Dryer sheets aren’t just for drying clothes. Check out these brilliant ideas

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Create Bug Repellent

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Some campers and outdoor enthusiasts swear by scented dryer sheets to keep insects away and research has proven it to be true. Some hikers rub the sheets on their skin, others tuck the sheets into the tops of socks or collars. Just choose a scent you like and see if you’re bug-free.

Step 6: Felting Your Balls

To protect your balls during the felting process, do the following:

  1. Cut four 7-8″ pieces of acrylic yarn or embroidery thread.
  2. Gently stuff the first ball into the end of a panty hose leg or knee high, being careful not to move the decorative yarn patterns if you decided to try that.
  3. Use one of the acrylic yarn pieces to securely and tightly tie the fist ball in place.
  4. Repeat this for all your remaining balls, being sure to finish with a tie too!

Now your balls are ready to be felted.

Add your wooly caterpillar to a load of towels and wash in hot water, dry on high. Repeat this one more time.

NOTE: The balls will continue to felt even more over time with use.

Remove the balls from the pantyhose and…

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Cleaning Bathroom Faucets

I use them to clean spots and soap scum from bathroom sink faucets and cleaning the bathroom mirror. Works great without any cleaning product!I like using a used one to polish the bathroom faucets. Never thought about the mirrors! Thanks!

Clean Electronics Screens

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Use a dry dryer sheet to dust television and computer monitor screens. The silicon coating on the dryer sheet will pick up dust and help to reduce static. Remember, never use a dryer sheet that is already dampened. The moisture can harm screens.

Step 2: Getting Started

The only other things you’ll need other than the wool, is a nylon stocking, scissors, and about a 3 foot length of either acrylic yarn or embroidery thread.

To get a ball started, using both ends of your skein (double up!), start wrapping the yarn around your fingers. (2 or 3 fingers work)

Natural Dryer Sheets and Other Alternatives

You’ve decided to get rid of your standard dryer sheets and try something else. But again, there’s a cornucopia of choices, including reusable sheets, fabric softeners, dryer balls and gentler detergents. Even a kitchen staple — vinegar — makes the list.

Before choosing which option is right for you, think first about what you’re trying to accomplish. Remember, dryer sheets offer three main advantages: eliminating static, softening clothes and adding a fragrance. If you want the first two but not the last, several companies already make fragrance-free dryer sheets aimed at people with allergies or other skin conditions.


If you want an eco-friendly option, some companies offer products labeled as "natural," but this could mean any variety of things. The government doesn’t regulate these claims, so there is no guarantee that these products are any different from others. Even natural products won’t satisfy everyone, though, and environmentally-conscious consumers might also object to disposable single-use dryer sheets and instead prefer a reusable option. Here are some popular choices:

The makers of dryer balls claim that these rubbery orbs not only soften clothes and stop static, but also reduce drying time. Balled-up aluminum foil and tennis balls have been suggested as frugal — albeit less-effective — alternatives.

Reusable sheets are often a piece of specially knitted polyester that has no or few chemicals or fragrances. Some stores also sell scented sachet bags, and you may find other reusable options.

You can create your own homemade sheets by soaking squares of cloth in fabric softener or even hair conditioner. However, these probably won’t work as well as commercial sheets.

Some people prefer to pour a bit of white vinegar onto their clothes during the washing machine’s rinse cycle. As with fabric softener, vinegar can soften clothes, and it has a mild anti-static effect. As a bonus, vinegar works well to get rid of mildew.

Whatever alternative you use to dryer sheets in the washer or dryer might work on your clothes, it likely won’t have as many interesting off-label uses as standard dryer sheets do. We cover some of the best in the next section.

On the Line

If you don’t want to use dryer sheets but still want to add a fresh fragrance to your laundry, try adding a few drops of lavender or your favorite essential oil during the washer’s spin cycle or as you throw the clothes into the dryer. But take caution, because some oils can irritate the skin.


More Uses For Dryer Sheets Around Your Home

Here’s a video sharing 6 uses for dryer sheets.Many of these have to do with freshening your home, such as using the scent from the sheet to generally keep your home, shoes, luggage and bathroom smelling nice.In addition, you can rub a fresh sheet on your TV or other electronics to reduce static electricity, and eliminate dust from sticking to the screen, and similarly reduce static electricity from your own clothing this way too.Finally, it suggests using a used sheet to remove soap scum from your bathtub or shower doors.You can watch the video for full details here:

I’d love to hear your ideas too! You can share your helpful household hints here!


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