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Different Types of Roads or Classification of Roads

1. Studying and writing an tackle

In English, we write addresses with their quantity first then the identify of the road with capitals.


I stay on 24 Cherry Street. Write down “24 Cherry Rd”.

Be exact about which sort of road you’re utilizing! There are a lot of choices like Road, Avenue or Boulevard, and every considered one of them has its personal abbreviation.

A metropolis can have a number of completely different streets with the identical identify, however differing types!

For instance, a standard joke within the metropolis of Atlanta, is that half of the streets are named “Peachtree”-something.

And it’s true, the peachtree is admittedly in style, as a result of the state of Georgia is legendary for its scrumptious peaches. So there are 71 streets which have a variant of “Peachtree” of their identify: Peachtree Lane, Peachtree Avenue, Peachtree Stroll, Peachtree Road, …

And if you wish to perceive the road indicators there, you should know their abbreviations too!


Primarily based on Nagpur classification:

Nagpur is a metropolis named in India. Nagpur classification is adopted in main components of the world. Let’s focus on the several types of roads based mostly on Nagpur classification

Nationwide highways: 

Nationwide highways run all through the size and breadth of the nation. These roads join state capital cities to the nationwide capital metropolis. A minimal of two lanes, one for every route is offered for Nationwide highways and these two lanes are divided by a strip of boulders. 

The minimal velocity of 80Kmph ought to be maintained on Nationwide highways.  They’re often labelled with numbers NH1, NH70

State highways: 

State highways: 

State Highways connects the essential cities of the state to the state capital metropolis. State highways give entry to attach Nationwide highways. They’re additionally linked to the state highways of the neighbouring states. 

A minimal of two lanes are offered however they could or might not divided with a strip of boulders. 

District roads: 

District roads: 

District roads give entry to hook up with the State highways. District roads join the essential cities of the district and they’re additionally linked with the neighbouring district roads. 

There are two several types of district roads

Main District roads: These roads connect with the neighbouring district headquarters

Minor District roads: These roads join the essential cities inside the district to the district headquarters. 

Village roads are the roads in villages. These roads result in the closest city and likewise connects to the essential areas of the villages like temples, church buildings and many others. Village roads are additionally linked to the neighbouring villages. 

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Primarily based on topography: 

Roads are labeled into two sorts contemplating topography they’re Hilly roads and Plain roads.

Hilly roads: 

The roads that are constructed on hilly areas the place one can see frequent steep bends, ups and downs. The capital required is extra and it takes extra time when put next with the plain roads.

Plain area roads:

Plain space roads:

The roads that are constructed on the plain space the place there are only a few bends, ups and downs are plain space roads. Planning and execution time is much less when put next with the plain space roads.

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Why Does It Matter?

The unique purpose for various sorts of streets or designations is to explain a road. It’s useful to know a sure road is a crescent, as a result of then we all know it’s going to have a curve. If it’s a maze, then we all know it is going to be a complete zig-zag, if it’s a wynd, it most likely curves this fashion and that. If you happen to stay on an avenue in Edmonton, it’s going to be a straight roadway that runs east to west. If you happen to stay on a stroll, it’s seemingly a slim pathway – maybe one which doesn’t even permit vehicles and if you happen to stay on a detailed, it’s seemingly a highway with no outlet – maybe a cul-de-sac. These designations serve that will help you image a roadway earlier than you even get there. Additionally, builders actually select a road kind to promote an space. For instance, if you happen to see the identify Elk Meadows, you most likely are considering this location will likely be in a park-like setting. It’d simply be a townhouse complicated in the midst of the town, however the identify serves to provide the world a pure, outdoorsy feeling. This may also help promote somebody on the placement when they’re on the lookout for a property to purchase.

As an example how essential these road sorts will be, let’s take a look at Wedgewood Heights in Edmonton. In a single nook of Wedgewood Heights, there are 4 completely different streets with the identical identify (and completely different road sorts). They’re: Weber Manner, Weber Place, Weber Shut and Weber Gate. You’ll be able to see the way it might get a bit complicated if you happen to didn’t have the road kind and the road identify was the identical for 2 close by roads. This isn’t actually an enormous deal in the event that they’re shut collectively as a result of you possibly can simply drive to the following highway which is typically linked, but when they’re separated in any respect, you possibly can find yourself trying on the incorrect road utterly.

In one other nook, there are three completely different streets with the identical identify and differing types: Welbourn Cove, Welbourn Lane and Welbourn Drive. Once more, it’s a complicated scenario when looking for a home.

A map showing an area with three different street

A map displaying an space with three completely different road sorts with the identical identify.

Different points embody errors with the abbreviations themselves. In Edmonton, some frequent road sorts that get combined up are Court docket (CO) and Crest (CT), and likewise Villa (VI) and Village (VG) can have the incorrect abbreviations related to their actual property itemizing tackle.

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