How To Defog Windshield In Summer, Winter & Rain

Things To Do To Prevent From Fogging Up Windshield

Most measures that car owners take are oriented to getting rid of the fog that has already occurred on the car windshield.

However, during extreme conditions like when you are driving during a heavy downpour or during the winter, the car windshield gets fogged up fast and this continues even after you wipe it off.

Getting out of the car to wipe the outside part of the windshield or even opening the car windows is not advisable as the weather outside is not that friendly.

This is why there are ways you can prevent your car windshield from getting fogged up.

  1. Making Use of the AC System: This method is one way you can keep your car windshield free from fogging and you would not be affected by the outside conditions. This works by setting the inside of the car temperature to match that of the outside. This means that during the winter, the conditions in your car will not be too humid which results to the formation of moisture which then condenses on the inside of car windshields.
  2. Windex: This is one generic cleaner that would be ideal to keep your car windshield from being fogged up. This is an effective method but if you are not careful when wiping it, you might leave ugly streaks on the glass. A good substitute of a generic cleaner that you can opt for is going for a dedicated glass cleaner such as Rain-X. This particular one is a specifically designed to prevent fogging on the car windshield while ensuring no significant residue is left behind. Unlike Windex, it does not damage car windshields by causing ugly and unattractive streaks on its surface.


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How to Stop Your Car Windows from Fogging Up in Winter

There are several ways to prevent the windows of your car from fogging up:

  • Regularly clean your windows. Moisture derived from the previous bout of mist, as well as dirt particles on the glass, make it a lot easier for condensation to form during the right conditions. This is why it's important to clean the outside and inside of your car's windows using car-specific products and a lint-free rag, and let the windows dry properly afterward.
  • Use an anti-fog treatment. That's usually the best answer to "how to stop car windows from fogging up in winter." These types of products coat the vehicle's windshield and windows with a thin, transparent film that prevents moisture from sticking to them. There are several anti-fog windshield products available, so you will just have to find the brand you prefer. If you don't have any anti-fog products around and need something available and cheap, you can try using shaving cream. Spread it over the window, making sure to not touch any other surfaces in your car, wipe it away with a towel. Test it out with a cup of hot water, the steam should roll right off.
  • Remote start. If you're lucky enough to have a remote start system in your vehicle, you can use it to turn your vehicle on and activate the AC heating before even entering it. This will dry up the air within the cabin and mitigate any potential condensation from occurring once entering the vehicle.

Dealing With Foggy Windshield Inside And Outside Of Your Vehicle

Foggy car windows and windshield will be something you have to deal with as a car owner. This is whether it is more cold outside than in the car, or it is warmer outside than in your car.

You need to make sure that your windshield is free from fogging and hence clear enough when you are driving.

The last thing any driver want is to have their vision of the road they are driving on impaired by either too much fog or dirt particles.

Wipers might help but they would not be effective for cleaning the inner surface of the windshield.

The following is a detailed discussion about how to deal with a foggy windshield during different scenarios.

The steps here basically try to balance the temperature on the inside and outside so that both of them match.

1. If It’s Colder Outside Than Inside Your Car

During a cold weather, such as the winter, you may want to turn the heat up using the AC. This leads to fog forming on the windshield on the inside.

You can defog your windshield effectively and fast enough through:

  • Turn the heat to the point of maximum setting, simply because hotter air holds more moisture.
  • Turn the AC on, this pulls away the moisture from the air as it passes above the coils.
  • Switch off the recirculation button which will let in cooler and air with less moisture in the car.
  • Open your windows a little bit so that the humid air escapes and dryer air enters.
  • Otherwise, if your car has a defrosting button, you can hit it. This will blow warm air across the surface of the windshield on the inside and evaporate moisture that forms on its surface and impairs the vision through it.

2. If It’s Warmer Outside Than Inside Your Car

For this particular situation, the fogging would occur on the outer surface of the windshield.

The windshield wipers would not be able to clear this and at sometimes you are not in a position to walk out of the car wand wipe the surface of the windshield with a cloth.

Unlike when it was colder outside the car, here you will need to make the inside warmer:

  • Switch on the windshield wipers and let them work before you are able to achieve a balance in the inside and outside temperature.
  • Turn down the car AC so that it is at its lowest setting and let the temperature rise while it is comfortable to be in the car.
  • Switch off the car’s recirculation option which will ensure that the temperature and moisture levels between the inside and outside of the car is able to achieve a balanced level.

Defog car windows without ac

To defog your car windows we suggest letting air circulate freely inside your vehicle. This is an effective way to defog your windshield, but it is not necessarily the quickest. We recommend lowering your car windows and in a few minutes you’ll notice your car windows clear up.

DIY anti fog winshield

Rubbing the windshield glass with your hands can help remove condensation but only momentarily, so it’s not the best way to defog your car.

We recommend soaking your windscreen with a mixture of soap and water before starting to circulate. After passing a dry cloth over the windshield, remove the soapy solution well. This DIY trick will help avoid your car from fogging up too quickly.

Do you use hot or cold air to defog a car windshield?

You should only use hot air to help evaporate the moisture from near your windshield, but this is a temporary fix. To prevent fog, use cool air to lower the temperature on the inside of the car glass.

To defrost outside windshield

1. Set the fan speed to the highest   position.

1. Set the fan speed to the highest position.

2. Set the temperature to the extreme hot (HI) position.

3. Press the defroster button (4. The air-conditioning will turn on   according t).

4. The air-conditioning will turn on according to the detected ambient temperature and outside (fresh) air position will be selected automatically.

If the 
position is selected, lower fan speed is adjusted to higher fan speed.

How to Defog My Car Windshield in Winter?

If you don’t want the inside of your car to turn into a scene from the Titanic, it’s important to follow these steps in order to defog your windows successfully:

Step 1

The fog in the winter will usually form on the inside of the car and windows. Here I would recommend switching on your heating to the highest setting. 

Step 2

Turn the AC on as well. The hot air in the car holds moisture, and the air con can pull that moisture from the air and pass it over the evaporating coils.

Step 3

Once again, I’ll advise you to turn the recirculation button off, and this will allow for dry air to enter inside the cabin. 

Step 4

If you want to aid cold airflow inside the cabin so you can exchange humid air for dry air, the quickest way to do that is to open a couple of windows slightly. You only have to do this for a few minutes. 

Another way of doing this if you don’t want to open up the windows is using the defroster feature (if your car has one). Turn it on and wait for the hot air to evaporate the moisture from your window. Once again, the recirculation needs to be switched off! If you leave this function switched on, the heat inside your car or the air con will reuse the air on the inside instead of pulling dry air from the outside. 

How to Defog Windshield?

To defog the windshield when outside is cold, you need to:

  • Turn the heat on to the maximum speed (1 minute)
  • Then turn on the air condition (1 minute)
  • Turn off the recirculation button (30 seconds)
  • Crack the windows and let fresh cold air into the car.

The temperature and moisture content of the air is to blame for foggy windows. Condensation occurs when moist air inside your car hits air below the dew point, a specific temperature. Your car’s windows appear foggy because of condensation. After your AC system has cooled the muggy air outside your car, it reaches the dew point on your windshield on a hot, humid day.

Anytime you can’t see clearly in all directions, whether the fog is inside or outside your windows, it’s potentially dangerous. Knowing how to keep your windows clear in any weather is therefore crucial.

When it’s cold outside, and you turn on your car’s heater, fog usually forms on the inside of the windows. Some options for defogging windows include:

For a quick fix: First, turn up the heat to its highest setting, as hot air can hold more moisture. Then turn on the air conditioner, which will remove moisture from the air as it passes over the cooling coils. As a final step, turn off the recirculation button so colder, dryer air enters the vehicle. To help exchange humid interior air with dryer exterior air, crack your windows for a few minutes.

Car manual recommends turning on the defroster and blowing warm air across the windshield to evaporate the moisture. Then, shut off the recirculation feature on your vehicle’s ventilation system. Then, instead of continuously drawing air from the outside, your car’s heating or cooling system recycles the air already inside the vehicle.

You want your car to continuously draw air from the outside, which is drier, rather than recycling humid air from the inside during cold weather. (Unsure if your vehicle has recirculation? Ask your mechanic. If you can see an arrow going around the dashboard, you’ve found it. A car icon may be featured on occasion.)

How do I get rid of a foggy windshield without AC?

For drivers in vehicles without AC, the two best options to get rid of a foggy windshield are shaving cream and Rain-X.


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