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  1. Guide to Get as Far Into Myrkgard as Possible
  2. Preperation
  3. Good Path to Get to Myrkgard
  4. The Stealth Part
  5. Recommended for You
  6. Video
  7. What about Manuals and Tomes?
  8. The Composite ACT Score Needed for a 36
  9. Permanent AC with no Magic Items: 23
  10. 5.Drink some tea/green tea
  11. Green tea or normal tea might be stimulant, but it helps with feelings of relaxation and calm because catechin in the tea interacts with CB1 to keep things cool
  12. 2.Light some incense or sage 
  13. How to Get Perfect Raw ACT Scores to Guarantee a 36
  14. #1: Be Consistent and Maintain Your Stamina
  15. #2: Find Your Weak Spots
  16. #3: Don’t Get Complacent
  17. #4: Prevent Careless Mistakes
  18. ‘As Soon As Possible’ Synonyms
  19. 1. “… by [date and time] because [reason]”
  20. 2. “When you have a chance [in the next day, before tomorrow, this week]”
  21. 3. “I apologize for the urgency, but could you please [do X, send me Y, complete Z] at your soonest possible convenience?”
  22. 4. “EOD”
  23. 5. “I’d be grateful if you got to this [before X and Y].”
  24. 6. “Since this is a relatively urgent ask, let’s put a hold on [X project, Y meeting, Z deliverable] until you’re finished.”
  25. 7. “Is [date and time] feasible for [reviewing the contract, arranging a meeting with Procurement, getting the agreement through Legal]?”
  26. 8. “ASAP, or by [date and time].”
  27. 9. “I normally wouldn’t ask for such a quick turnaround, but [reason for urgency]. It would be great if you could address this by [date and time].”
  28. 11. “[Timely ask]”
  29. 12. “Your quick response would be appreciated.”
  30. 13. “EOW”
  31. 14. “I’ll get you an answer shortly — by the end of the day”
  32. 15. “This is our top priority. Could you have it done by [date and time].”
  33. 16. “Would you mind prioritizing this above X and Y?”
  34. 17. “I wanted to bump this up in your inbox. Would you mind replying by [date and time]? [Reason].”

Information to Get as Far Into Myrkgard as Potential


There are some things to arrange:

  • A excessive mastery with the hatchet.
  • A excessive grasp with the ice gauntlet.
  • Campfire.
  • A number of water to tank by means of corruption.
  • In addition to a number of time.

Good Path to Get to Myrkgard

The trail to Myrkgard

This half is kind of straightforward, however earlier than you begin you want camps. Water can be good to have however, most enemies will one shot you, so it isn’t essential. One other good to have, is a hatchet with berserk and pace enhance passive. An ice gauntlet may also be good to have, as it really works nicely for distracting enemies for a success or two.

If you happen to can, keep on any kind of rock, because the AI will each not spawn there and have a more durable time following you.

You must also maintain your inn recall at some half early within the map, as the way in which again will probably be horrible.

This path might be the simplest to stand up to the nice cleave, and as much as there the one actual hazard is ghosts, so most paths work nicely.

After which you’ll want to go to Cleave’s level.

The trail to Mountain dwelling is very straightforward, with solely a few ranged and the remaining being melee.

Simply leap of the cliff, and comply with the aspect of it till the inexperienced circle, the place you’ll almost certainly desire a campfire, because the bridge won’t be the simplest a part of this. The ice gauntlet will probably be price it right here, as it could actually take not less than one hit from the archer proper earlier than the bridge, and once you’ve gotten previous it, simply keep on the cliff face, going susceptible if vital.

This half is nearly solely secure, apart from the purple half. There’s additionally a spirit shrine in case you occur to have sufficient azoth and wish to get again. Ones you have got the campfire across the inexperienced circle, you’ve gotten the whole approach.

The Stealth Half

Now, that is the troublesome a part of the journey, and in addition the half I actually by no means accomplished.

The primary path to get there’s:

Right here is the place you’ll need water, as you need to run by means of a stage 3? corrupted space. Simply stroll upp the stone to the nook of the stone wall and log spike wall, and simply leap over it. It’s a very straightforward leap.

As soon as over the wall, you’ll wish to comply with the stone wall to your proper till one other log wall which you’ll leap over with assist of the roof to your left. As soon as over you’ll have a watchtower additionally to the left.

This watchtower is the primary impediment, which you’ll have to crawl previous on the tiny ledge that surrounds it. There’s additionally a mage on the bottom to the fitting, which can, except quick sufficient kill you. So as soon as, across the watchtower simply run and roll till the home the place you’ll be secure (possibly provided that laying down?).

The subsequent half previous the home may be very straightforward, simply run to behind the barrels, wait till the second mage forgets about you then crawl to the singular barrel.

Right here would be the first troublesome leap. It’s essential stroll to the sting of the barrel and leap diagonally previous the watch tower and spam area to climb up on the walkway across the nook. If you happen to fall, you possibly can disguise behind the door and use unstuck.

Watchtowers marked in blue.

After leaping across the watchtower, simply crawl on the walkway and climb up when wanted, ranged may even see you however can’t hit you in case you are susceptible.

On the finish of the walkway you’ll need to climb up onto a stone wall ledge. These would be the most troublesome jumps so far as I do know. Observe the ledge to the left and leap across the nook, hopefully no ranged can have seen you, (Though they cant hit you when you’re susceptible, it makes it troublesome to leap) maintain following the ledge till you possibly can go as much as one other larger stage. A mage might discover you, however except they use a mine on you, they may shortly neglect and return. (Additionally lay down as shortly as doable after the leap.) As soon as up on the upper stage comply with it to the left and go all the way down to the opposite ledge a tiny bit down.

Observe this, and do one other leap across the nook. Observe this a part of the ledge till the top of it, that’s subsequent to the bridge (the help pillar instantly subsequent to it isn’t doable to stroll on.) When on the sting, leap and spam area to get onto the bridge. as soon as over to the bigger fortress wall walkway, you’re secure. (Sadly so far as I’ve tried you cannot place a campfire in anyway there, despite the fact that it’s outdoors of landmarks.)

On the finish of the walkway there’s a watchtower with a home behind it, simply leap the place the roof is the bottom and you’ll simply recover from (in any other case unstuck works nicely to get again up).

This right here is the final half I’ve gotten by means of, I managed it one time. You want the get previous t guard up the steps, and to the left of the steps is a ledge the place you possibly can each unfastened the enemies which might be following you and leap over the wall to get behind the homes. Can’t bear in mind how, however from there you possibly can simply get onto the roofs, however, I have no idea something previous this.

To get previous the guard and never get shot by ranged, the ice gauntlets ice pylon and different features are useful. In addition to berserker with the hatchet.

Good luck and have enjoyable, you’ll have a really troublesome time doing this. Took me about 60 makes an attempt to get so far as I did.

In all probability one of the best image I acquired from attempting this.

Advisable for You

What about Manuals and Tomes?

I assumed a most of 20 for every skill rating as a result of the variety of magic gadgets and different rewards is already very restrictive. This clause from the query prompted this:

Time and magic gadgets are restricted to sensible use

Gathering a bunch of Very Uncommon magical books on high of the gadgets already wanted is impractical (as is ready for them to refresh their magic). If you wish to embody them, you’ll have to change the whole construct to account for Unarmored Protection, Bladesong, and the Twin Wielder feat

  • (Barbarian OR Monk 1/Wizard 2/Ranger 7/[Bard 10/Martial Adept OR Bard 5/Fighter 3])

which supplies you these numbers earlier than tomes and manuals:

  • Everlasting AC: 32
  • Fight AC: 37
  • One-attack AC: ~60 (69 max)

Then simply add 1 to every metric for every ebook learn (as much as a most of 5 every) amongst:

  • Guide of Quickness of Motion
  • Tome of Clear Thought
  • Guide of Bodily Well being OR Tome of Understanding

This brings the theoretical most to:

  • Everlasting AC: 47
  • Fight AC: 52
  • One-attack AC: ~75 (84 max)


The Composite ACT Rating Wanted for a 36

Your composite rating on the ACT is crucial a part of your rating, because it represents your general efficiency. When individuals discuss with an ideal ACT rating, they’re speaking about an ideal 36 composite.

Nevertheless, since your composite ACT rating is calculated from the common of your 4 topic space scores—not the full—you do not want an ideal 36 on each part to get an ideal 36 composite.

For instance, say you bought the next topic space scores:

  • English: 36
  • Studying: 36
  • Math: 36
  • Science: 34

This implies your composite can be as follows:

(36 + 36 + 36 + 34) / 4 = 35.5

As a result of you possibly can solely get complete numbers—not decimals—on your composite ACT rating, this rating of 35.5 would spherical as much as one of the best ACT rating of 36.

It is a slight distinction from the SAT, for which your composite rating comes from all of the sections being totaled, not averaged. To get a perfect score on the SAT, you want an ideal rating on each part. For the ACT, you possibly can have a barely lower than excellent rating on one or two sections and nonetheless internet a 36 composite!

Everlasting AC with no Magic Gadgets: 23

  • Werebear/Werewolf/Wereboar [for natural armor]
  • Fighter 1 [for Defense Fighting Style]
  • Cleric 6 [for heavy armor proficiency and Soul of the Forge]

18: Plate Armor +2: Protect +1: Protection Combating Model +1: Soul of the Forge +1: Pure Armor (see beneath)

+1 bonus to AC whereas in bear or hybrid type (from pure armor)

5.Drink some tea/inexperienced tea

Inexperienced tea or regular tea is perhaps stimulant, nevertheless it helps with emotions of rest and calm as a result of catechin within the tea interacts with CB1 to maintain issues cool

It could appear bizarre to drink a stimulant like tea once you’re vaping/consuming a stimulant like unfastened leaf, however the fascinating factor about tea is that it’s filled with antioxidants, so whereas in a session, be sure to sip some tea together with it as nicely!

However how will tea actually assist?

Properly, tea has an antioxidant known as catechin that interacts with our CB1 receptors, bringing on emotions of rest, calm and euphoria.

It’s an incredible alternative for figuring out, particularly for these sofa potatoes who hate bodily train. Whereas the impact gained’t be as intense, it’s nonetheless respectable sufficient so that you can really feel a kick. There’s a cause why “hashish tea” is a factor, and that is the principle cause for it.

2.Gentle some incense or sage 

Free leaf heightens your sense of odor, with nice smells boosting your temper and excessive. Incense and Sage can actually change your excessive and make it enjoyable and nice.

Odor is a criminally underrated and underutilized facet of getting excessive. Why would odor have an effect on your excessive, you ask?

Properly, it’s a recognized undeniable fact that your 5 senses go on overdrive after smoking up and odor can play an enormous function in impacting your temper and general emotions, particularly when excessive.

You should be questioning, nevertheless, if there’s really any science to a heightened sense of odor on the subject of unfastened leaf or if it’s simply one other of the various myths that potheads are likely to consider in.

This isn’t a kind of eventualities, with analysis performed by French scientists suggesting that THC impacts our CB1 receptor (cannabinoid receptor kind 1) sufficient for it to intensify our sense of odor, emulating what we do once we really feel hungry, which explains, not less than partially, why we get the munchies! Fairly cool, isn’t it?

This is the reason we suggest incense: one thing like sage or an agarbatti can actually be transformative and get your blood flowing, creating a pleasant ambiance and preserving the vitality and thoughts excessive!

Truthfully although, any nice odor that you just like is more likely to do the trick, however sure varieties of smells and tastes can actually make a distinction. We’ll get to why within the subsequent level!

The way to Get Excellent Uncooked ACT Scores to Assure a 36

If you happen to’re aiming for an ideal ACT rating, the easiest way to do that is to goal for an ideal uncooked rating on each ACT part (in different phrases, goal to get each single query proper!). Right here, we go over our high suggestions that can assist you do exactly this.

#1: Be Constant and Preserve Your Stamina

Because you’re aiming for an ideal uncooked ACT rating on each part, you will need to be capable of obtain perfection throughout learning and whereas taking practice tests. That is particularly essential for creating higher test-taking stamina and effectivity.

Even in case you’re able to answering all of the questions in a bit appropriately, to get an ideal 36 on the ACT, you’ll have to be capable of work throughout the allotted time. Right here is an summary of the cut-off dates per ACT part:

ACT Part Whole Time # of Questions Time per Query
English 45 minutes 75 36 seconds
Math 60 minutes 60 60 seconds
Studying 35 minutes 40 52.5 seconds
Science 35 minutes 40 52.5 seconds

For the Math part, you get precisely one minute per query. For English, Studying, and Science, you get lower than a minute. This intense pacing is why it is so essential to goal for pace and accuracy whereas learning.

#2: Discover Your Weak Spots

Our second tip is to make use of ACT follow questions and exams to search out your weak areas—whether or not they’re trigonometry questions on the Math part or the social science excerpt on Reading.

Strive to determine the place the gaps in your data are and why you’re answering sure questions incorrectly. As soon as you understand precisely the place you battle, you possibly can goal your learning.

To get a 36, you will need to study the ideas behind the questions you battle with essentially the most, and develop techniques and methods for fixing these query sorts.

With sufficient learning, your weak hyperlinks may grow to be strengths.

#3: Do not Get Complacent

Though you’ll spend a great deal of time in your weak spots, by no means assume that you’ve a bit within the bag. For instance, even in case you’re wonderful at math and acquired a 36 in your first official follow take a look at, do not neglect the Math part once you research.

Taking follow assessments may also help you grow to be acquainted with the pacing you’ll need on take a look at day, they usually’ll additionally make it easier to spot any careless errors you are likely to make.

#4: Stop Careless Errors

Though the majority of your learning will probably be spent addressing cussed weak spots, be sure to are looking out for the place you make small errors. That might be something from skimming too quick and lacking the purpose of a query, to an arithmetic error on Math, to even effervescent in a solution incorrectly.

Need extra methods on the right way to get the utmost ACT rating? Read our detailed guide to getting a 36.

‘As Quickly As Potential’ Synonyms

1. “… by [date and time] as a result of [reason]”

Do you have got a selected deadline by which this activity must be completed? Use that as an alternative. If the opposite particular person has an actual time, they’ll prioritize their different work accordingly. Plus, you’ll appear much less pushy since you have got a transparent reasoning on your due date.

2. “When you have got an opportunity [in the next day, before tomorrow, this week]”

Saying “when you have got an opportunity” provides the opposite particular person a bit of respiration room, so that you don’t come throughout as demanding. Nevertheless, the deadline ensures they’ll nonetheless end your request on time.

3. “I apologize for the urgency, however may you please [do X, send me Y, complete Z] at your soonest doable comfort?”

This politely worded query communicates the identical stage of urgency as “ASAP” however in a much more thoughtful approach.

4. “EOD”

All however essentially the most urgent requests can usually wait eight hours. “EOD” reveals you’d just like the request fulfilled quickly, however you’re not asking the opposite particular person to drop all the things to sort out it.

5. “I’d be grateful in case you acquired to this [before X and Y].”

Present the opposite particular person the place this request falls when it comes to significance on their to-do listing.

6. “Since this can be a comparatively pressing ask, let’s put a maintain on [X project, Y meeting, Z deliverable] till you’re completed.”

Once you’re speaking to a direct report, use this line. It helps them keep on high of their workload and reveals you’re not arbitrarily assigning them work.

7. “Is [date and time] possible for [reviewing the contract, arranging a meeting with Procurement, getting the agreement through Legal]?”

Wish to guarantee your prospect doesn’t drag their ft an excessive amount of? Decide a deadline that’s sooner than your optimum one. For instance, in order for you them to signal the dotted line within the subsequent 4 weeks, you’d select a day two weeks away.

In case your prospect says, “I want extra time,” reply, “Okay, wouldn’t it be possible so that you can ship me any preliminary feedback by that date?”

Your request appears extra cheap since you’ve “modified” it to go well with their timeline. In follow, you’ve really gotten them to commit to creating progress earlier than your very best deadline.

And in case your prospect says, “Certain, we are able to try this”? The deal is now closing even earlier than you’d hoped for.

8. “ASAP, or by [date and time].”

“As quickly as doable” is fairly obscure, so in case you should use it, add a date and time to point out how essential your ask is. As an illustration, you may write, “Please submit your specs ASAP, or by Thursday at 4 p.m.”

9. “I usually wouldn’t ask for such a fast turnaround, however [reason for urgency]. It might be nice in case you may handle this by [date and time].”

Giving a proof for the tight deadline proves you perceive it is perhaps inconvenient for the opposite particular person. Somewhat empathy will go a great distance.

11. “[Timely ask]”

Wish to actually get somebody’s consideration? Add “[timely ask]” to the top of your e-mail topic line. Not solely will it stand out of their inbox, however they’ll be curious to know what’s so urgent.

Simply be sure the matter really is well timed — and never only for you, however for them too. If you happen to’re attempting to get them to purchase within the subsequent six hours so that you make quota, speeding them to the end line will make you look pushy and will backfire.

12. “Your fast response can be appreciated.”

Once you’re attempting to get a swift reply, do that line. It could actually come throughout as passive-agressive, nevertheless, so I’d use it sparingly.

13. “EOW”

If you happen to use “EOW” to explain your required supply date, be sure to add that it means by “Finish of Week” so there is not any confusion over the acronym.

14. “I am going to get you a solution shortly — by the top of the day”

If you happen to do inform your prospect you will get them a response “shortly” that is one other occasion when it is essential so as to add a timeframe to clarify what “shortly” means to you.

15. “That is our high precedence. Might you have got it completed by [date and time].”

Prospects aren’t thoughts readers. If you happen to want them to prioritize a activity, merely ask. Be prepared to barter — in spite of everything, they are not essentially sure or accountable to your timeline, however more often than not they will work with you.

16. “Would you thoughts prioritizing this above X and Y?”

Once more, when acceptable, do not be afraid to ask your prospect to prioritize one activity over one other throughout your deal.

17. “I wished to bump this up in your inbox. Would you thoughts replying by [date and time]? [Reason].”

Typically, the rationale a prospect hasn’t gotten you a solution or returned a deliverable is as a result of they’ve merely forgotten. Politely remind them and embody a cause for this activity’s well timed completion.

Subsequent time pace is of the essence, strive these alternate options to “ASAP” to keep away from annoying your recipient.


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