How to Fix a Jeans Zipper That Won't Stay Zipped Up


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Step 3: Add the New Slider

Take the working slider and carefully feed the top of the zipper tape through the bottom of the slider. Push the slider down until you get to the zipper teeth.

Remember that hook that’s supposed to hold the slider up? It won’t let the zipper slider come down onto the zipper teeth unless you lift the pull tab up! So make sure you raise the pull tab, and move the zipper slider down onto the zipper teeth.

Step 1: Take a Replacement Slider From an Old Pair of Jeans

Get an old pair of jeans that you don’t want anymore. (Be sure that it has a zipper slider that works properly!)

Cut through both sides of the zipper tape, and pull the slider right off.

Semi-Permanent Fix

For a stuck zipper, you have to grease the teeth. For a slippery zipper, do just the opposite. Use hairspray (cheap Aquanet will do!) to coat the top teeth of the zipper. Apply only to the top inch or so of teeth. The goal here is to gum up the works so that the teeth have more bulk to them and the zipper has trouble going down.

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