How Should I Get Rid of a Mouse That’s Stuck in a Glue Trap?

Sticky Mouse Trap Review

* Extremely easy to use

Since the design of the trap is so easy, you don’t have to use the instruction manual. The good part is that it is a convenient option since it is small in size and can be placed in any corner of the house. However, you are advised to store it in those places where you think mice tend to frequently visit the most. The tray is generally coated with a sticky substance. When the mouse touches, the glue traps it and freezes it. There is no further elaboration that you would have to do. All you need to do is set it in such a position that your mice will not even know it is a trap.

* Smells good

If you are wondering how the trap would grab the attention of the mice roaming around, well the good part is that such type of traps comes with an adhesive solution having a scent that happens to smell like a mouth relishing food. This is the main reason why mouse gets tempted and fall into the trap. Other than this, you can also choose peanut butter or any other kind of food as bait that can be placed in a trap for catching the mice.

* Cheap

The sticky traps are comparatively is one of the most effective and economical solutions one can choose as compared to other mouse traps. The mousetrap since is easy to use and does not have any kind of complex mechanical devices, you can rest be assured that this economical way can help you get rid of the unwanted mice easily. It is also helpful in eliminating other vermin like spiders and scorpions that are often ignored by you.

* Best for Indoors

Such type of trap can work amazingly if kept inside the house when you are aiming to get rid of the mice. Since the mouse trap is more exposed to the indoor environment thus will not work efficiently with the outdoor environment due to a high rate of dust and moisture. Therefore, you have to place it inside the house where you think the mice make frequent visits.

* Improve the success rate

If you have been using more than two or more traps in your house to catch the mice, then perhaps you have doubled up the possibility of catching more mice at once. Yes, even if a part of their body gets in contact with the glue, they will find it harder to get released from it. This way you can capture plenty of mice in one attempt.

* Easy to dispose of

One of the best advantages of using such trap is the way you can dispose off. Once you have done the catch, your focus needs to be on throwing the trap and mouse outside the house in the garbage bag. Instead of killing the mouse, you can either set him free or you can dispose in the garbage and he would find his way out in the garbage area. It can also happen that at times, the mouse, which you catch, might be dead. At such time, it is better to throw it off immediately by wrapping it in the plastic paper.

* Humane

Yes, that is true. If you are not intending to kill the mouse but release it somewhere out from the house, then you can do so. The trap is designed not to kill the mouse but to trap it so that if you want to set it free you can. There is a lubricant that you can use such as the vegetable oil or even the dry powder, which can help to separate the mouse from the trap where he just got stuck. However, make sure when you release the mouse, you don’t just release him outside the front door of the house. Rather, set the mouse 5 miles far from your house so that it will not trouble you again.

*  Completely hygienic option

The adhesive used in the sticky traps is made from either synthetic components or natural substances. But it is assured that there is no use of toxic components at all because of which you can safely keep it at any corner of your home without the worry about your pet or kid to getting in direct contact of it.

No doubt that sticky mouse traps are the ideal option and the most effective way to keep your home free of annoying insects and mice. Of course, it is and convenient remedy to protect your house from the mouse attack problem. But the good part is always kept in mind that there are better ways to get rid of such annoying option through different alternatives if not sticky traps.


How to Get the Most from Your Traps

The efficiency of these devices is dependent on the proper application and the choice of location. It’s paramount that you study the mice’s behavior and determine the ideal location to place the traps. The rodents stay close to their nests, usually not more than 10-25 feet away. For this reason, you should put these devices in regions where mice activities are apparent.

Best Bait for Mice Glue Traps

An ideal bait should lure the mice in for a taste and ensure that the rodents don’t take it without getting trapped. Mice like high-calorie sweets, natural seeds, and fatty foods, so it’s recommended that you use baits that are irresistible to the mice. The most used baits include marshmallows, soft cheese, chocolate, nuts, gumdrops, and peanut butter.

You’ll need to stick a pinch of these baits on the glue traps to attract the mice to the location. It’s crucial to point out that reviews from most homeowners indicate that peanut butter is the most preferred bait due to its high success rate.

Are Glue Traps for Mice Safe Around My Pets And Children?

Not really, no. The glue on glue traps is so strong that pets and children, especially small children, can get stuck to them and panic. Their struggle to free themselves from the glue board often winds up injuring them worse than the glue board itself.

Their struggles can also range all over the house, carpets, furniture, etc., with predictable results. It can be quite a mess to clean up.

Removing a sticky board from your child’s hand or Fido’s paw can be challenging. You’ll need to use some cooking oil – vegetable oil or olive oil works best – and a lot of patience to gradually work it loose. Baby oil also works.

For these reasons, make sure you put the glue boards in places where pets and children can’t get to them.

How Do Glue Traps for Mice Work?

Somehow there has arisen a misconception that glue traps kill mice. Usually, by the time people find a mouse stuck to a glue board, the mouse is already dead so it’s easy to see how this misunderstanding came about. But the trap itself did not kill the mouse.

When a mouse steps on a glue board, they don’t have enough physical strength to overcome the stickiness of the glue. When one or more of their feet become stuck, they panic and begin flailing around.

The more they fight to get free of the glue, the more they come in contact with it. Within a few seconds, their whole body can be stuck to the glue board.

Their frantic attempts to free themselves not only makes the situation worse, but they also over-stress their heart in the process. Basically, they work themselves into a heart attack from shock, fear, and exertion.

They can also wind up covering their nose and/or mouth with glue, cutting off their airway. In that case, they suffocate to death. Either way, they die a fairly violent, painful death.

If they survive their initial encounter with the glue board, they’ll wind up dying slowly from starvation or dehydration over a period of several days, sometimes up to five days before they finally die.

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Removing Trap Glue From Clothing, Furniture, Other Surfaces

Place fabric items in the freezer, if possible. Once the glue is frozen you can simply peel it off. For glue on fabric-covered furniture, try placing a freezer pack or ice cubes in a plastic bag on the glue. When very cold and brittle, scrape the glue off. Small items that won’t be damaged by freezing can also be placed in the freezer to remove glue.

To remove the glue from floors or other nonporous surfaces, try oil if the surface won’t be damaged, or use turpentine, paint thinner, or Goo Be Gone, or similar product. Test an inconspicuous area first. Let the solvent sit for several minutes, wipe it off with a dry cloth, then wash with mild detergent.

Best alternatives of sticky mouse traps

Sticky mice traps can be a good option but there is no denial of the fact that there are certain things that puts light on its disadvantages. This is the reason why choosing an alternative option can prove to be helpful.

* Catch and release trap

This is a user-friendly tool which offers the best solution for you to get rid of the mouse problem. The name itself states what purpose it serves. It aims to catch the live mouse and make sure you can release them in the outside area once they get trapped. The design is made with the blend of advanced technique, which makes sure the mice get captured well. Besides, if you consider its look, it is attractive and won’t even hurt mice to the worst extent. With innovative styling, the trap is designed to ensure that any false triggers are best possibly avoided.

* Electric trap

The focus of such trap is to deliver a high voltage shock and make sure the mice get eliminated in less than 5 seconds. It does not really kill the mice but simply gives a sensor of shock because of which the mouse would feel unsafe to be in that zone also. It is extremely easy to use and delivers the shock that would scare the mouse and force it to run off the house. The trap also comes with the safety switch that deactivates it once the door gets opened up. Known for the sleek design, since it has a shock supply, keeping it far from the reach of kids and pets are advised.

* Ultrasonic pest device

Also known as the insect repellent solution, it is designed to offer extremely great results. Since this is another economical option, keeping it at your house as a part of protection against mice and other rodents can be a good approach. Such type of option comes with high-frequency sound waves which makes it intolerable for the insects and rodents. All you need to do is plug in the device and the rats, rodents, and insects hiding in every corner of your property will come out. The ultrasonic sound waves prove to be an irritating noise for the insects and rodents and they will try to be out of the place as quick as possible. However, it is important for you to keep pets far away from your property at the time of using the device.

Sticky mice traps can be an ideal solution to deal with the problem but with these alternative options, you can rest be assured that it will not kill or harm anyone. On the other hand, if you are looking for better options to fight against mouse problem, you must invest in a quality trap.


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  1. Matt Wilson Dec 26, 2018 Glue traps are disgusting and inhumane. And they don’t take a “few hours to die”, it can take longer than a day for them to die. They suffer horrendous injuries trying to get off, including chewing their own legs to escape. You don’t even advise people how to humanely deal with an animal that’s still alive on these traps, you tell them to simply throw them in the trash to suffer and die slowly. This is a repulsive article. You shouldn’t be encouraging people to torture animals.

  2. Julie Mace

    Ignore Matt’s comment. This was informative. When you have 6 children and the mice are eating their food, it’s them that’ll go. I will be trying some of these tips, thank you. Wish me luck!

    • Matt Wilson Mar 13, 2019 “Informative”. It’s a 101 guide on how to torture an animal. You don’t throw a living animal stuck on glue in the trash, not only is that cruel but it’s against the law. Would you catch a fox in a cage and starve it to death? No? Then why would you do it to a rat?

  3. Jack May 15, 2019 Why would you dude a rat carries diseases. Destroys home. You keep them them. I’m with you Julie.

  4. Anonymous Oct 15, 2019 There’re nasty dirty rodents that don’t need to be in clean house, Get a life if anyone thinks these nasty critters should live!!! REMEMBER: KILL MICE NOT PEOPLE, KILL THEM ALL!

  5. Sandra Mar 10, 2020 There are such things as no-kill traps. I have seen a mouse struggling on a glue trap and it is not nice. Use humane devices.

  6. Christina Sep 24, 2021 I am all for the glue traps. Mice are disgusting pests and can cause disease. Call this 101 on killing mice if you want, but I for one will be placing glue traps and poison where I feel there is possible mouse activity. Let Matt live with his infestation. I for one will not. I actually caught one last night with the first cool weather of the season. Yes, I put it in the trash.

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