier 1 Smithing Stones in total, which is enough to get three weapons reinforced to +3.

    1. West of Agheel Lake – A Smithing Stone can be found on a dead body in this part of the lake near the Stranded Graveyard
    2. Church of Elleh – You’ll find a shard on the Smithing Table next to Kale in the church.
    3. Stormhill – Three tier 1 stones can be found on a dead body lying with a bunch of knocked over chairs and other bodies. It’s east-southeast of the Stormhill Shack near a large ruin.
    4. Stormhill Graveyard – In the forest graveyard up towards Stormveil Castle, you’ll find one tier 1 Smithing Stone on a corpse.
    5. Glowing Statue – Lure a nearby Troll over to smash the glowing statue southeast of the Warmaster’s Shack. You’ll get five tier 1 Smithing Stones.
    6. Saintsbridge – You can find two tier 1 Smithing Stones from a corpse on the bridge but watch out for the Pumpkin Head.
    7. Summonwater Village – You can find one tier 1 Smithing Stone on a corpse in the graveyard on the north side of the village ruins.
    8. Artist’s Shack – There is one tier 1 Smithing Stone lying on the ground just outside the shack.
    9. Bridge near Agheel Lake – You can find one tier 1 Smithing Stone on a corpse very near the edge of the bridge.
    10. Fort Haight – There is a corpse on the battlements of the fortress with one tier 1 Smithing Stone on it.
    11. Bridge of Sacrifice – There’s a corpse hanging off the east side of the bridge that you can loot to get three tier 1 Smithing Stones
    12. Castle Morne – Three stones can be found on a corpse near a tree at the far end of the main castle courtyard. There is a Pumpkin Head very close by!
    13. Limgrave Tunnels – There are plenty of tier 1 Smithing Stones for you to collect in these mine tunnels. Search thoroughly to find as many as you can. Some are hidden behind obstacles or in small gaps that don’t look accessible but are.
    14. Highroad Cave – There are three tier 1 Smithing Stones inside this cave for you to loot. All three are found on a single corpse on a ledge high up in the main flooded chamber area.
    15. Morne Tunnel – Like the Limgrave Tunnels, this is another mine area full of tier 1 Smithing Stones.

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    Elden Ring Smithing Stone locations in the early game

    (Image credit: FromSoftware)

    For those starting out looking for Elden Ring Smithing Stones, we recommend heading straight away to an area called Limgrave Tunnels. It’s very close to the beginning of the game, Northwest of the optional boss fight dragon Agheel where the cliffs taper to a point. At the bottom you’ll see the entrance to the tunnels itself.

    Limgrave Tunnels is a mid-sized dungeon with a boss at the bottom – the Stonedigger Troll – but you don’t have to fight him for your valuable Smithing Stones. Instead, the area is full of enemies mining the walls – look for the gold outcroppings and interact with them to get the Smithing Stones you’re looking for! They’re not unlimited, but you’ll find of a decent number of tier 1 Smithing Stones, so you’ll be able to upgrade your weapon to +3 at a Smithing Table if you get enough – we’ve got you covered if you need to know how to strengthen weapons in Elden Ring too.

    The miner enemies in the tunnels also have a small chance of dropping level 1 Smithing Stones, so you can farm them to try and get a few more. Although there are plenty of other farming locations that are easily accessible out in Limgrave.

    There’s a toppled statue on the cliffs directly North of the Stormgate with a light-filled crack running down it. Aggro one of the giant trolls nearby and lure it over – if it hits the statue it’ll break, giving you five tier one Elden Ring Smithing Stones and a single tier 2 stone to boot!

    Once you’re done with that, the best place to find tier 2 Smithing Stones to get your regular armaments up to is inside Stormveil Castle itself. They’re lying around everywhere, though not especially common – we actually struggled to find tier 2 Smithing Stones more than any other kind – but once you get through Stormveil Castle you can start getting them a lot easier.

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    What is Stone used for in Minecraft?


    Silverfish are a hostile mob that can burrow into stone. Silverfish do not spawn naturally and can only come from silverfish spawners and naturally generated infested stone. Infested stone looks identical to regular stone, but when broken it will spawn a silverfish! Spawning silverfish with commands or spawn eggs on top of stone will result in the silverfish burrowing into the stone creating an infested stone block.

    An infested block is much easier to break than a regular stone, but it may be difficult to notice if you are idly mining with a pickaxe. Upon breaking an infested stone block, the silverfish may call out to other nearby silverfish in infested blocks, causing a swarm of silverfish. Mining an infested block with a silk touch tool will not result in the silverfish spawning and instead, you will get a regular stone block.

    Smelting Ingredient

    Cobblestone can be smelted into stone. If you smelt stone again it will turn into smooth stone.

    Smooth stones can be used to craft stairs, slabs, and are used in specific recipes like an armor stand.

    Crafting Ingredient

    Regular stone is used in eight different recipes. Two of them are for Redstone gadgets, the Redstone comparator, and the Redstone repeater. A comparator is made as shown below, and they are very useful for Redstone devices. They can check the states of the block they are next to.

    Redstone repeaters are made with three stones, two Redstone torches, and Redstone dust.

    You can craft input blocks like pressure plates and buttons. Stone pressure plates are made with two stones. Stone pressure plates are unique as they will only detect players and mobs that step on them rather than all entities.

    A stone button is made by placing just one stone in the crafting menu. This button will emit a Redstone pulse and does not have any special entity detecting capabilities.

    Also, the regular stone is used to craft stone bricks, slabs, and stairs. Stone bricks are made with four stones in a square, yielding four stone bricks.

    Stone slabs were made by placing three stones in a row.

    Stairs are made by arranging six stones in the crafting table.

    Finally, you can craft the job block for stonemasons and save yourself some stone with stonecutters.


    Stonecutters are useful if you do not need the full amount that each recipe can yield. A stonecutter helps cut out the crafting marathon required to make stone bricks or what stone bricks can be made into.

    Each recipe will require only one stone per use.


    Stonemasons will trade various stone blocks for emeralds and vice versa. They can be used to turn emeralds into bricks, quartz, and terracotta. They will also accept various stone blocks for emeralds making them fairly useful for turning your cobblestone empire into an emerald empire.

    How to farm Providence Stones quickly

    Have you chosen to wear your heart on your sleeve? Well then, you’re going to need a lot of Providence Stones – and you’ll need them now.


    The fastest way to farm Providence Stones in Lost Ark is to:

    1. Seek out Elite and Alpha enemies: These are denoted by the orange hue around them, so make sure you’re defeating plenty of them in order to score some Stones.
    2. Partake in sudden quests: As you scour Arkesia’s plains, you may get pulled into random quests along the way. Denoted in red, these largely ask you to kill vast numbers of enemies within a small area. Some of them may drop Providence Stones.
    3. Complete quests: Double check any quests you haven’t done yet just in case you’ll be rewarded a Stone for your efforts.
    4. Conquer dungeons: Doing certain questions within different dungeons also rewards you with Providence stones. These are:
      • Ancient Elveria (Quest: Sigmund’s Whereabouts)
      • Frostpeak Temple (Quest: Wolves at the Sanctum)
      • Gorgon’s Nest (Quest: Qualifications to Enter Balankar)
      • Maze of Mirrors (Quest: Blinding Fog)
      • Night of Walpurgis (Quest: Repair the Magic Barrier)
      • Phantom Palace (Quest: Elzowin’s Defender)
      • Realm of Elementals (Quest: Fallen Flamekeeper)
      • Vrad’s Hideout (Quest: Finding Vrad)

    So that’s how to get Providence Stones in Lost Ark! Looking to bring peace to Arkesia and etch yourself into the annals of history? Here’s all of our Lost Ark guides:

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