How to Get Google Voice Number & Account Outside the US in 2022

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How can I use Google voice app for iOS or Android

Interestingly, you can make unlimited outgoing calls through your Google voice number. Above all, you may opt Google voice apps for iOS and Android. Here is how you should do:

  • Use the Google voice app’s built in dialer and contact list on your iOS device
  • You will need to have an iOS 9.0 or later to use Google voice app
  • You can also some older versions like iOS 7 to use Google voice app

Similarly, you can take benefit from your Android device that allows you to make calls with your Google voice number. Here is the list of steps you should follow:

  • Google voice app assimilates with the phone’s native dialer from your contact
  • You can use your keypad or click the number in a different app
  • The app helps you in making international calls from your cell phone or Google voice number

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Which app should I use for Calls, SMS, Voice or Hangouts

Fortunately, you have arrived at the right place. This is because I have got you covered from this angle too. You should use Google voice app for everything. Yes, you read it correctly. You may send text messages to your loved ones and at the same time, you are free to make unlimited calls.

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How can I use Google voice as my phone service?

Reddit has become one of the most sought platforms that allow you to solve your queries in a timely manner. Interestingly, you can discover the famous community to know if you can use Google voice as your phone service or not.

As per the response of one Reddit follower, you can surely avail Google voice in the form of contact number.

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Benefits of using Google Voice number

The advantages of using Google voice number are countless. If you have a US IP VPN at your disposal, you can make unlimited texting and calls from anywhere securely and anonymously. Here is the list of various benefits that includes:

  • You can make calls even if you do not have Google voice app
  • Google voice number allows you to make free calls over Wi-Fi through Hangouts
  • You can send text messages with Google voice

This is how you can enjoy using Google voice number according to your own terms.

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Choose Your Number

After phone verification, you can choose your number.

If you either write a word or phrase to get a spec

If you either write a word or phrase to get a special number or can type in the zip code of any US city.


There was an error with your request. Please try again

Where Try to choose a phone number on the Legacy Google Voice
Reason Even if a number is no longer being used it doesn’t immediately return to the pool of available numbers until a cooling off period.
Solution Repeatly send the HTTP request of choosing number to make the number return to the pool

Account Error: could not create google voice account

Where Sign up the Google Voice account
Reason Outside the USA
Solution Use USA Proxy

This phone number can’t be used to sign up for a Google Voice number. Try verifying with another number

Where Link a phone number
Reason the phone number is not available
Solution Try another virtual phone number, e.g. textnow

Unknown error, You will need to look up another Google Voice number

Where After entering the verification code and linking the phone number successfully, refresh the webpage
Reason Unknown
Solution It doesn’t matter. Just following the Steps.

Requirement 2 Get the US Based Proxy Server

If you are from India, just try to open this in the link in your browser – Google Voice Account. I am sure when you open it, it will prompt you that  Google Voice is not available in your country.

To solve this issue, you need to use a U.S based proxy. You can either use a free VPN service that offers U.S based IP  or you can use proxy software like HotSpot hotshield and Ultrasurf.

You can download them using the below link. Don’t worry about the cost, they are FREE.

Hotshied: Download Hotshield

Ultrasurf: Download Ultra surf


Choose a Google Voice Number

Input numbers that you want,e.g. 34567,0000,6666 Select one, Format to ten digit numbers, e.g. 5134567915 Link a phone number

Link a phone number

Normally, you are not able to gain a number immediately after linking a virtual phone number.

Get the cURL Command

Open Legacy Google Voice, Press F12 or Right-Click–>Inspect Element to open the Web Developer Tools, Switch to Network tab to capture the traffic. Go to Setting–>Billing, Find the HTTP request, Copy as cURL

1 https : //

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