How to Become the Ultimate Grill Master In 2021

How to Become a Grill Master (Pitmaster)

There is no requirement to become a grill master, they may have an Associate’s degree or a Bachelor’s degree in the culinary arts. Some colleges offer culinary courses in the foundations of cooking and business marketing. These culinary programs can take anywhere from two to four years and will provide the general knowledge necessary to land a job at a restaurant.

If you wish to be a grill master, working at a restaurant that is known for it’s grilled food would be beneficial as you can become exposed to these cooking techniques. These restaurants could be seafood or steak houses or restaurants that specialize in barbecue and smoked foods. Also, whether you are grilling in your backyard or at a restaurant, practice makes perfect! A sense of taste and smell is needed and safety is important when working around hot grills. You must also have stamina to stand long hours and physical strength to lift heavy items.


The Complete Guide to Meat Basics

Now you’ve got to grips with the grill and how to use it, let’s dive into what you’ll be grilling – the meat.

Meat Fat

When you’re looking at steaks, the higher the fat marbling density the more flavourful and ultimately expensive they are. Filet mignon, also known as Chateaubriand or tenderloin, T-bone, New York Strip, porterhouse, flap or skirt steak and rib-eye steaks all contain this fatty marbling.

Lean cuts are noticeably free of fat and are often labeled as loin, sirloin or round. Flat-iron steak is a lean cut that is tender, full of flavor, and relatively cheap compared to other cuts.

Meat texture and color

Red meat can be cooked to varying levels, below is a handy guide:

  • Rare – this is the least cooked with a red centre and very juicy.
  • Mid-rare – this has a nice brown sear and a pink middle with slight red centre (a popular option)
  • Medium – this is brown on the outside with a pink centre but still juicy.
  • Mid-well – this is almost cooked all the way through with only a slight pink centre.
  • Well done – this is cooked right the way through but if done right can still be tasty and juicy.

How do I become a better grill?

5 Little Tips That Will Make You Better at Grilling

  1. Let your hand be the heat guide. Some grills have built-in thermometers so you can always see the heat level on the inside of the grill. …
  2. Use both direct and indirect heat. Whether you have a gas or charcoal grill, it’s important to create heat zones. …
  3. Keep the lid on or off. …
  4. Sauce at the end. …
  5. Let it rest.

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Master Recipe: Barbecued Chicken

From Tyler Florence, everything you could want in a piece of barbecued chicken: moist meat, crisp skin, and tangy sauce.

Master Recipe: Barbecued Chicken

Tyler’s burger fixes

Buy the right meat. Brisket has the perfect mix of lean and fat to make a juicy burger. For uniform texture, ask your butcher to grind it twice for you.

Don’t overwork it. You really don’t even need to add salt and pepper to the meat; all the action is in the toppings. Also, let the patties rest before cooking. Otherwise they’ll be chewy.

Start with a clean cooking grate. Dirt makes food taste bad and makes it stick.

Cook it hot. Heat the grill to between 450° and 550°. Cold burgers on a cold grill are going to stick every time.

Create a nonstick cooking surface. When the cooking grate is hot, wipe it quickly and carefully with an oiled square of several folded paper towels.

Who makes grill master?

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Smoking Meats

Alexandru Sporea / EyeEm Getty Images

If your grill has a tight-fitting cover or hinged lid, then you can use it to slowly smoke meats and fish. Traditional charcoal grilling is done at high temperatures in the 450º to 550º F range. But to infuse meats and fish with rich, smoky flavor, the grill only needs to be 200º to 250º F.

To maintain low temps, you only need a handful of briquettes. Once the briquettes are ready, push them to one side and place beside them a foil pan of water. As the water heats up, it evaporates moisture into the air inside the grill, which helps maintain a consistent temperature and it keeps food from drying out.

And to add a delicate wood-smoke flavor to meat or fish, soak hickory or mesquite chips in water for about 20 minutes. Then spread a thin layer of the saturated chips directly on top of the hot coals. And when smoking food, be sure to keep the lid closed and the vents partially opened.

2. You Got the Tools Now get the Recipe for Success

Get Some Good Recipes. It’s a simple as that. Whether they are complex and take hours or a simple old school tried and true basic recipe, producing good food means starting with a good recipe.

Know how the heat of your grill effects your food. Dry heat intensifies a vegetable’s natural sweetness. You can grill tender, water based vegetables, such as bell peppers and onions, directly over the coals. Dense or starchy vegetables like sliced potatoes or eggplant should be cooked with indirect heat, as far away from the coals as possible.One of the simples tricks for flavour is BBQ sauce. And not the store bought kind. It’s so simple to make your own sauce or marinade. Use fresh herbs with a little oil to add flavour.

What do you call a person who loves to cook food?

The person who loves cooking will most probably be called as an epicure because it resembles with the greek philosopher Epicurus who was related with thinking about food and cooking.

Light the Charcoal

There are two basic ways to light charcoal briquettes: the traditional method or a chimney starter. Both techniques work well, but the chimney gets the charcoals ready for cooking a bit quicker. Regardless of which method you use, before striking the match open all the vents to allow sufficient airflow.

Get Grilling

The Ultimate Grilling Guide

For the traditional method, remove the cooking grate and pour the briquettes onto the charcoal grate. If you’re cooking burgers, hot dogs, fish and veggies, 20 or so briquettes is usually adequate; double that amount if you’re searing steaks and chops.

Stack the briquettes into a pyramid shape, squirt on some lighter fluid, and then immediately light the briquettes. Warning: Never squirt lighter fluid onto flaming charcoal. Wait until the briquettes are mostly gray, which should take 10 or 15 minutes, then spread them out into an even layer.

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If using a chimney starter, begin by tearing three or four sheets of newspaper into 2- to 3-inches-wide strips. (Narrow strips burn quicker than large sheets of paper.) Loosely crumple up the strips and stuff them into the cavity on the underside of the chimney. Set the chimney on the charcoal grate and pour charcoal briquettes into the chimney’s upper chamber. Fill it about halfway if cooking burgers and dogs, and all the way if grilling steaks.

Strike a match and light the newspaper. As the newspaper burns, and air flows up and through the chimney, the fire will quickly spread throughout the charcoal. When the briquettes at the top of the chimney begin to turn gray, the charcoals are ready. Put on an oven mitt, and then carefully lift up the chimney and dump the hot coals onto the charcoal grate. Spread them out and you’re ready to start grilling.

Charcoal briquettes are designed to burn for about an hour or so. If you want to cook longer than that, simply add more briquettes to the fire; just be sure to do add them while the coals are still hot.

World-Famous BBQ Joints And Their Signature Techniques

1. Franklin BBQ (Texas)

With a consistent two hour wait to get in, this restaurant knows what it is doing. The Franklin brisket (all-natural beef smoked for twelve to eighteen hours) comes out profoundly flavorful and moist with a rich, dark, salty-peppery crust and a rim of sublime, flawlessly rendered fat. This is part of Franklin’s secret – hormone-free, antibiotic-free beef – an uncommon thing in a barbecue grill. Franklin has a signature indirect-heat pit and is famous for using oak as his choice of wood.

2. Ibu Oka – Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

This small grill is immensely popular with tourists and locals alike. Whole hogs are seasoned with an beautiful mixture of chiles, lemongrass, ginger, galangal, and turmeric, then roasted over a wood fire on hand-turned log rotisserie spits. Once cooked, the hogs are carried across the street to an open-air restaurant where women wielding cleavers dole out servings of the crispy, spice-scented meat with fragrant rice and spicy long bean salad.

3. Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ – Kansas City

This place is famous for smoking meats over slow-smoldering white oak in the finest Kansas City style. Spice-rubbed slabs of ribs, briskets, and a house specialty – pulled pork. Order by the pound or pick up a combo-style sandwich such as the Okie Joe – piled with chopped beef and pork. In-keeping with America’s roadhouse tradition, this barbecue joint is house in a former gas station.

4. Buca Lapi – Florence, Italy

To visit Florence without eating a bistecca alla fiorentina would be like overlooking Michelangelo’s David. Fire regulations make it ever harder to find a restaurant that cooks this magnificent porterhouse steak the traditional way: on a gridiron over blazing hardwood charcoal. But Buca Lapi fights found a way to keep tradition alive in a barrel-vaulted basement. They are famous for their fire-charred T-bone as well as their increible veal chops served with sweet and sour onion sauce.

5. Fargo’s Pit BBQ

Unlike most smokehouses which have a direct line of site to the pit, Fargo’s opts to keep their exact smoking method completely underwraps. You won’t see the pit master at work, but the smell alone is enough to entice you in. Alan Caldwell even keeps his signature woodpile hidden, though we do know oak is a staple, it’s still unknown what the signature combo used in this grillhouse is.

And it’s no surprise why Caldwell wants to keep his methods so secret – the meat that comes from this place is incredible. The spareribs are huge and the seasoned pork acome away from the bone like butter.

6. Bodean’s BBQ, London

Andre Blais, founder of Bodean’s, wanted to bring the taste of his hometown Kansas City’s barbecue to the UK. Now, Londoners and people across the UK flock to Bodean’s for their authentic American BBQ. Their signature oak-burning smoke pit produces the best flavours in London. Some local favourites are the baby back ribs and BBQ chicken.

7. 17th Street Barbecue

Since the 1990s, Mike Mills’ cherry and applewood-smoked baby back ribs have been winning world championships. People travel across the country to the small town of Murphysboro, Illinois to try them. Mike even holds workshops for up-and-coming pitmasters to learn his secrets.

8. Beast Craft Barbecue

At Beast, David Sandusky uses hickory smoke to grill the finest proteins, from Duroc pork to Wagyu brisket. The most popular items on offer are rarer finds: a reverse seared pork steak and Brussels sprouts. This is another pitmaster who boasts awards and accolades for his creations and almost everything on his menu is recommended – because it all sells out fast.


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