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Top 1. – Free Serial Keys Site for Most Software

If the only standard to rate free serial keys websites is the frequency of updating, then is definitely the best one, which claims to update daily. It might not be true currently, because there is no much profit driving after all, but is still the most frequently updated option.

In addition to the update frequency, al

In addition to the update frequency, also features with a precise yet informative web interface. Update date and user rating are two important factors that help users judge whether the free serial keys would work or just a waste of time. Based on the over 120,000 serials in the database, is the most possible sites to find free serial keys that you need.

If we have to pick out some flaws, then there two on this site. First, there is no category for all the serial keys, so you must know clearly which serial key you need. Second, it does not provide download links, neither for the official packages or cracked copies, but just serial keys.


Swisscows A Switzerland-based private search engine

Jurisdiction: Switzerland

Search results: Bing

Swisscows is a Switzerland-based private search engine that does very well with privacy and security. They promise no tracking or data collection, and even have a “Swiss Fort Knox” data center for their server infrastructure. From their website:

  1. have our own servers and do not work with cloud or third party!
  2. have our Datacenter in the Swiss Alps – THIS is the safest bunker in Europe!
  3. have positioned everything geographically outside of EU and US.

In terms of privacy, Swisscows is one of the top choices. You can catch up on their privacy policy here. In testing out Swisscows for this guide, I found it to provide good results, which are primarily sourced from Bing.

Family-Friendly content – One unique aspect of Swisscows is that they are passionate about family-friendly content. As they explain on their about page:

  1. We promote moral values.
  2. We hate violence and pornography.
  3. We promote digital media education.

While some people may not like the fact that Swisscows is censoring some adult content, others may see this as a great feature, especially those who have young children.

Because Swisscows does not pass on user data from search requests, they are unable to effectively monetize their service through ad partners, which means they largely rely on donations and sponsorships to maintain operations (sponsors can get a banner ad at the top of results).

Explore Software Through Free Trials

As you try to find the best product for your business’s needs, we suggest reading through some of our reviews and generate a list of the most promising services. You can then register for free trials to see if any are a good fit. Our software reviews can help you to see exactly what a SaaS company offers before you make a commitment. You may also find user reviews to be helpful. Try to find people in your industry and with a business of a similar size to what solutions worked for them.

You also have the option of exploring free or freemium products that are available. You can familiarize yourself with the product for no charge, and can then move to a paid plan if it’s a good fit for your business. The majority of SaaS software vendors will provide a free trial of some sort, or at the very least, a money-back guarantee.

Private search engine FAQs

Here are some FAQs (frequently asked questions) with regards to private search engines:

  1. How do private search engines make money?
  2. Are US-based search engines safe?
  3. How to keep your searches private
  4. Considerations when choosing a private search engine

Top 3. SerialReactor – Source for the Newest Serials

SerialReactor doesn’t perform as a comprehensive serial keys site during our test, but a few hand-picked apps are listed on its home page with the latest serial keys, most of which are working and safe. However, manual research often gets back blank result. It should be noted that the Best Results, which will appear on every search result, are not completely trustful. The links will direct you to a third-party download site.

SerialReactor is not so popular among the users be

SerialReactor is not so popular among the users because it is not capable of fetching the serial keys of major premium software like Windows 10, Adobe Photoshop premium, MS Office 2018 etc. You can find the serial keys of small applications which requires very less subscription fees to access the premium access.

It is anyway a choice to give SerialReactor a try if you are unable to find the crack keys of desired applications. Sometimes it will work and there is a probability that you will be able to find the genuine software’s crack keys.

17. Internet Archive

Screenshot of , August 2021Screenshot of , August 2021

The Wayback Machine is great for researching old websites, but it’s so much more.

As the name implies, this search engine queries a massive collection of documented material, including millions of free videos, books, music, and software.

Essentially, the Internet Archive is a vast online library where you can access just about anything you could imagine.

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5. DuckDuckGo

Screenshot from search for [best movies of all timScreenshot from search for [best movies of all time], DuckDuckGo, August 2021doesn’t collect or store any of your personal information

That means you can run your searches in peace without having to worry about the boogeyman watching you through your computer screen.

DuckDuckGo is the perfect choice for those who wish to keep their browsing habits and personal information private.

Yahoo Search

What We Like
  • Home screen includes news and trending topics.

  • One-stop shop for search, email, horoscope, and weather.

  • Options to search verticals rather than the web.

What We Don’t Like Ads aren't clearly labeled as ads. Search results aren't dated. Large ads on the home screen.

Yahoo is several things: a search engine, a news aggregator, a shopping center, an email service, a travel directory, a horoscope and games center, and more.

This web-portal breadth of choice makes this a beneficial site for internet beginners. Searching the web should also be about discovery and exploration, and Yahoo delivers.

Visit Yahoo! Search

Best Job Search Engines


Monster.Com  is the biggest and best job search en

Monster.Com is the biggest and best job search engine available. You can search for any job in any region and recruit candidates all over the globe in a matter of second.

If you didn’t already I invite you to join monster and start using it to find new jobs or to study the work market.


Indeed  is another and one of the biggest and  bes

Indeed is another and one of the biggest and best job search engines available. There are many users using it and it ranks first for many job-related queries on Google.


Glassdoor  is a very good website where  if you ar

Glassdoor is a very good website where if you are a company you can list here and get reviews from people and employees.

It is also a powerful job board and engine you can use for job-related stuff.


SimplyHired  is a famous engine you can use worldw

SimplyHired is a famous engine you can use worldwide to search for work and so much more.

If you are trying to make money online you might don’t want a regular job, but you can use these sites to study the job market and improve your SEO strategies.


AngelList  is the best angel investor s website wh

AngelList is the best angel investors website where startupper and online genius are gathering around, founding empires, building companies and ask for money.

You can search for companies and niches and when it comes to making money online it ‘s a cool website to search for new companies and study the markets.

Dogpile Search

What We Like
  • Links to "favorite fetches" on whimsical home screen.

  • Pulls from multiple databases for broad results.

  • Fast search results.

What We Don’t Like Result screen entries aren't dated. No home screen personalization. Lots of sponsored results.

Years ago, Dogpile preceded Google as a fast and efficient choice for web searching. Things changed in the late 1990s, Dogpile faded into obscurity, and Google became the leading platform.

Today, however, Dogpile is coming back, with a growing index and a clean and quick presentation that is a testimony to its halcyon days. If you want to try a search tool with an engaging appearance and desirable crosslink results, definitely try Dogpile.

Visit Dogpile

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Drawbacks of SaaS Software

Internet Dependence

You may have issues with SaaS products if your business doesn’t have dedicated internet access. If you have a simple ISP, then you have the potential to service drops, lags, and 

sluggish services when too many users are online. Instead, you should have individual service to avoid sharing bandwidth. You should also have a backup in case your primary service goes down.

Look for Hidden Costs

You’ll often see one price advertised on a SaaS company’s website, but it isn’t always the final price you’ll pay. It’s important to read through the Terms of Service. There are often hidden fees such as getting set up with the service, use of technical support, or overage fees if you go over a certain cap. Make sure you know about these fees and are willing to pay them before signing up for a service.


For the most part, the costs of most SaaS services is pretty straightforward. Good companies will reveal exactly what you’ll pay and any extra fees you may incur. You can still wind up spending more than necessary if you don’t take advantage of discounts on longer payment plans. If the service is something you’ll be using for a while, it’s best to go through each of the payment options and choose the one that’s the best value.


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