Global Drug Survey Explores The Safest Ways To Get High — Or Not

Over-the-Counter Drugs That Get You High

Cough medicines, dietary supplements, sleep aids and caffeine pills are often the first substances of abuse among teens. Easy to purchase or take from home, many teens experiment with these over-the-counter substances believing them to be safe because they are legal and readily available to the public. Unfortunately, the risks of abuse of these medications and supplements are many.

Risks of over-the-counter drug abuse include:

  • Cardiac arrest when taking too many caffeine pills or diet pills, especially in combination with other stimulant substances
  • “Accidental poisoning” caused by taking too much of any cough syrup or medication containing dextromethorphan
  • Over-sedation caused by taking too many sleep aids, especially when taken in combination with alcohol or other prescription medications

Though there may be monitoring programs in place in some states that limit the purchase of some of these medications – especially medications containing DXM or pseudoephedrine – kids may not have any problem purchasing the medications online. Some of the most popular drugs kids like to abuse — No-Doze, diet pills and cough syrup — are also easily available in the medicine cabinet at home.


No-Doze is an over-the-counter stimulant aid that teens may abuse for multiple purposes. Some take a handful of the pills along with alcohol or marijuana in order to increase their ability to drink or stay up and socialize longer. Others crush the pills and snort them, or mix them with the use of other stimulant drugs like crystal meth in order to augment the high.

Still, others may take the pills after abusing depressants in order to stay awake during class or stay up late to work on projects. The high level of caffeine in No-Doze can be dangerous for teens, especially when used in combination with other substances.

Diet Pills

Many teens are exploiting over-the-counter diet pills that boost metabolism or sleep aids that are readily available to help users fall asleep or stay asleep. Teens take large amounts of either medication with the goal of getting high or augmenting other recreational drug use, or they may use large amounts of diet pills in an attempt to lose or maintain an exceptionally low weight. It’s not just young women who are making this choice. Young men, too, struggle with body image – especially those who must maintain a low weight for sports – and may abuse these supplements for weight loss purposes as well.

DXM (Cough Syrup)

“Robo” or “robo tripping” is the abuse of cough syrups like Robitussin that contain the ingredient dextromethorphan, or DXM. Teens drink an entire bottle – or two – of the cough syrup or capsules that are legally sold in drug stores and grocery stores to experience euphoric highs. Because of its accessibility in the home and in medicine cabinets, DXM abuse is prevalent during early adolescence.


As far as getting the most health benefits while smoking marijuana, the safest way to consume weed is by using a MouthPeace or MouthPeace Mini. When using either of these, you have the option of smoking weed any way you prefer while staying safe and protecting your lungs.

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By reducing the buildup of weed tar and resin in your lungs, using a MouthPeace and MouthPeace Mini gives you a safer way to consume cannabis no matter which smoking device you prefer to use.

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If you’re looking for a cleaner tasting rip, you’ll get that from using a marijuana filter. This is because marijuana tar and resin taste very bad, so when more of it gets filtered out, you really get to taste and enjoy those terpenes.Using a filter will give you cleaner tasting weed smoke and the cleanest smoke that hits your lungs due to the number of contaminants filtered out. The healthiest way to smoke marijuana should always include a filter.


Smoother than any other way of smoking marijuana, using a MouthPeace provides you a less tar filled smoke, which in turn makes you cough less. The smoother the hit, the less irritated your throat gets.The less irritated your throat, the less you will cough. You’ll no longer have to ask yourself how to make weed less harsh, and can finally say goodbye to painful coughing fits.Using a MouthPeace will be the safest way to consume weed when smoking out of bong


A triple layer activated carbon filter has not only become the safest way to smoke your delicious cannabis but has also been shown and proven to reduce the spread of germs.

This is especially beneficial in situations when sharing with others is involved. Whether you are at an event, special occasion, or just kicking it with your best friend, a carbon filter will lessen the amount of bacteria being transferred and cross-contamination while smoking or sharing cannabis.

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Rewards that Tag Along With the Risks

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Can You Smoke and Still Be Healthy?

Many health-conscious individuals often face the q

Many health-conscious individuals often face the question “Can you smoke weed and still be healthy?” The fact of the matter is that smoking is not healthy. Period. Burning any substance, be it cigarettes, cigars, leaves, flowers, blunts, or joints, and then inhaling the smoke causes harm to your body and negatively affects your lungs and circulatory system at the very least. 

Healthy Ways To Get High: What is the Healthiest Alternative to Smoking?

Vaporizing — by not raising the temperature
  • Vaporizing — by not raising the temperature of cannabis oil to the point of burning, you can get virtually identical benefits of smoking with a much lower risk of carcinogen exposure.
  • Edibles/Cooking with Cannabis — isolating cannabinoids from raw cannabis to be consumed in edibles is a very popular way to get the medicinal benefits without any harmful side effects
  • Tinctures — extracted from cannabis, tinctures are alcohol-based and are generally found in small bottles with droppers. You can add drops of cannabis tincture into your drink or be taken sublingually, which is to say under your tongue. This method also provides no aroma, so the smell won’t be of concern!
  • Topicals — the curative effects of cannabis beyond its psychoactive effects are well documented. Look no further than your corner CBD shop to see the benefits of one particular—cannabidiol. When applied topically, both THC and CBD can have incredible pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory capabilities.


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