How to Fix "Couldn't refresh feed" on Instagram

1. Network Connectivity

The most possible reason for this error is caused by network disconnection. Therefore, on seeing the error, the first thing you should do is to check your network connection.

Check whether your Wi-Fi/mobile network is connected. Even if there is network connected, the Instagram error still could happen if the network signal is weak. So open a page in the browser, if the page loads slowly, it indicates a weak network signal. Therefore you might use Instagram later when the network signal is strong or switch between cellular data and Wi-Fi data to see if the other one works better.

Mobile data amount limitation: if you tend to enco Instagram official help center also gives two possible explanations for this loading difficulty error.

  • Mobile data amount limitation: if you tend to encounter with the problem at the end of each month, the feed error is probably caused by your mobile carrier limiting your mobile data after a certain amount of data usage in a month. Contact your mobile carrier for the problem.
  • Overloaded mobile network connection: you may come across the error when many people try to use a mobile network simultaneously, such as in a concert or baseball game.



159 Comments Jeannette I can’t refresh on instagram to a different photo or any thing cause it keeps saying can’t refresh Roger Mounger Yes the same problem,hope you found a solution.. danielle lauletta I can’t refresh anything on Instagram Warren blackhall I am having problem with my instagram it can’t refresh anyone know how to fix it I can’t send message or see any picture Mohd_Sohail_1200_ Couldn’t reference feed Adetokun John I want to collect my instagram back Anabelkatie70 My Instagram state unable to refresh field Linda taylor Same thing is happening to me too I can’t even get on my own Instagram page to change or do anytjing its been like that for two weeks or longer I’m very frustrated emelda same problem here… it has been like that for 2 days. Did you find a solution to it because it would be great if it can help me too. Alan O Leary Same with me its just completely blank with my profile picture only visible. Mr_____rana____302 My Instagram couldn’t refresh feed error Cherelle Curran Yeah that what mean keeps doing that Mahima rai I can’t refresh anything Wathena Rhone Help Uc Same here jessie bolton Same reason here Bob Crocco I am having the same problem…search does not load and IGTV does not load anything! Yemi Mine isn’t showing anything. Unless I start using wifi tinya same with me everything is black but all of my other pages are working just fine Kian Yes same as me Ryann The same thing is happening to me so please let me know how you fixed yours nafeesha everything works for me except for the feed, the feed doesn’t gets updated. whenever i refresh the stories gets updated but the posts remains the same Anu I’m having the same problem! Did you find a way out if it? Jenn I’m having the same issue! Anyone have any luck on fixing this? Lol Oussama Me too and idk whyy or how to fix this Diptesh Did yours fixed? B The exact same problem I even logged in on a PC it shows the exact same post on my phone so it’s definitely Instagram. It’s been this way since Friday night Chhinder_13_7 Couldn’t refresh feed Angie Mine has been doing the same thing for 2 days. Very Frustrating! Ed Rogerson I’m having the same problem. Did you manage to solve this? Anonymous Yes me too. Stories & else working as well but the feeds doesn’t showing up new posts from others. I’ve cleared everythings, reinstall plus tried on another phone but still happen the same thing. Please anyone got solution do tell me. Sammi Same here!! Any solutions? Whi Same problem. Were u able to fix it? badri mam now is it working or not? jae did you ever find out what happened? mine is doing the same thing right now. Jill Torrey Me too!! Just started happening today … stories get refreshed but posts don’t . I don’t get an error message, it just doesn’t happen!! 🙁 Jorge Carlos Puerto Where you able to find a solution? I’m experiencing the same issues you have. RAJNIKANTH Same bro please help ? Dalia I’m having the same problem as well I did everything it’s not working the feed cant be refreshed Fiona Did you get the problem fixed? I am having same problem – is it a coincidence that it’s been on the same day ? Benjamin Harrod Instagram – couldn’t refresh feed error. I have two instagram accounts, one works perfectly while the other keeps giving me “couldn’t refresh feed error.” I have eliminated three of the potential causes for the error; A) I have a strong internet connection B) I am using the latest version of instagram C) A technical glitch beyond my understanding – I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app and have had no success in rectifying the issue. **ANSWER** The real cause behind the problem is you have incurred a penalty which has lead to your account having a restricted service and level of access. The only way to fix the problem is to wait until your accounts restrictions have been lifted and you are given full access again. **NOTE** I would avoid engaging in any activities that could further restrict your account and incur a penalty. Vioelta Hello, I am having the same problem. Since three weeks ago I get te error “Couldn’t refresh feed”, and I don’t see anything, neither my photos nor other people’s photos. Finally how did you solve your problem? Thank you! Garvit Did you get nay solutions? Khushboo Yes same problem Jd Same here, you have been banned… that’s the problem. Suchandra Chatterjee Instragram couldn’t refresh feed please solved the issue .. i tried all the things but problem not solved tinya ohhh thank you so much ?? tinya how long does it usually take? Mendes187 What penalty are you talking about? My name doesnt matter Omg THANK YOU. I knew it wasnt anything to do with my internet access. How long does this last?? Alan O Leary Maybe thats what happened mine but i genuinely cant think of anything ive done or said, how long doea it usually take to get up and going again ? Laurie The same issue is happening to me…my feed won’t refresh but my stories are. It’s been happening for two days now…very frustrating. Had anyone found a solution? I’ve done everything that online help sites suggest. JD Our feed is doing the same from two different phones. We saw the same post at the top all day yesterday, and have a new one as of this morning, but hasn’t changed in 3 hours. Kriss K For 6 days my home page has had the same post. It’s the same on my phone and my laptop which leaves me unable to do much more…I deleted the app and reloaded it but didn’t fix it. Jackie Hi Kriss, any luck fixing? Mines doing the same, ugh! Shayooj I have also the same issue that you are facing and I don’t know what to do This is the 6th day I’m facing this problem. anyone please reply for this Can’t see new feeds stories but I can see the lives Ernest Holton I’m In The Same Boat As You Guys I Can’t Reset Period Instagram Needs To Solve A Solution Cause This Is Driving Me Crazy Yash Did you solve the issue… plz reply Dms Did ANYONE’S feed begin working again yet?? CA I have the exact same issue. Tried all the tricks. Posted a bug to Instagram. Any ideas how we get their attention? Daniele Same problem for two days. Did you manage to solve this??? Nicola hardeman Unable to refresh feed. If I uninstall will I lose my pictures?? Bob I just started having this same issue, did anyone find a fix? Karen My feed won’t refresh but my stories are Karen I have tried all of the suggested fixes but my feed will not refresh but my stories are. Nothing seems to fix this issue. Angelo Change your email, it worked for me and add me angelogq Alexandra This happened to me and nothing fixed it. I followed a reply on here and changed my email – INSTANT fix. Try it if it happens to you. Linda taylor I have not tried changing my email yet but I am getting ready to try that after I figure out where to go and how to change it thank you for your input Ayn Can you please tell where to go to change your email? – I’ve tried to go on my profile, and I can’t see nothing, it’s all black. Ted why is everything about a damn phone! Instagram won’t update or load more than 10 pictures on COMPUTER and ther is no help! Akku I can’t refresh my Instagram and I can’t see any new post and stories It’s been 9days I’m seeing the same post in the front of the screen I don’t know what to do Once I had change my email,on that day itself the problem had came And yesterday I made a new email and connect it Will it be okay? Georgia swanson My account says “couldn’t refresh feed”, it also says that on any other account I can still access IGTV but I can’t see my posts. When I switch to a different account I can see everything perfectly. Hayley Mine is the same how did you fix it please Sreejith My instagram story not available Report in two days ago Jamilwelham Hello my Instagram was working fine this morning then a hour or so later I go on it’s I keeps saying “couldn’t refresh feed”.. I’ve tried logging out, restarting my phone, re downloading it & checked WiFi/ internet connection and nothing is working.. my account name is “jamilwelham” Insta Followers There might be an issue on Instagram’s servers. Just wait for a while, it may be fixed. Violeta Hello, I have the same problem, since 3 weeks ago I get the same error, and I don’t see anything, neither my photos, nor others photos. I try all the possible solutions you give in the post, but it didn’t work. I try to contact to Instagram, but it’s impossible. I don’t know what else to do 🙁 Lyndah miriza My instagram can’t refresh because my account was compromised X_tilish_kiraak_ Me too!! Just started happening today … stories get refreshed but posts don’t . I don’t get an error message, it just doesn’t happen!! ? betsy c on 3 different devices, the account won’t refresh; I’ve reinstalled, tested the WIFI etc and nothing is working Brittany I can’t refresh ANYTHING but my internet connection is fine. I have the feeling I was reported by losers. I don’t know how to help it. Pok Man Yau Hello, my Instagram account name is jackyyy0523. I can’t refresh my feed and I have reported my problem to Instagram for millions of times but still receive no replies…. Please help me with this. I have no idea what’s going on with it oscar if i really cant refresh due to the internet problem, then i wont read this article lolll Abhishek Kangra My account is not working because of the couldn’t refresh feed problem what will i do to use my account properly Insta Followers Hi there. Have you tried the ways to fix the problem in the article and didn’t work out? Neeraj kanyal When i am opening my Instagram account then i can’t se anything it always shows that couldn’t refresh feed yeet yeah and as soon as I switch accounts it works fine todd kern after i post a photo and refresh the photo is gone from my feed and the only way i see it is in my profile.. but everyone else can see it but me, i am sure some might think its cute but i hate it.. and i hate your all cough up bs. you might want to add a check make for that to for someone us hate that and i do thing its becouase of that this is going on.. its when you do that stupid thing.. i might have to change my time of posting.. you have a night app and i am sorry but to many click and you get lost in the what ever… please fix that stuff.. its making me crazy Insta Followers Hi, now Instagram has the option to view the older visuals in the feed in a different way. To see the older posts after you refreshed the page, you must tap on ‘view older pests’ under the tick that says ‘you’re all caught up.’ Akhil My saved collections getting could not refresh problem I kneed my collection back please bhelp Textinguk My post count says I have 39 post but I have only 36 in total which is showing in my page. But in the insight, the 3 post which is not shown is slightly visible. But when I tap it, it says “couldnt refresh feed” please I need a solution to it Ayush sidam The could nt refresh feed problem Anil Sorry Mohd_Sohail_1200_ Couldn’t reference feed I can’t refresh anything on Instagram Ankit I am getting the error ” could not refresh feed” on my food page. My other page is working properly. Its been more than 2 days. i have submitted report to help desk as well. Could you please help me as i have tried everything. Thanks Stepfanie Bowling I have 2 accounts one works but the other says couldn’t refresh feed uninstalled and reinstalled twice still nothing nitishrajput_singh Yes the problem same me… Nehemiah Rosa I couldn’t refresh feed on Instagram when was on mobile. Applied the methods you have shown me and it worked! ibukun Pls which method did u apply John Nothing works for me not feed, stories, dms, my activity, and my account all broke all dont work. This happened to my last 2 accounts and still hasnt been fixed on either. I reported the issue never got response I did all the steps here nothing happened. I’m lost I’m the doctor 420 My Instagram problem Refresh could feed Matt See my insta says It couldn’t refresh feed on everything but then I made another acct an it works fine so like did my acct get banned or sum? Hitesh Mishra One more important reason: your phone storage is full. Make free space and try again, it will be done. Your Welcome. Sureshdangi32 Super Eric Im not blocked why cant i see my new feeds Tony Green (a.r. green) I cannot access my instagram acct. Feed is blank, as is my story, and everything else. Can you help me with this? SA Hie my Instagram is not working I am able to log into my account but it keeps showing couldn’t refresh feed if anyone knows the solution kindly please let me know Tyb_daniel187 This has been going on for about 3 or 4 weeks for me mr Samir official 244 My account couldn’t refresh feed Anil Adhikari My Instagram couldn’t refresh feed Gandhi_fzr Couldn’t refresh feed ___gada__number dad__Ji__ Hello prabhu Prabhu My old I’d use problem so problem solving my id open please Pashaie___h I can’t login to Instagram and couldn’t refresh feed Maria Franco I can’t refresch on Instagram. Please help me.It keep saying can’t refresch. Chirag Same Problem My name doesnt matter I have 3 instagram accounts, but only one of them is having this issue. Its been like this for 2 days so at this point its not about internet connection. What is instagram doing with our accounts??? Dennis Hello, Our guess is that your account is not updated. If you have set the auto update option, it may not get updated due to an issue on Instagram servers. Fatima alajmi i want to return back my account (zhoorz) someone stoled it???? Dennis Hello, you can check out our article ‘How to Recover a Hacked Instagram Account’ article for further information. Dewayne How do I fix my Instagram account. Couldn’t refresh Dennis Hello, have you tried all the possible solutions in the article? Khushboo Couldn’t refresh feed Gabs You gotta go to setting , security then access data and you will have a msg saying you broke guidelines and will have to click okay . Cynthia Thank you! This was it. An instant fix.. Rolls That’s exactly what I did and it worked for me. Thanks a mil 🙏🙏 Amanda OMG THANK YOU this fully worked thank you thank you thank you 🙂 Ayn Yalut I’ve tried that. And this popped up. And that was the App. 👉🏿 Confirm Your Info on the App Confirm your information using the Instagram app to try to get back to your account. stephanie faria Same here doeant refresh nothing Joris I cant refresh anything and its been like this for a week. Has anyone had this and did it get fixed? Paul Richmond I am dyslexic and my Instagram can’t be refreshed I tried unstalling it and reloading but no chance I really need easy help Dennis Hello, are you sure that the problem is not caused by the errors mentioned in the article? Koena Jackson I cant get access on my Instagram cz it keeps on saying couldn’t refresh the feed.I cant even see posts or download pics Vinod kumar gurjar Instagram could not refresh feed prafull_bansode25 Why I’m seeing this Couldn’t refresh feed. Why? Please help me 🙏🙏🙏 Dennis Hello, we have listed the reasons and solutions to this ‘Couldn’t Refresh Feed on Instagram’ error. Please take a look at the solutions that are mentioned in the article. William Frangipanne I cant go on Instagram I dont have alot of time but when I do I like to see what people are up to now my account says couldn’t refresh feed can we please fix it I tried Uninstaller and reinstalling reset my phone and internet Dennis Hello, we’re sorry that you couldn’t refresh your feed on Instagram. Have you tried deleting the cookies and updating the app? Bree Same happen to me but it didn’t work . I think i got banned from foul words 🤣 Regina Richard I can’t refresh on my Instagram,am not seeing post or my pictures Dennis Hi, have you tried the solutions shown in the article? Sana.Shaik Couldn’t Refresh feed is coming in my activity and if we put any story then app is coming back to home plzz give a solution…… Dennis Hi, it looks like you are having an error. Please try to uninstall and reinstall the Instagram app. If it doesn’t work, try refreshing the feed on different devices. da_r3d_evil I tried everything, still it shows couldn’t refresh feed. If we violet any privacy policy does it happen? I can’t even check what i posted on story, please let me know if anyone knows solution Mandy Jane Can u help me Dennis Hello, how can we help? Mike Go to Instagram settings,click on it, scroll to security,click on access data,i believe your page will be restored.Same happened to me,i did that and it was restored Amanda OMG GUYS THIS IS THE SOLUTION – I found this comment a fair way down and tried it and it 100% works, I got my account working again… You gotta go to setting , security then access data and you will have a msg saying you broke guidelines and will have to click okay . Then when you go back to profile, it will be fixed 🙂 lucky telu i followed your steps but atlast response code failure showing what to do madam plzz help me! Berit I also have tried everything, but can not refresh my feed, it has lasted for almost a week now. Charlotte I can’t just refresh my instagram anymore and Im feed up Ruby Why does my Instagram keeps saying couldn’t “refresh feed” Pauline Poladian Instargram is not refreshing the feed ii_____.akash._____ii My instagram account is couldn’t feed refresh Sampath I can’t refreshing anything? Couldn’t refresh Feed.on instagram tsholofelo segwapa my instagram does not want to show anything including my own pictures and videos i want to know what is happening Dennis If it’s no error, is it possible that you are banned? __Sk__sowmiya__sk__ Cound’t Refresh on Instagram I’d why closed.. Raviteja No coldnot refresh feed


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