How To Create And Upload Your First Torrent


  • Avoid using torrents to upload copyrighted or illegal content. Doing so can get your IP address blacklisted by your torrenting service, or—in extreme cases—your address may be reported to authorities.[4]

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6. The Bottom Bar and Left-hand Menu

6.1 The bottom bar

The bottom menu bar was added in ruTorrent 3.0. It shows the total upload/download speed information along with any limitations. This information can be used to set or adjust the server’s throttle level. If you have “Plugin Disk space” installed, the bottom menu also shows the remaining space.

Hint: As best ruTorrent practice, keep 5% of free space to prevent your torrent client from freezing. Should you ever see a warning as shown below, please remove some space by deleting unnecessary torrents.

6.2 Left-side menu

The left side menu is designed to provide quick info about loaded torrents.

A quick summary of all the elements within the left-side menu.

  • “All” – Sum of total loaded torrents
  • “Downloading” – Total torrents that are currently downloading
  • “Completed” – Total torrents that have been completed.
  • “Active” – Sum of torrents that are currently downloading/uploading.
  • “Inactive” – Status of torrents that are currently stopped.
  • “Error” – If for example there are torrents with no seeders, it will be marked as an error.
  • “Labels” – We can label our torrents with a different name, hence to that, labels will be shown here.
  • “Search” – The results from our most recent search will be displayed here.
  • “Trackers” – Displays currently loaded trackers.
  • “Feeds” – If our RSS feed is set up, feeds will be displayed here as well.



No centralised resource allocation in BitTorrent e

No centralised resource allocation in BitTorrent exists. Instead, every peer maximises their download rate.

A peer will download from whoever they can. To decide who to upload to, they will use a variant of the “tit-for-tat” algorithm.

The tit-for-tat strategy comes from game theory. The essence is:

“Do onto others as they do onto you”

  1. On the first move, cooperate
  2. On each succeeding move do what your opponent did the previous move
  3. Be prepared to forgive after carrying out just one act of retaliation

4.Managing ruTorrent

4.1 Logging In

  • Open your ‘Welcome’ email that contains all credentials for your product.
  • Locate the URL of your ruTorrent client. It will be in the format like this: https://111.222.333.444/rutorrent/

Navigate to this link and you will be prompted for credentials (see screenshot below).

One of the first things to notice is the menu bar on the top of the GUI. In the next section, we will explain step by step what is the purpose of every button.

So let’s start explaining what every button does! (Refer to the red labels)

  1. “Log off” current user.
  2. “Globe”: This button is for adding torrents
  3. The “Star” button will allows you to create new torrents.
  4. The “Delete” button. To delete single or multiple torrents.
  5. The Start” button role is to start downloading/uploading torrent/torrents.
  6. The “Pause” button, for pausing torrents.
  7. The “Stop” button, to stop all activity on a particular torrent.
  8. The “RSS feed” button for creating RSS feeds.
  9. The “Autodl-irssi” plugin for monitoring our trackers, announce channel, and to automatically start downloads for you based on filters.
  10. The “Settings” button where we can change all of the ruTorrent settings.
  11. The “plugin” button, to manage the plugins.
  12. Pause WebUI
  13. Refresh WebUI
  14. The “Help” button will show us some basic shortcuts.

4.2 How to load a torrent?

The torrents can be loaded via two ways, via magnet link (torrent URL) or the .torrent file. Click on “Add New Torrent,” and you will get a popup window like on the picture below:

  • “Directory” – The path where torrents will be downloaded.
  • “Label” – Use this option, if you want to customize the torrent label.
  • “Torrent file” – Use this option to locate the .torrent file and load it.
  • “Torrent URL” – The URL of the magnet link.

After you select either ‘Add file’ or ‘Add URL,’ options, your torrent will start downloading just like in the picture below:

4.3 How to create a new torrent?

First, click on the “Create New Torrent” (the star button,) and the popup window will show like this:

  • “Select Source” – Here, you can determine the destination where your file is located.
  • “Trackers” – A text area to add trackers separated by one blank row. Note: When using a private torrent, you can only add one tracker.
  • “Comment” – An optional feature, that lets you add an additional comment.
  • “Piece size” – You can select the following options, depending on the size of your file.
    • Up to 50MiB: 32KiB piece size (-l 15)
    • 50MiB to 150MiB: 64KiB piece size (-l 16)
    • 150MiB to 350MiB: 128KiB piece size (-l 17)
    • 350MiB to 512MiB: 256KiB piece size (-l 18)
    • 512MiB to 1.0GiB: 512KiB piece size (-l 19)
    • 1.0GiB to 2.0GiB: 1024KiB piece size (-l 20)
    • 2.0GiB and up: 2048KiB piece size, and larger at your discretion. (-l 21)
  • “Other” – The “Start seeding” checkbox, if selected will make ruTorrent automatically start seeding after the torrent is created. “Create “ creates a new torrent.


We hope you understand all steps of how to create own torrent Files ? and then How to share it over internet ? how to get more downloads on it ?. Over internet lots of torrent clients are available but i Recommend to use Bit torrent or Utorrent because this are most popular Clients.

So guys create your first Torrent file by this method , Firstly Try with small size file.

After making your torrent file you need leech service to extract your Files from torrent.

Don’t forget to share it with your friends because sharing is caring.

Steps to Create a torrent File ?

You need fast speed internet connection for uploading your data fast. If you have slow connection , you need the patience to Complete your job. Before Going into the deep i want to tell some points.

Things needed to create .torrent extension file

  • Stable internet connection because its effect on uploading.
  • Torrent client ( Utorrent or Bittorrent )
  • Little bit of patience.
  • Winrar or winzip to compress your file.( This step is optional but if you compress and then upload your job is done fast)

Make sure you have all requirements which shows above. Compressing of file is Optional because if you don’t wants to decrease the seeding or uploading time of torrent then skip the step.

How to create and upload a torrent? Follow below steps

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Steps to upload torrent

  • Go to any torrent site, we prefer kickasstorrents. You can however use any torrent site. (We are not listing any site here, you can find many on Google.)
  • Sign up there with your email ID and make sure to verify your account.
  • Once logged in, Go to the upload section and upload the .torrent file we created earlier. The size of .torrent file will be approx 3kb.
  • You have successfully uploaded your first torrent, don’t stop seeding until few days or even a week until you start getting downloads.

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