Green Tea Neuroprotective effects against microwave radiation

Is Microwaving Good or Bad for Tea?

Studies suggest that microwaving the water used to brew tea can give you uneven results, but additional research indicates that microwaving actually release more nutrients.

However, before you come to the conclusion that it’s not okay to microwave tea bags, hold on.

Although tea connoisseurs may have a good rationale for brewing the perfect flavored cup of tea using only a teapot, there is more information to consider.

“Microwaving, as it turns out, has the unexpected result of unlocking and increasing the very benefits we are all looking for from our tea.”TEA CROSSING


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Can You Make Loose Leaf Tea in a Microwave? 5 Simple Steps

You can make loose leaf tea in a microwave, but the process is a little different than microwaving a cup of water with a teabag.

Here are the recommended steps for microwaving loo

Here are the recommended steps for microwaving loose leaf tea for the best results:

  1. Measure 1 to 2 tablespoons of water into a microwave-safe cup or mug. Add the desired amount of tea leaves to give you the strength you like best. Do not use a tea infuser.
  2. Set the microwave on half power, place the mug inside, and heat for 30 seconds.
  3. Cover the mug with a napkin and let the heated tea sit without disturbing it in the microwave for approximately 2 minutes.
  4. Take off the napkin and take the mug out of the microwave.
  5. Remove the tea leaves. You can strain the tea through a tea strainer if any tea leaves remain.

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green tea

green tea

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Green Tea Mochi Recipe: Microwave Edition

My microwave green tea mochi infuses a modern twist to this classic Japanese dessert. Each bite-size munchies is an explosion of matcha goodness and a chewy nutting center. Yum!

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The difference in taste is minimal

This might annoy a lot of people, and I’m okay with that. There is a bit of a taste difference between microwaved tea water and kettle-boiled tea water, yes.

If you fail to heat the water enough, your tea will be faint in taste, and you’ll see a whitish foam on the top of the liquid. That means your tea hasn’t properly brewed.

Heating an already brewed tea is the worst idea, though, even if it might not seem so. This is because whichever way you heat it (microwave or kettle) you will ruin the flavor even more.

Best to just brew another cup and be sure you’re getting it hot.

Now you might meet people who swear the kettle imparts a certain flavor that a microwave never will. Maybe it does. I certainly have never found a clear difference, but then again it also depends on how sensitive you are to taste and flavors.

I for one know I am, and I still didn’t notice much of a problem.

Honey Green Tea – Microwave Green Tea With Honey

Honey green tea made with green tea bag & pure honey makes a nice cup of healthy herbal tea which you can enjoy hot or warm or make it into iced tea by refrigerating & serving with ice cubes!

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Prep Time: 3 minutesCook Time: 1 minute

Total Time: 4 minutes

Servings: 1 cup green teaCalories: 128kcalAuthor: Recipe Garden

Final thoughts

I hope I helped clear up the main difference between microwaving and boiling your water for tea. I know people are going to have their specific methods and swear by them, and they’re all very right to do so.

Still, tea is tea and water eventually boils no matter which way you take it there. Best to just focus on enjoying what the tea brings you. A peaceful relaxing moment, and a great-tasting beverage to sip on wrapped up in a blanket.

If you want to know more about coffee or tea, feel free to check the related articles below. Who knows what else you might find ?

What does the Research Say?

Recently, the internet world was overwhelmed with the results of new microwave research. So, what’s it all about? According to Dr. Quan Vuong of the University in Newcastle in Australia, brewing tea in a microwave has much stronger effects compared to some other tea brewing techniques. This five-year-old study concluded that microwaving your tea will boost its benefits even better.

As a result, about 80% of theanine, caffeine and polyphenol compounds were activated when brewing tea in a microwave. This is even more shocking when we know that the same compounds are 10% activated when using tea bags in a hot water for about 30 seconds. Furthermore, after following instructions on the tea’s original box will activate roughly about 60% of these compounds. On the other hand, brewing tea in a microwave had much better effect.

Fun Green Tea Microwave Recipe ​ :

Following the research steps above we offer a new recipe option for brewing green tea:

  1. Place Japanese sencha green tea into a microwave-safe cup and add cold filtered water;

  2. Heat at 400W to 500W microwave power for approximately 1 minute;

  3. Steep heated beverage for approximately 1 to 2 minutes;

  4. Remove tea leaf residue;

  5. Add condiments to taste.

  6. If the tea is not hot enough for you, enjoy to pour it over ice as cold tea.

Scientific research has spoken and revealed that it is perfectly safe to microwave your Japanese green tea. So, ​if you’re in a rush​, rest assured, crank up the microwave, and enjoy the healthiest beverage through the scientifically promoted healthiest process.

Just remember, there is a spiritual health that comes from tradition and ritual. So, if you’re a purist ​and have the time​, may you enjoy your green tea ritual of ​Chanoyu, t​he beautiful ceremonial preparation and presentation of green tea matcha.


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