How to Fix a Jeans Zipper That Won't Stay Zipped Up


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Step 3: Add the New Slider

Take the working slider and thoroughly feed the highest of the zipper tape by means of the underside of the slider. Push the slider down till you get to the zipper tooth.

Keep in mind that hook that is supposed to carry the slider up? It will not let the zipper slider come down onto the zipper tooth until you elevate the pull tab up! So ensure you elevate the pull tab, and transfer the zipper slider down onto the zipper tooth.

Step 1: Take a Alternative Slider From an Outdated Pair of Denims

Get an outdated pair of denims that you do not need anymore. (Make sure that it has a zipper slider that works correctly!)

Lower by means of either side of the zipper tape, and pull the slider proper off.

Semi-Everlasting Repair

For a stuck zipper, it’s important to grease the tooth. For a slippery zipper, just do the other. Use hairspray (low cost Aquanet will do!) to coat the highest tooth of the zipper. Apply solely to the highest inch or so of tooth. The purpose right here is to gum up the works in order that the tooth have extra bulk to them and the zipper has bother taking place.

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