How To Fix A Shrunken Shirt With Hair Conditioner

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  • Dave Spencer

Jun 6, 2016

    Dave Spencer Jun 6, 2016

    “Soaked a denim shirt in boiling water within the sink, let it soak for 10 minutes and transferred it after wringing into tumbler. Labored properly.” …” extra

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How you can tighten a unfastened shirt with out stitching Machine

Lay the shirt flat, face aspect up, and use a ruler to measure the width throughout the again.

Now take the quantity that you really want your shirt to be smaller by (in inches) and divide that quantity by 2.

From right here reduce the entrance of the shirt at that distance from the place it curves upward on both aspect of your chest.

Reducing the entrance of the shirt at this level offers you two items which might be basically triangle formed when flattened out-

Lastly, lay these two items along with proper sides dealing with one another and sew a seam that connects them collectively alongside each curved sides then sew straight throughout the highest fringe of the triangle.

How you can make a shirt tighter with out reducing

If you happen to simply need to make your shirt tighter with out reducing, some choices are to put on a sweater over the shirt or placed on (or put on) a vest.


In case your shirt is large, it may be lightened to present you a extra tailor-made look by including stitches. It’s a easy repair that may make your garments wearable once more.

Fold the shirt in half length-wise, after which lay the center on high of the half the place it’s too massive.

Wherever there’s extra cloth, pinch the material collectively and sew over it.

Do that all alongside the perimeters and sleeves of the shirt, after which reduce off any extra cloth for a good hem at each ends of every sleeve.

How you can Repair Shrunken Shirt

Methodology 1: Use Conditioner or Child Shampoo

Step 1

Moist your shirt totally.

You can sop it in a bowl of water or sink. Use coo

You possibly can sop it in a bowl of water or sink. Use cool water and make sure that each a part of the shirt that wants stretching is soaked.

Once more, do not forget that you shouldn’t use sizzling or heat water as a result of it impacts the garment construction.

Step 2

Pour one-fourth cup of any hair conditioner within the water. If you happen to wouldn’t have this product round, you should utilize child shampoo.

Use a comb or stick to mix it up. Make sure the co

Use a comb or stick to combine it up. Be sure the conditioner totally dissolves into the water. The conditioner will soften the fibers in your shirt and make them stretch.

Step 3

Use each your fingers to push down the shirt to the underside of the combination within the bowl. Depart it there for about 20 minutes.

Step 4

Drain the water from the bowl into the sink and fill it once more with cool water.

Squeeze out the conditioned water from the shirt gently after which soak it within the bowl for just a few extra minutes.

After this, remove the water from the shirt by squ

After this, take away the water from the shirt by squeezing it flippantly. Repeat this step two or thrice to get all of the conditioner out of the shirt.

Step 5

Step 5

After squeezing the water out of the shirt, unfold it on a plain floor.

Step 6

Step 6

Use each your fingers to mildly stretch the shirt from its neckline, making your approach all the way down to the perimeters.

Repeat this course of on the sleeves. Do that till the shirt is again to its regular measurement.

Step 7

Step 7

Lay the shirt flat and let it dry.

This methodology works finest for cotton shirts.

Methodology 2: Stretch Your Shirt with Fingers

Step 1

Wash your shirt utilizing the washer or your fingers. Rinse it and squeeze out the additional water, however don’t wring the material.

As a substitute, simply press on the shirt. That approach, you don’t intervene with the form of the garment.

Step 2

Place your shirt on a flat floor. Unfold the shirt fully and make sure that there aren’t any folds or wrinkles on it.

Step 3

Pull onto every nook of your shirt. Stretch the shirt, beginning with every sleeve, barely pulling by an inch or two. Stretch alongside the collar of the shirt and the highest line of it.

Lastly, pull each side.

Step 4

Step 4

Depart the shirt exterior beneath a shade to dry.

Methodology 3: Stretch with Warmth

Step 1

Moist your shirt by dipping it in cool water. Ensure that all corners are moist. You don’t need to soak it.

Step 2

Step 2

Squeeze out any extra water and unfold it on a flat floor for ironing. Ensure that your iron’s temperature is on medium-low.

Slowly go over your shirt whereas exerting slight strain. With the shirt in a single hand and the iron within the different, begin pulling and urgent out the shirt with the iron.

Make sure that you go over the shirt in all instructions.

Step 3

Step 3

Depart it exterior to dry on a flat floor.

Methodology 4: Use a Fabric Hanger

Step 1

This methodology is nice for stretching polyester shirts, which could be a bit tough.

Soak your shrunken polyester shirt in conditioned water.

Take away the shirt from the water and squeeze to take away extra water.

Step 2

Tug on the shirt to take away the creases and folds.

Step 3

Grasp it on a hanger to air dry.

Method 5: Stretch with Some Weight

Methodology 5: Stretch with Some Weight

Step 1

To unshrink a shirt, unfold it on a flat floor when dry and apply some free weights to govern its measurement. On the perimeters of the shirt, you may place one thing heavy like books, baggage of rice, or simply free weights.

The objects need to be heavy to maintain the shirt stretched out. If you wish to stretch out the arms, you should utilize huge bottles filled with water – simply place them within the sleeves.

Step 2

Step 2

Depart the shirt in that state for about half-hour to an hour. The weights will stretch out the fiber and make the change extra everlasting.When you have used both of the strategies talked about above (1 to 4), you can too use this one as a result of it enhances them.

For instance, stretching with warmth might not return the shirt to its unique full measurement. In that case, use the weights to stretch it even additional.

Stop Shirt From Stretching Out Once more

When the material stretches out, it’s finest to maintain the issue earlier than your shirt turns into unwearable. Listed below are just a few fast ideas for stopping this from occurring once more:

  • Flip off your dryer whenever you swap materials to get blended and stretch out in numerous instructions.
  • Take away garments from the dryer instantly, and grasp them as much as air dry. Hanging helps the fibers regain their pure form earlier than they’re folded or put away in a drawer.
  • Don’t overload the washer. Test pockets for tissues, cash, or different objects which may trigger it to interrupt down sooner than regular.
  • Use chilly water after washing as a substitute of sizzling or heat water, which might trigger shrinking that may result in extra stretching out over time.  If you happen to’re involved about smudging colours whereas ironing, use steam with warning as a result of an excessive amount of warmth may also trigger shrinkage over time if completed improperly.
  • Keep away from utilizing bleach because it accommodates harsh chemical compounds that will weaken fibers; go for vinegar or oxygenated detergent as a substitute (they’re equally as efficient).
  • When deciding on your subsequent shirt, go for a fabric comparable to cotton with pure elasticity.

Can You Unshrink Garments?


Think about this: you’ve simply completed doing all of your laundry. You’re pulling your garments out of the dryer and gearing as much as fold them whenever you maintain considered one of them up. Possibly it’s a pair of pants, or maybe it’s a brand new shirt.

Regardless of the case, you uncover that in its time within the dryer, the garment is a few sizes smaller than it was whenever you put it in. Now what? Garments are costly. The very last thing you need to do is toss it and have to purchase one other. What’s the choice?

Are you able to repurpose it or give it to somebody? Possibly you could possibly unshrink it. Are you able to even unshrink your garments? Earlier than you toss the garment within the trash or give it away, understand that sure, you may unshrink garments.

To Wrap Up

Use the above strategies to repair the shrunken shirts. They’re very efficient.

Do not forget that the material additionally performs an enormous function in stopping shrinkage. Shirts made out of cotton and wool are essentially the most delicate. By no means use sizzling water with them.

Bonus tip: the best approach of methods to stretch out a shirt is to make use of weights – they will make the shirt stretch again to the unique measurement with out making use of an excessive amount of pressure.

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