How Does Witch Hazel Help Bruises

Strategies to Use

Methods to use it?

  • Take a twig bottle measuring 250 ml and add neem oil and witch hazel extract.
  • Shake and blend effectively and apply it to the bruised space.


Storage of witch hazel

Witch hazel is an natural concoction that’s used for the remedy of many alternative illnesses. Witch hazel needs to be saved at room temperature and away from moisture and warmth. The warmth can alter the chemical composition of witch hazel that may cut back its effectiveness. It needs to be saved out of attain of youngsters and pets. Witch hazel when expired shouldn’t be poured down bathrooms and drains. Contact your native pharmacist for the correct disposal strategies of witch hazel. 

Witch Hazel Extract

Witch hazel is a tree-like plant indigenous to North America and elements of Asia,” says Dr. Schlessinger. “Merchandise that supply advantages from witch hazel usually comprise witch hazel extract .

Flowering Witch Hazel

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What to Look For

You should buy witch hazel merchandise in most drug, pure meals, and grocery shops. Search for alcohol-free formulation, that are gentler on the pores and skin. Witch hazel can also be bought as a liquid or medicated pads soaked within the fluid.

7. Witch Hazel for Zits

As a result of witch hazel is such an efficient astringent, many individuals who are suffering from zits have used it as a pores and skin toner and remedy to assist soothe outbreaks, though it’s prone to be too delicate an astringent to have the ability to stop or cut back their recurrence.

Though there have been no particular research carried out on to the precise impact that witch hazel has on zits, there’s sufficient analysis on its properties to indicate that it’s good for zits and I’ve already talked about it in my ultimate guide on using witch hazel for acne.


Witch hazel is a well-liked ingredient in skincare merchandise out there on the market. It can be purchased by itself to be used in home-made skincare options the place it may be mixed with different merchandise corresponding to aloe vera or tea tree essential oil.

15. Sooth Rising pimples

With hazel will sooth pores and skin soreness while you really feel a pimple beginning to emerge out of your pores and skin or really feel a get away about to occur. Apply witch hazel to your face in a compress for 5 minutes to really feel reduction.

18. Cut back Underneath Eye Baggage with Witch Hazel

If you happen to look drained, you possibly can refresh your eyes just by utilizing witch hazel. Shut you eyes and apply cotton pads soaked in witch hazel. Depart on for ten minutes. Your eyes ought to look contemporary and awake.

Does Witch Hazel Get Rid of Puffy Eyes?

If you happen to’re inquisitive about eliminate puffy eyes, there’s some reality to this advice in case your beneath eye puffiness is because of fluid retention beneath the eyes. Witch hazel’s astringent and soothing properties can cut back this sort of puffiness.

Nonetheless, witch hazel can’t cut back or remove beneath eye baggage that happen with age. In both case, it isn’t one thing we suggest doing regularly as a result of the ensuing day by day irritation will likely be pro-ageing, not anti-ageing.

Witch Hazel Makes use of for Your Pores and skin

When utilized topically, one of many many witch hazel makes use of is skincare since it is vitally soothing on the pores and skin. It reduces minor irritation and reduces swelling and redness. You’ll discover some ways to make use of witch hazel on the pores and skin, listed here are a number of to get you began.

Stop and Deal with Zits


Witch hazel cleans the pores and skin of filth and extra oils that are inclined to clog pores and trigger zits. Much like hydrogen peroxide, witch hazel with the astringent properties dry the pores and skin, and its disinfectant properties kill microbes that trigger an infection. It shrinks the pores and reduces pores and skin irritation.

Dampen a cotton ball with witch hazel as a face wash for acne and wipe it throughout your total face and different locations the place you’re vulnerable to zits. Use it three or extra instances day by day for greatest outcomes. As a result of it treats the causes and results of zits, it eliminates blemishes and prevents new ones.

Take away Make-up

Use witch hazel on a cotton pad to take away make-up. As a part of your nightly routine, it soothes the pores and skin because it cleans after which tightens pores and skin and pores. It leaves your pores and skin with a wholesome shine.

Deal with Razor Burn

Witch hazel soothes pores and skin irritated by shaving and closes the pores. Through the use of witch hazel instantly after shaving, you possibly can stop these little purple bumps you generally get after shaving. Apply witch hazel generously anyplace on the physique the place shaving irritation happens.

Cut back Eye Puffiness and Underneath-Eye Baggage

These annoying under-eye baggage have many causes, however normally, swelling of the tissue beneath the attention causes them. You may also have puffy eyes from crying, allergic reactions, or fatigue.

Witch hazel’s anti-inflammatory properties cut back the swelling, and it tightens up the pores and skin to scale back the general puffiness and any redness. Simply apply a little bit witch hazel over the eyelid and beneath the attention or observe our directions beneath to make use of witch hazel as a soothing eye masks.

Tone Pores and skin

Use witch hazel topically after cleansing your pores and skin to wash out and tighten pores. It has antimicrobial properties that kill floor micro organism and reduces oil whereas it tightens the pores and skin. Witch hazel is secure for many pores and skin sorts, together with delicate pores and skin.

Secret Witch Hazel Makes use of: Tone Pores and skin tb1234

To make use of witch hazel as a toner, wash your face and dry it, or use your common pores and skin cleanser routine. Pre-clean with castor oil and apply witch hazel to a cotton ball or pad and sweep it over your face and neck. It removes any final traces of filth, make-up, or oil which may clog your pores.

Deal with Oily Pores and skin

Witch hazel does a wonderful job of eradicating the filth and oils out of your pores and skin. However, it goes a step additional and balances your pores and skin’s oil manufacturing. Use it one to a few instances day by day, relying on the oiliness of your pores and skin. You’ll quickly discover that your pores and skin is more healthy and fewer oily.

Use Witch Hazel after Waxing

Apply witch hazel after waxing the identical manner you’ll after shaving. It closes the pores, reduces irritation, and tones the pores and skin. Soak a cotton ball in witch hazel and apply instantly after waxing. Witch hazel is secure to make use of, even in your most delicate areas.

Cut back Scars and Stretch Marks

Witch hazel is a superb tonic for scarred pores and skin and tightly stretched pores and skin. Pregnant and breastfeeding girls use witch hazel wipes over the stretched stomach and breasts to scale back stretch marks, even out the pores and skin tone, and make scars much less noticeable.

Moisturize Dry, Itchy Pores and skin

Apply witch hazel instantly after a shower or bathe to shut the pores and lock in moisture. Witch hazel moisturizes the pores and skin, soothes the irritation, and relieves itchy sensations.

Take away Hair Dye from Pores and skin

Hair dye all the time appears to finish up on the pores and skin in probably the most unwelcome spots. Like so many pure cleansers, witch hazel is nice to remove hair dye from skin. Use a little bit witch hazel on a cotton pad to take away hair dye stains whereas they’re contemporary. For giant stains, it’s possible you’ll want to vary the pad. Preserve scrubbing till all stains are gone.

Deal with Blackheads

Simply as witch hazel is efficient towards zits, use it to deal with blackheads as effectively. Simply use it as a toner instantly after you end washing your face and also you’ll discover a lower in black- and whiteheads.

Witch Hazel Makes use of for Pets

Use Witch Hazel to Take away Ticks


Ticks are repelled by witch hazel and can let go after they come into contact with it. It’s a natural tick repellent for humans and pets. To make use of witch hazel to take away ticks, you want tweezers and witch hazel.

Pour a capful of witch hazel on the tick. Seize the tick firmly with tweezers and thoroughly pull the tick away. Add witch hazel to a bottle sprayer to make a homemade sanitizer spray. Apply the witch hazel to the realm to disinfect it after eradicating the tick.

Clear Your Pet’s Ears

Clear your pet’s ears gently by dampening a cotton ball or pad with witch hazel. Gently wipe the seen elements of the within of the ear. Don’t pour witch hazel into the ear or use a cotton swab.

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Take away Pet Odors

Witch hazel is great for eradicating pet odors from furnishings, flooring, and bedding areas. All you want is Witch Hazel, water, and some drops of your favourite important oil (like lavender).

Combine the components collectively in a twig bottle and apply to the answer to the locations your pet likes to spend time, corresponding to on the furnishings or bedding. Or, you possibly can apply it on to your pet.

2. Witch Hazel has Antimicrobial and Antiviral Properties

Witch hazel has historically been used to deal with the ache of poison ivy or sooth a hen pox itch. It additionally helps bruises, cuts, and boils to heal extra rapidly. What these situations all have in widespread is that they’re both brought on or made worse by viruses or micro organism.

Witch hazel seems to be notably efficient at treating bacterial and fungal infections corresponding to these attributable to Staphylococcus Aureus and Candida Albicans and is due to this fact a helpful remedy software within the battle towards microbial pores and skin infections.

A current examine revealed in Plos One has proven that the tannins in witch hazel is perhaps a very efficient antiviral agent having been proved to have an impact towards each influenza A (the Flu) and Human Papilloma Virus with hope that it is perhaps proved to be efficient towards different viruses sooner or later2.

Witch Hazel for Zits and Blemishes

Lots of people surprise if witch hazel can clear up zits on the face or physique. It’s generally thought that as a result of witch hazel has “astringent” properties, it may “dry up” zits. Nonetheless, zits isn’t about pores and skin being moist, so drying it with astringent components received’t assist. In reality, the irritation attributable to the witch hazel could make blemishes worse.

You could have additionally learn that witch hazel’s astringent motion will help management the microbes on pores and skin that play a task in inflicting zits, however analysis hasn’t proven that to be true. For sure, witch hazel is just not a alternative for azelaic acid, a powerhouse ingredient that analysis has proven to appease breakouts and fade post-blemish marks.

Preparation of witch hazel

Witch hazel has been used for hundreds of years as a poultice to heal and forestall an infection of wound and cuts. It has additionally been effectively used for its anti-inflammatory properties. Earlier than pharmaceutical firms began making witch hazel commercially, individuals used to make it themselves.

Witch hazel has a protracted historical past of medical use and now on account of pharmaceutical firms witch hazel ointments and lotions are simply out there. Freshly lower and partially dried twigs of Hamamelis virginiana are distilled to get a transparent and colorless distillate. 86% distillate of witch hazel is blended with 14% of pure ethyl alcohol and distilled in a closed distillation course of. Witch hazel can be made at residence by utilizing contemporary twigs from the witch hazel shrub. The leaves and flowers needs to be stripped off the twigs.

The twigs needs to be place in a big stainless-steel pot and coated with distilled water. Now carry the contents to a boil. After boiling for a couple of minutes cut back the warmth to a simmer and let it stew uncovered for about 8 hours. Add water to the pot incessantly to maintain the twigs submerged in water. After 8 hours when the twigs are tender, pressure the witch hazel extract and place in a decent capped bottle. This extract can last as long as 2 weeks within the fridge.

To make this extract shelf steady for long run storage measure the witch hazel extract and add a half the quantity of alcohol from the pharmacy. If you happen to maintain this in a decent bottle and away from warmth and moisture it may final a couple of 12 months.  

Precautions and Facet Results

Is witch hazel ever unhealthy in your pores and skin?

Most adults and youngsters react effectively to utilizing witch hazel on their pores and skin and don’t expertise any uncomfortable side effects. However there’s all the time an opportunity for an allergic response or different irritations, particularly when you’ve got delicate pores and skin and spend a lot of time within the solar.

Does witch hazel make zits worse earlier than higher?

It’s attainable in the event you overdo it. If you happen to over-use witch hazel it might trigger pores and skin dryness, so extra is just not essentially higher. Dryness results in pores and skin irritation and might set off rebound oil manufacturing, which can set off a breakout. Selecting an alcohol-free witch hazel product will help restrict dryness.

To be on the secure facet, do a pores and skin patch check first, making use of a small quantity to a patch of pores and skin in your arm or leg to be sure you don’t have a nasty response. Sop utilizing the product instantly in the event you expertise any signs of a severe allergic response, together with rash, itching/swelling (particularly of the face/tongue/throat), extreme dizziness, hassle respiratory, swelling, and many others.

With regards to taking it internally, it’s thought-about secure for most individuals, though it’s able to inflicting minor indigestion, nausea/vomiting or an upset abdomen in some individuals.

Preserve your dosage low, and all the time observe instructions since taking excessive doses has been linked to liver issues in some uncommon circumstances. The explanation there’s concern over taking giant doses of witch hazel internally is that it contains a chemical called safrole that will have carcinogenic results. Whereas safrole is barely present in witch hazel in hint quantities, it’s thought-about to be an “agent that is possibly carcinogenic to humans” when consumed in increased volumes. Some research have discovered that following the ingestion of safrole, signs can embrace vomiting, stupor, vertigo and pallor, though that is very uncommon and sometimes lasts for about one to 2 hours.

Remaining Ideas

  • Witch hazel (hamamelis virginiana) is a pure skincare product and astringent that’s typically used as a topical treatment. Its makes use of embrace treating issues like zits, irritation, infections, bites, redness, oiliness, ingrown hairs, burns, giant pores and extra.
  • There are various advantages of witch hazel. It really works to assist battle micro organism each internally and on the pores and skin as a result of it incorporates antioxidant and antibacterial compounds, together with tannins, proanthocyanidins and phenols.
  • Causes to make use of it in your hair embrace making it cleaner, giving it extra quantity and serving to it turn out to be shinier. It can be used internally as a drugs to assist deal with points like hemorrhoids, ear infections, sore throats and extra.
  • Whereas it’s usually very secure, attainable witch hazel uncomfortable side effects embrace pores and skin dryness, an allergic response, upset abdomen when taken internally and doubtlessly liver-related issues if utilized in excessive quantities.

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