Fix Slow/Inconsistent WiFi speed issue on iPhone 12 Pro Max


Calling in Support to Resolve the Issue

After striking out with my own attempts at fixing my WiFi connection I resorted to contacting the cable company and having a tech sent to my home. He took one look at the Arris equipment, shook his head, and said they did not support that old device any longer. He did hook up to some testing equipment and ran the router through its paces. The verdict was that the device was on its last legs and was the most likely reason for my WiFi issues.

We ended up purchasing a Netgear cable modem and a Linksys router to replace the antiquated and malfunctioning Arris modem/router. After configuring the equipment and changing the default passwords we fired up the WiFi and have not had any issues since the new router and modem were installed.


Frequently Ask Questions

Why am experiencing inconsistent speed with my Wi-Fi?

The distance of your router compared to the location of your device is one of the major reason you might be experiencing slow speed. When this is a consistent issue, you should at least reposition your router to a higher platform where there won’t be interference with the signal.

What could be the cause of getting only half my Internet speed?

You need to make sure the cable from the router is still good. Also, check your firmware as well as the settings from your internet service provider.

My internet speed fluctuates. Is it normal?

At first. Try and run a test with just one device connected to your network and also multiple devices to ascertain the actual speed. This test should be carried out at different times of the day because internet speed fluctuates at a different point, especially with cable connections.


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