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Personal and ad-free email address

E-mail @ This will be your new email address with us

Used to send you a recovery email if you have lost your password. It can be, for example, the email you use at work.

Note: Passwords must be at least 6 and max. 15 characters, at least one capital letter and at least one number.

Before creating your email account, please read and accept our Terms of Use. Before creating your email account, please read and accept our Terms of Use.


3. Yandex Mail

Yandex is a russian internet products and services provider (think of it as a russian Google), email being on of those services. It offers a well designed user interface and good security. When it comes to storage, Yandex mail offers 10 GB for free.

Register at Yandex Mail here


What We Like
  • Encrypts email automatically.

  • Send encrypted emails to non-users.

  • Several domain options for new accounts.

  • Requires a strong email password.

What We Don’t Like Includes only 1 GB of storage space. Some features require a paid account.

Tutanota (Latin for "tuta nota," meaning "secure message") is similar to ProtonMail in that it automatically encrypts your emails. However, you can disable end-to-end encryption if you'd like.

One thing that stands out is that you can't create your account until you make a secure password. Some places urge you to make your password stronger but still accept it: Tutanota requiresit.

The web interface is straightforward and provides menu transitions that bring together the mail folders and email settings. When sending messages to non-users, you can make them password protected or keep them unencrypted. If a password is designated, the recipient gets a custom link to open the message; they must enter the password to read and reply.

The best feature is that when the user responds to an email not using Tutanota, the messages are still contained within the temporary account. You can have back and forth communication with any other email service, and the recipient can keep the link open the entire time.

Even though it isn't as well known as Gmail or Yahoo, Tutanota lets you have an email signature, use up to 1 GB of storage, and automatically add emailed recipients as new contacts. Premium features can be had for a cost.

You can make an account with any of these domains: tutanota.com, , tutamail.com, tuta.io, .

Download For:

iOS Android

AOL Mail

What We Like
  • A calendar and to-do list are easily accessible from the email page.

  • Selection of themes to choose from.

  • Can check spelling before sending every email.

What We Don’t Like It's easy to accidentally open the news section instead of your email. Lots of ads. Some features require a paid AOL Desktop Gold subscription.

AOL Mail is another free email account option. The main page includes top stories from AOL.com, which can be viewed as a pleasant addition or seem cluttered, depending on your preferences.

Like most email providers, you can filter your messages to only show unread or read emails or flagged or unflagged messages. With AOL Mail, you can block mail senders and set up filters.

Your AOL.com account comes with a calendar and to-do list that are accessible from the inbox. However, some features, such as a chat room, require a paid AOL Desktop Gold subscription.

The IMAP and POP server settings no longer appear in the AOL settings, but if you need them to use your email with other clients, you can get them here: AOL IMAP settings and AOL POP settings.

AOL Mail isn’t the same thing as the now-discontinued AOL Instant Messenger (AIM). The former is an email service, and the latter was an instant messaging service.

An AOL email address gives you an email like example@aol.com, but you can also receive mail if someone messages example@aim.com.

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iOS Android

How to do it properly

Now, how can a joint email account work? It’s simple: with a shared inbox tool. Basically, through a shared inbox, you can share emails that matter, turn them into tasks to be done, and assign people to take care of it. In fact, do you know that according to an article published on Harvard Business Review, assigning tasks and delegating can increase companies’ earnings?

A shared inbox is more than that. Here some of its benefits:

Shared inboxes are safer: every team member has its own email account and password, it is hard to be hacked;

Allows transparency: by sharing certain communication onto team boards, you’ll be promoting transparency and providing context to why things are getting done;

Are collaboration-friendly: you can share tasks or even comment on someone’s else work while not creating a thread. This creates a sense of participation that engages teams and makes work much more efficient;

Allows delegation: you can assign tasks and it helps team members to know who’s responsible for answering some emails;

Have better visualization: it doesn’t mix personal emails with team emails, so only you decide what you share with the others.

Do you see it? Shared inboxes are the way joint email accounts should go. It’s collaboration at its finest, and it truly means that you’ll be working side by side with your team. Forget working individually!

Drag App

Drag App is a Gmail extension and the perfect email management solution for your company. It makes everything possible when it comes to track, organize, record, and truly manage your mailbox. A great option for small and medium businesses, Drag allows you to have a kanban board, just like Trello, in your Gmail inbox.

Everything works seamlessly together so you can have a clear understanding of the process. CRM, Helpdesk, shared inbox, folder system, and email management: everything straight from your Gmail collaborative inbox!


You have plenty of options when it comes to registering an email without phone verification. The best thing is, it's not just some shady unknown email providers, but quite the contrary. For best security, we would choose protonmail.

Another option we would use is temporary emails – in case you just need a throwaway email that works for 10 minutes, this is the best way to go.


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