How to Defog Your Windshield in No Time This Winter

New Scuba Mask

After buying a new scuba mask you want to wash it before using it.

If you haven’t bought one yet, here’s What To Look For When Buying A Mask.

All new masks have a layer, protecting the lens, which you want to remove before going diving.

If not removed, this layer will make it nearly impossible to see through the mask while scuba diving, because of fog.

To rinse off this protective layer you need to use regular toothpaste. Rinse it thoroughly using an old toothbrush and a toothpaste amount filling the head of the brush.

Brush each lens 2-3 times for at least a minute on each lens, only applying a small amount of pressure. Afterwards rinse with water and the mask should now be ready to use.

An old toothbrush filled with toothpaste does the
An old toothbrush filled with toothpaste does the trick for new scuba masks – Credit: Public Domain


Why is my windscreen wet inside?

Condensation happens when there’s a difference between the temperature and moisture levels inside and outside the car. When this warm moisture meets the cold windscreen it changes from invisible vapour into water, which stick to the inside of your glass and can impede your vision.


Your next step will be to take some toothpaste (not the gel kind) and with your finger dab some on both sides of the inside of the lenses.  Rub the black from the burning around with the toothpaste thoroughly and then let it sit to dry.  I usually wait an hour or two before I rinse it out; however, if you don't have the time, just go ahead and rinse it right away; there's a good chance it will still work.

What do foggy windows mean?

Foggy windows are a pain in my opinion. If the window is double-paned, it means that the seal between the layers of glass isn’t working properly. That could cause problems beyond just having a clouded view.

Defog car windows in summer

If this first tip doesn’t work and your windows are having trouble defogging, apply the hot, dry air from the car heating system directly onto your windscreen. Select the icon button that represents a window and three arrows pointing towards it. If your car doesn’t have this defogging button, turn on your heating and it should gradually defog the windshield and car window.

It will take longer to defog the windshield if the heat is not positioned directly toward the window.

For more, read how to clean your car windshield better.

Different ways to defog your mask before every dive

1. Au Naturale

We call this very special form of defogging your scuba mask "Au Naturale" because our own body generates it all naturally in the form of saliva.  That's right – spit!  This method of defogging your scuba mask is perfect because you do not need to buy any special concoction and it is safe for the environment.  Although initially you may feel embarassed to spit into your mask, with practice, you can defog your mask using your own saliva in a discreet and effective manner.  Very important!  I found this method to work best when you spit into your mask when it is completely dry.  If you take off your mask in the water and then spit into it, I found that it is very likely to become foggy during the dive.  Remember – dry mask, spit, rub, rinse with water, put on your mask, and DIVE!

2. Commercial Defog

This is the type of defog you can buy at any scuba shop.  There are a million different types, but they are basically all the same.  If you would like to go this route, I recommend making sure it is safe for the reef and environmentally friendly.  Usually scuba divers will put this inside their scuba mask, swish it around with their finger and then rinse and go!  Divers tend to have a favourite brand and swear by it. 

3. Baby Shampoo or dishwashing soap

This is a very economical choice in the world of defogging your scuba mask.  Many dive boats will carry an empty plastic water bottle container with a hole in the top and fill it about a quarter full of baby shampoo and the rest water.  Even just a little bit of soapy water will be enough to defog your mask.  Always remember to completely rinse your mask otherwise the residue soap will sting your eyes underwater – even the baby shampoo will cause some tears if you use too much!

How to defog car window

Finally, remember that your engine should be at a temperature of about 90 degrees for your windscreen to defog properly and quickly. If your car has air conditioning, defogging the windscreen of the vehicle will be much easier.

In addition, in order to avoiding window fogging, we recommend always keeping your windows clean with a car window cleaner. Additionally, you can buy some anti-fog products at your local motor store which are made specifically to prevent window fogging.

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Defog Your Car Windows With Cat Litter 

It’s super weird, but it’s true! And it makes sense if you think about it: Just as the litter absorbs moisture in your cat’s litter box, so too will it suck up extra moisture in your car, preventing fog from ever forming on your windows. But before you scatter a bunch of litter all over your dashboard (can you say “cleaning nightmare“?) — follow this simple but important tip: Take one of those old socks that lost its mate long ago but that you’ve been saving in the hopes that the other sock would magically reappear (it’s not coming back, face it) and fill it with a cup or two of cat litter. (Make sure there aren’t any holes in the sock, or you’re going to be facing that aforementioned cleaning nightmare!) Tie the top of the sock closed and place the “litter sachet,” if you will, on your dashboard. Voila! Buh-bye, poor visibility!

How to Stop Your Car Windows from Fogging Up in Winter

There are several ways to prevent the windows of your car from fogging up:

  • Regularly clean your windows. Moisture derived from the previous bout of mist, as well as dirt particles on the glass, make it a lot easier for condensation to form during the right conditions. This is why it's important to clean the outside and inside of your car's windows using car-specific products and a lint-free rag, and let the windows dry properly afterward.
  • Use an anti-fog treatment. That's usually the best answer to "how to stop car windows from fogging up in winter." These types of products coat the vehicle's windshield and windows with a thin, transparent film that prevents moisture from sticking to them. There are several anti-fog windshield products available, so you will just have to find the brand you prefer. If you don't have any anti-fog products around and need something available and cheap, you can try using shaving cream. Spread it over the window, making sure to not touch any other surfaces in your car, wipe it away with a towel. Test it out with a cup of hot water, the steam should roll right off.
  • Remote start. If you're lucky enough to have a remote start system in your vehicle, you can use it to turn your vehicle on and activate the AC heating before even entering it. This will dry up the air within the cabin and mitigate any potential condensation from occurring once entering the vehicle.

How to Defog Your Windows When It’s Hot

While less problematic for auto glass than cold wi

While less problematic for auto glass than cold winters, summer’s hot air and humidity may also fog up your windows. Unlike in the winter, summer fogging will occur on the outside of the glass, where the season’s warm, moist air condenses on AC-chilled windows. You can use your windshield wipers to clear fog on the outside of the windshield as an immediate, temporary measure to restore visibility. However, the key to preventing the fog is to allow the windows to remain warm. Redirect your car’s vents away from the glass, don’t use the defrost setting, and consider turning up the interior temperature slightly.

Pro Tip: Keep Your Windshield Clean

You can take a few steps to reduce fogging and mak

You can take a few steps to reduce fogging and make it easier to defog a window if it appears. First, keep your windows clean—especially the inside of the glass. Even a slight haze from dirt can affect visibility in certain conditions. When you combine that dirt with fog, things can get dangerous.

Plus, a dirty window is more likely to fog up than a clean window. The tiny dirt particles are ideal areas for water to begin to condense, causing fog to occur more quickly and more often than it would on a very clean window. Regularly using window cleaner can help prevent fog from forming in the first place.

There are also specialized automotive anti-fog treatments, like Rain-X, that you can use on your windows. In combination with a clean window, these materials work well to stop fogging by reducing your windows’ surface tension and dispersing the fog’s micro water droplets into a thin water film that is much more transparent. Most products come in a liquid form, which you apply to a clean, dry window and polish to an invisible film.

Anti-Fog Products

Don’t have heat but need to clear your foggy car windows fast? There are a few options when it comes to defogging car windows without heat.

Window Anti-Fog Treatment: If you don’t want to worry about fog or frost on your windshield or windows, try a window anti-fog treatment ($11.94, Amazon). Coating all the surfaces you want to keep fog- and frost-free will take a little bit of elbow grease, but it’ll save you a few precious extra minutes every morning. 

Shaving Cream Anti-Fog Treatment: A cheaper anti-fog window treatment option is good old-fashioned shaving cream. Cleaning your windows with shaving cream creates a thin layer that keeps the glass from fogging. Neat, huh?

Silica Gel Dehumidifier: Similar to kitty litter, silica gel dehumidifiers remove excess moisture. You can purchase a silica gel dehumidifier ($8.49, Amazon) for less than $10, but if you’ve been saving the small silica packets that come in shoe boxes and cured meats packages, you can just use those and don’t need to spend a dime!

Defog – Effect

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