How To Cut Baseboard Corners Without Miter Saw Tips & Guide

How one can Minimize Baseboard Inside-Exterior Corners with Miter Noticed

First, you have to be conscious of the forms of joints {that a} baseboard has.

Scarf joint 

Scarf joint 

That is the longitudinal joint that’s made by uniting two tapered ends.

Miter joint

It’s a junction that may be intersected by two beveled components at 45 levels to kind a right-angled nook.

Butt joint

It’s stated to be one of many easiest joints, you solely have to unite the 2 ends of the workpiece.

Coped joint

This can be a particular joint one finish is reduce and trimmed uniformly to suit on the primary finish whereas the opposite finish is a butt joint.

Earlier than the method of slicing begins, establish the forms of instruments you require: measuring tape, security glasses, mud masks, pencil, and clamp.


Coped Corners – Complicated Molding and Tight Joints

In case your baseboard profile is advanced, slicing tight miter joints in a miter field could also be an issue. Chances are you’ll have to resort to a course of known as coping to make tight joints with advanced trim profiles.

Coping is a technique of becoming joints collectively utilizing a again reduce that follows the trim’s profile. On inside corners, reduce one piece of the trim to suit flush with the wall. The second piece is miter reduce to size. The sting is coped or cutaway following the sting profile utilizing a coping noticed. Coping sounds sophisticated, however a couple of steps can have you ever making coped joints like a professional.

Step 1: The Instruments You Want

To make good, coped joints, you will have a couple of instruments.

  • A miter field
  • A backsaw
  • A coping noticed
  • A tape measure or carpenters rule
  • A pencil or scribe
  • A spherical file

Step 2: Measure the Area for the Baseboard

If you’re filling in between two partitions with two inside corners, reduce the baseboard’s size to the width between the partitions. Don’t reduce the size to suit between the 2 items of baseboard already put in.

Step 3: Minimize the Miters on the Ends of the Trim

Utilizing your miter field and backsaw, make the miter cuts on every finish of your baseboard materials. You’ll want to reduce to the right aspect of your marks and that the miters are moving into the best course.

Step 4: Coping the Miter

Coping is the difficult half and should take some apply. We advise that you just make some trial coping cuts on scrap trim earlier than making an attempt the true factor.

Use your coping noticed to comply with the profile of the trim alongside the sting. Go sluggish and work rigorously at this level. There are some suggestions you must bear in mind to make this course of simpler

  • Relaxation the coping noticed blade in your thumbnail to make the primary cuts.
  • Make reduction cuts at any tight corners or angles
  • Watch out when slicing sharp or uncovered suggestions or factors to keep away from breaking
  • Preserve the coping noticed angled backward at a 30-degree angle
  • It’s higher to depart a little bit of wooden on the edge than to chop into the profile. You may all the time sand any extra away for a decent match.

Step 5: Modify and Clear the Coped Minimize

No coped reduce is ideal. A little bit of sandpaper and your spherical file are the instruments for adjusting and perfecting your coped joint. Work rigorously and take a look at the match of your trim usually.

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How To Minimize Baseboard Corners With Jigsaw

In case you don’t have the luxury of a miter saw, however you do have the favored jigsaw, you should use that software to chop your baseboards.

For exact cuts, your noticed ought to have at least 10 blade teeth, and 15 could be even higher. Additionally, you will want a tape measure, a pencil, and a pace sq..

To make a straight miter reduce with a jigsaw comply with these steps:

1. Measure the baseboard from the top to the slicing level, and mark the slicing level. Use the pace sq. to find out the slicing line and hint it.

2. As you choose up the jigsaw, the blade ought to begin on the waste aspect of the slicing line. Place the shoe flat on the baseboard.

The baseboard needs to be securely clamped with sufficient distance from the ground or the workbench to maintain the jigsaw from making contact with both.

3. Let the jigsaw attain full pace earlier than you slowly information it alongside the reduce line. In case you choose, you should use the pace sq. to information the shoe as an alternative.

How one can Minimize Baseboard Corners

There are a couple of completely different cuts wanted when putting in baseboards. Listed here are the steps to coping and mitering the ends.

STEP 1: Match inside corners with a coped joint

First, use the miter noticed to chop a 45-degree angle on the top of the trim board. Utilizing the sting of a pencil, rub the profile alongside the place the primer meets wooden uncovered by the reduce. This may go away a darkish line alongside which you’ll want to chop to manage the joint.

Then, clamp the piece of molding to a worktable. Use the coping saw to chop alongside the darkish line that marks the profile. You’ll want to maintain the noticed at an angle with a purpose to backcut the noticed, eradicating the fabric behind the joint to make sure a comfortable match.

Lastly, Take a look at match the joint and alter the form and contour of the coped board. Use a rasp, file, or sandpaper to wonderful tune the profile. A pointy utility knife can be useful, particularly for backcutting the joint and shaving small bits of wooden for a tighter match.

STEP 2: Match outdoors corners with a mitered joint

Whereas a coped joint is advisable for inside corners, a mitered joint is suitable for outdoor corners. For a clear mitered nook, it’s a good suggestion to chop your baseboard about 1/16–inch longer than vital. Doing so ensures a decent match by enabling you to “spring” the subsequent board into place.

Whenever you’re putting in baseboard—or any trim, for that matter—anticipate to do some re-cutting. Trial and error is all a part of the sport. When doubtful, it’s all the time higher to chop a board too lengthy than too brief and trim it for those who should.


How To Minimize Coped Joints

Now we’ll focus on how we will reduce the coped joints. The tactic is kind of troublesome in comparison with a straight miter however can nonetheless be a greater match for the reduce.

A plinth(Baseboard) serves as a half-corner, which inserts flat in opposition to the wall, with out bevel, and the jigsaw is the proper software for this reduce.

Under are the steps to chop a coped joint

  1. To start with, it’s essential reduce the plinth lengthwise. It could be higher to make use of a bevel reduce in order that it exposes the grain finish of the plinth. On this manner, the jigsaw has extra working gear.
  2. After that, it’s essential make a again reduce utilizing the jigsaw, subsequent to the ornamental plinth curve.
  3. Then be sure that the workpiece is securely fixed to a bench.
  4. Make a 45-degree curved angle with the jigsaw towards the again of the baseboard alongside its floor.
  5. Use sandpaper to complete or file the baseboard. Be sure that the opposite nook can be appropriate. Be sure that the socket on the again reduce matches the face of the opposite aspect of your baseboard.
  6. Now take some assist of nails and glue to connect and safe the baseboard.
  7. Lastly, add paint and caulk round any slight gaps or joints if vital.

Step 4 Making Exterior Nook Cuts

Preserve the miter noticed on the identical settings. Use your pencil to mark the again of your baseboard. Proceed slicing by means of the baseboard with the miter noticed, utilizing the identical care as in step 3. Minimize the board in order that the entrance aspect will likely be longer than the again aspect.

The third step is by slicing the surface joint. 

  • Minimize, measure and put in place and form the baseboard round your room.
  • Set the primary baseboard piece to increase over the surface nook.
  • Mark appropriately in place the place it should come into contact with the opposite piece of the surface nook of modeling and putting the sq. and mix them in opposition to the wall and floor.
  • Use a miter box or energy miter noticed to trim the baseboard at 45 levels.
  • Observe the above steps to mark and assemble the second piece.
  • Take a look at for becoming earlier than you begin the nailing course of.
  • Put some glue earlier than you be a part of the 2 baseboard items earlier than you do ending.
  • Nail your piece boards.
  • It’s advisable to make use of 1.5-inch brads whereas closing the corners.
  • It’s additionally recommendable to smoothen out the sides with applicable measures like wooden file for security.

For all gaps and holes in baseboards, use wooden glue to fill in addition to a wooden filler. Permit it to fully dry earlier than the surplus is sanded off. Use caulk alongside the baseboards to fill the cracks of the baseboards and the partitions.

How toStraight andMiter Minimize

Observe the steps to make a miter reduce utilizing on a baseboard or crown molding utilizing a jigsaw: 

  1. Use a tape measure to measure the baseboard from one finish to the slicing level. Mark the reduce level utilizing a pencil. Use a pace sq. to mark the slicing line.
  2. Decide up the jigsaw (with the best blade hooked up), and place it so the blade is on the waste aspect of your slicing line. The shoe needs to be resting flat on the baseboard. Make sure that the baseboard is secured, however with sufficient leeway for the blade off the bench or the ground.
  3. Flip the change on and let the jigsaw attain full pace. Slowly ease it onto the baseboard. Information the blade till you finalize the reduce. Optionally, you’ll be able to information the shoe with a pace sq.. 

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Security suggestions

  1. Each work you’ll have to do require a security hand gloves. Be sure you put it on to guard your arms from accidents associated to work.
  2. Don’t neglect your protecting ear-phone. It protects your ears from noise.
  3. Security boots are additionally related, to guard your foot from getting wounded by clips or nails.
  4. Nostril masks can be essential to guard you from inhaling dusts into your lungs. This mud might trigger one downside or the opposite to your physique system.

Step 2 Measuring Your Partitions

Use your measuring tape to find out the lengths of your partitions. You’ll want to measure from one nook to the subsequent. Discover the studs in partitions which might be longer than your baseboards. You’ll safe your board to the closest stud.

How To Minimize Baseboard Corners With out Miter Noticed – Observe These 7 Easy Steps

If you’re unaware of slicing the baseboard corners with out the miter noticed, comply with these seven steps information, and you’ll do this appropriately.

There isn’t a doubt that the artwork behind the baseboards’ crowning requires some correct and exact slicing on specified angles.

Nevertheless, everyone knows that the miter noticed is probably the most affordable possibility, however for those who wouldn’t have the miter then what?

Not having a miter noticed doesn’t imply that you just can not reduce or mildew baseboards’ corners.

Its a information of curiosity that the opposite strategies are cheaper than slicing a baseboard with a miter noticed.

So I’ve gathered a really inexpensive and simple manner for you individuals to chop the baseboard with no miter noticed.

Under are the steps to Minimize Baseboard Corners with out Miter Noticed

* Stuff that you just want for this are 

  1. Glue
  2. Screwdriver
  3. Screws for wooden.
  4. Woodcutter’s sq.
  5. An adjustable bevel.
  6. 1×4 and 1×6 lumber.

Collect them earlier than begin making use of the steps.

⦁ Minimize the 1×4 and 1×6 lumber into two 12-inches items. Ideally use the straight wooden.

⦁ Now apply the glue in line with the size on the corners. Now maintain it flat on the desk. 1×6 lumber needs to be positioned upright in opposition to the sting.

⦁ Utilizing a screwdriver, be a part of the 1 × 6 and 1 × 4 lumber collectively utilizing the half-inch screws. On the finish of this step, you’ll get an open 4-inch field.

⦁ To mark the sides of either side of the field, measure the angle at 45 levels with a bevel.

⦁ Then draw a perpendicular line on the surface of the field with a Carpenter’s sq., ranging from the angular line’s to the decrease finish of the makeshift field.

⦁ Signal the hand noticed in line with the angular marks on the field and reduce from high to backside throughout the edges, putting the noticed perpendicular to the field’s touchlines.

⦁ To chop corners, place the baseboard in opposition to them and use the marks on the baseboard to find out the field grooves. The hand noticed have to be contained in the groove to chop the corners of the plinth. Nevertheless, for those who discover this course of troublesome, you should use a tabbed field as a substitute.


Putting in baseboards in your house is a average strategy to a tidier home. The method of slicing baseboard corners is kind of easy for DIYers, however the slicing job will be daunting with no miter noticed.

Nevertheless, if in case you have any alternative just like the hand noticed, common noticed, or jigsaw, you’ll be able to nonetheless make exact cuts.

We’ve got identified a couple of procedures you should use to hold out this job and reduce items of molds, whether or not fundamental molding joints or exact angle cuts with out the miter noticed


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