DIY Halloween Tombstones from Upcycled Cereal Boxes

DIY Tombstone Halloween Decoration

If you are going to make this decoration for the c

If you are going to make this decoration for the coming Halloween don’t forget to share your view and thought in the below comment section.


17. 13 Disney Nights of Halloween 10 DIY Disney Villain

Best DIY Halloween Tombstones Plywood from 13 Disney Nights of Halloween 10 DIY Disney Villain. Source Image: Visit this site for details:

Classics, thrillers, and going to bed stories alike will really feel at house in this attractive timber rack. Set up a framework from scrap timber, linking the base items together making use of timber adhesive and also brad nails.

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Adhere 2-inch hook-and-loop tape strips along each corner edge of the foam-core board to form right angles. Place your canvas face-side down. Place a string of battery-operated clear LED mini …

Step 12

Stake the finished tombstone into the ground by securing the 4′ rebar vertically, and sliding the pipe fitting on the back of the tombstone over it.

Step 2: Pour Mortar Into a Bucket. Add Water

Pour some of the mortar into a bucket.It’s better to have more, than less. If you don’t put enough, you won’t find out until you’ve already put it into the mold. I poured a generous amount of the mortar mix into the bucket, and started adding little bits of water at a time until it has reached the desired consistency. Read the instructions on your bag of mortar. Different brands have different instructions, yours may be different. Scrape down to the very bottom of the bucket, make sure you get every last bit of dried mortar mix. I ended up needing my whole container of water for the amount of mix in the bucket. Stir, stir, stir. This is the most tiring part of the whole process.The Desired consistency is slightly crumbly, like thick mud. A half inch of the mortar should stick well to the trowel/stirrer while upside down without falling off. It should be too thick to pour into the mold. You will need to scrape it out with your trowel. If this is what you have, then congratulations… proceed to the next step.

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And don’t miss our favorite DIY costume ideas if you want to win … To make, print out the tombstone templates and cut out designs with scissors or a craft knife so you can use them as stencils.

Paper It up and Paint

  • Use newspaper or butcher paper to cover the top of the tombstone. Tape the paper into place. If you like, you can also cover the front, back and sides of the tombstone with paper.
  • Use some of the newspaper or butcher paper to cover and protect your work surface.
  • Use flat, gray spray paint to color the tombstone, and lightly spray or splatter black paint here and there to give it a gravelly appearance.
  • Then use regular acrylic paint and write creative epitaphs on the tombstone. You can also paint designs on your tombstones or paint cracks around the edges. Protect your paint job with a coat or two of clear acrylic sealer.

Step 8

Once you complete one side of each tombstone flat, you should find that you can apply the stucco to the other side of the tombstone if it is leaning upright. The stucco has already begun to harden, and by nature, if it was mixed thick enough, should not have the tendency to crumble away from its surface, so lean it up against a tree, add stucco to the backside of the tombstone, and allow it to dry completely (minimum: overnight). Note: Don’t worry about trying to stucco the sides of the tombstone – we’ll disguise the visible white primer in the future step.

How to Paint Tombstone Sayings:

Use a text editor like or Microsoft Word to print out sayings for your tombstones, like RIP, Here lies, etc. You need to size them for the width of your tombstones.

I made mine on sheets sized 11 x 8.5 like a normal sheet of paper and wrote the words within the dimensions.

Lay the sheet with the sayings over the foam tombstone and with a pencil go over the outline of the words. Press down to make an indention in the foam.

Remove the sheet of paper and go over the words with a white Sharpie paint pen within the lines you added via pencil.

You can leave it like this, it actually looks like chalk to me or you could go over it again with acrylic paint to make it a crisper white.

Repeat on all of the tombstones. Let them dry. Spray all tombstones (unless you are using them with only chalk as a chalkboard) with Flat Crystal Clear Paint Primer to seal the paint for weatherproofing. Weight them down again after spraying to prevent warping.

To make your tombstones stand up I used two paint sticks glued with Gorilla Glue Clear Contact Adhesive to the back of the tombstones. Let them dry and stick them into the ground that way!

Do not use hot glue on the paint sticks the glue will release with the heat of the sun.

Update: After being out in the elements, I noticed the tombstones near the sprinkler heads did warp a little. It is best to keep them away from direct water pressure. We shall see how well they hold up this season, otherwise I may need o make them out of wood or corrugated plastic sheets.


(all materials were purchased at my local Lowes):

  • Foam Board Insulation – the sheet is 4’ x 8’ (2” thick), and you can get at least 4 good-sized tombstones from one sheet
  • 1 Quart Exterior Paint in grey – I used Olympic brand “Victorian Pewter,” flat finish
  • Sample-size exterior paint in black – I used Valspar brand “Lincoln Cottage Black,” flat finish
  • Foam Adhesive – I used Loctite Power Grab Panel & Foam.  Not all adhesives are safe for foam – some will actually “eat” the foam.  You’ll want to make sure that whatever adhesive that you use is meant for foam.
  • 1/2″ PVC pipe (optional)
  • Rebar (optional)

Step 4: Lettering/Designs/Decorating

If you’ve done everything correctly, your mortar should be super thick, and not runny at all. Poke it with something and make sure the mark stays put. I didn’t plan ahead, and my lettering is a bit off center. Of course, do as I say, not as I do. Please don’t make the same mistake I did.Use the stamps to  make your letters by pressing them into the mortar. You’ll notice toward the end, they’ll take more effort to press in. You’re running out of time at this point. You will still be able to get everything done, it will just take more pressure. Make sure you spell everything correctly because depending on your speed, a mistake may be hard to fix. The corner “designs” were done with my handy dandy drywall scraper.If you were wanting to add mosaic glass, or marbles, now is the time to set them in place. A laminated picture of your pet can be placed at this time as well. They will not sink (if they do, your mortar was too runny and you need to start over.)

Mark the Cardboard

  • Place a bowl upside down, with the upper lip located just below the top of the box, on one of the two larger sides of the box.
  • Use a marker or pen to trace a half-circle around the top side of the bowl.
  • Use a ruler and your marker to carefully draw two parallel lines from the rounded ends of the tombstone top to the bottom of the box. This will be one side of your tombstone.
  • Use scissors or a utility knife to cut out the tombstone. If you are a little off, that's fine. You and the children can adjust later. If you are only planning to build a two-dimensional tombstone, your job is finished for this section. Skip to the third section, "Paper It Up and Paint," to continue.

21. Killer Scrap Wood DIY Halloween Tombstones – I Wish I Was

Best DIY Halloween Tombstones Plywood from Killer Scrap Wood DIY Halloween Tombstones – I Wish I Was. Source Image: Visit this site for details:

  Transform leftover timber or old furniture right into DIY redeemed timber tasks. When making this candle holder, keep in mind to leave ample room in between each of the holes. If you follow the overview, you ll be able to hold 7 candles at once.

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