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Can You Reheat Nachos?

Can you reheat nachos? Yes, you can. In this article, we’ll discuss how to store leftover nachos and all about reheating them. You’ll learn how to reheat nachos in the oven, toaster oven, microwave, broiler, and skillet.

Step 1: What Youll Need:

  • plate of tortilla chips
  • beans or meat of choice
  • diced veggies
  • two handfuls shredded cheese
  • a broiler or oven set to 375 F
  • an oven safe plate
You can change this stuff up a ton! As far as the tortilla chips, I like using round ones because they’re more bite-size. But we’ve even used doritos as tortilla chips. Sometimes I’ll do refried beans, and sometimes I’ll just use black beans. Shredded chicken, ground beef and chorizo are my favorites on nachos. And as far as veggies, I always use lots of red onion, fresh jalapeno, and bell pepper. Pickled jalapenos work well and give the nachos a wonderful vinegar-y kick. Cheese is up to you – we normally use cheddar because it’s what we have on hand.


Method :

1. Spread the nachos out on the plate

2. Cover nachos with cheese

3. Place in the microwave oven for 35 seconds or until cheese bubbles

4. Remove and serve.

How to make nachos in the microwave

To make nachos in the microwave:

  • make dinner plate size single layer batches

  • spread one layer of chips on a plate

  • top with chicken then cheese

  • microwave for 30 seconds to 1 minute, until the cheese to become bubbly

And here’s proof that the chips don’t go soggy – all the cheese pull shots were done with a quick microwave to remelt the cheese. And it took many MANY takes!!😂

Chicken Nachos ingredients

So here’s what goes in my Chicken Nachos. I make it with just essential toppings because the chicken itself is loaded with great flavour.

1. Juicy shredded Mexican Chicken – the exact same recipe I use for Chicken Tacos, except I reduce the sauce down a bit more (thicker sauce = crisper chips)

2. Quick Guac – it’s a dump and mash job. Potato masher, to be exact. Avocado, coriander/cilantro, lime, salt and pepper, mash as you would potato. Very effective!

3. Cheese – a nachos without cheese doesn’t exist in my world 😇

4. Jalapeno, coriander/cilantro and sour cream – basic toppings. A touch of freshness goes a long way with nachos!

Best cheese for nachos?

Best cheese for nachos?

My favourite cheese for Nachos is Monterey Jack because it has flavour with a bit of stretch like Mozzarella, and it melts well without going greasy but doesn’t get that crusty brown top like Mozz (which is not a good thing for nachos, can end up pulling entire layer of cheese off).

Cheddar, tasty cheese, Colby and shredded Mexican Cheese blends are also firm faves, but any melting cheese will do here.

🇦🇺Australia – I get Monterey Jack and shredded Mexican Cheese blends at Costco. Excellent value – and the shredded cheese freezes 100%.

Tip: Heat Your Chips!

Before you add anything to the chips, spread out your chips on the plate and microwave them for a few seconds (20-30 seconds) on high. This is sort of like toasting the chips and it warms them up nicely.

Then when you do add your shredded cheese, try to spread it out really evenly on the chips. Don’t just pile it up in the middle! Think thin layers instead of big piles!

Cheese mix!
Cheese mix!

Good Ingredients for Microwave Nachos

I love nacho platters that are piled to the max with toppings. Just check out my nacho archives if you need some examples there.

But, when you are making nachos in the microwave, it’s actually better to have a light touch with the toppings. I prefer to use fewer toppings that have big flavors. I usually leave off meat and beans for microwave nachos because meat gets greasy in the microwave and the beans are just too much for a snack.

Instead, I like to keep my toppings simple for microwave nachos. Things like:

  • Cheese (obvs)
  • Avocado
  • Salsa (drain it if it is very watery)
  • Sour cream
  • Pickled Jalapenos
  • Fresh cilantro


These low carb nachos are delicious by themselves but make them divine by serving them with a dip or use them in a low carb recipe requiring nachos. Top a dish of them with spiced beef, avocado and sour cream for a hearty dish. Or slather them with a great 1 minute cheese sauce!

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  1. Alicia

    This sounds tasty and I’m looking forward to trying it with pepper jack cheese. Just to clarify though, a serving is one chip? Thanks!


    • Angela Coleby

      I’ve tried it with pepper jack cheese and it was delicious! The serving is 1 chip. Hope you enjoy the recipe!



1 Scatter the entire bag of chips onto a large plate. 2 Place beans in microwave for 30 seconds to make them easier to mix. Add in Pico de Gallo and mix together. 3 Drop spoonfuls of the bean and Pico de Gallo mixture onto the chips. 4 Sprinkle green chilies on top of the bean mixture and chips. 5 Evenly distribute the shredded cheese over the top. Place in microwave and cook for 1 to 1 1/2 minutes depending on the strength of your microwave. 6 Remove from microwave and top with sour cream, additional Pico de Gallo, and guacamole if desired.

Problem 2: Microwaves Ruin Chip Texture

Some folks say that chips turn stale or soft when microwaved for nachos. I haven't ever found this to be the case, and, in fact, if you're using even slightly watery ingredients (say, loose refried beans or chili), the nachos that you bake in the oven actually get soggier, as they spend more time in contact with the moisture.

How would a myth like this get started? I'm honestly not sure. It's true that bread will turn stale or overly soft when microwaved. That's because the starch in wheat flour forms a crystalline structure that can be retrograded with heat. Put bread in a conventional oven and, once again, you're heating from the outside in: The crust will become tender-crisp first, followed by the interior. In a microwave, on the other hand, areas of higher moisture concentration will heat faster. That means that the center of a slice of bread will become overly soft before the crust has a chance to soften. The particular type of simultaneously tough and soggy texture in microwaved bread is a result of this.

Tortilla chips have two factors going for them in the microwave: Corn doughs are far less susceptible to retrogradation, and tortilla chips have been fried, which removes most of their free moisture. You can microwave tortilla chips until they burn to a crisp, and they will never soften or turn soggy.

This brings us to our third problem…

Step 3: Meat or Beans… or Both

Now add your proteins! I like to heat up meat or refried beans up before I put them on. It’ll make the refried beans easier to deal with, and make sure the meat is nice and warm.

Final Thoughts From Cost-Effectivev Kitchen

My purpose here at Cost-Effective Kitchen is to help you shop smart, cook simply, and reduce waste.

In my humble opinion, nachos are one of those foods that should never be reheated. But since reducing waste is a goal for any cost-effective cook, you’ll need to find a method of reheating nachos successfully. Or, you must do everything you can to avoid having leftover nachos in the first place.

If you try the reheating methods discussed in this article and find the results unappealing, follow these steps to minimize your food waste.

When eating out:

  • If ordering nachos as an appetizer, be sure to eat all of them first. Order and then take home portions of your entree that could be easily reheated.
  • If leftover nachos are unavoidable, ask for a to-go box. Then scrape the cold items into one side and the reheatable toppings into another. Leave the chips unless they have nothing on them. Then at home, use the leftover toppings with fresh chips from your pantry to make a “fresh” serving of nachos.

When eating nachos at home, we have the “take all you want, but eat all you take.”

If your kids are bad about not finishing their plates, then insist they take multiple small portions so none goes to waste.

Personally, I would rather see my kids go back 3 or 4 times for smaller portions and eat it all than waste food.

If you want some great air-tight containers for your leftovers, these are the ones I love, use, and highly recommend.

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