Caramelized Eggs Cooked in Heavy Cream Recipe

Why You’ll Love This Egg Muffin Recipe

  • Fluffy omelet texture
  • Endless customization options
  • Super easy to make
  • Just 1.8 grams net carbs each
  • Naturally healthy, low carb, keto-friendly, and gluten-free
  • Great recipe for meal prep, and for a grab-and-go breakfast, lunch, or snack


Optional Add-Ins

  • Cheese: You can serve them with shredded cheddar, Gruyere cheese, or grated Parmesan cheese on top.
  • Herbs: Any fresh herbs you like will work with this dish. Fresh thyme, parsley, chives, dill, or basil would be great on top for garnish.
  • Meat: Try adding crumbled cooked sausage or finely diced ham.
  • Vegetables: You can serve them with cooked mushrooms, garlic, shallots, onions, bell peppers, or other veggies you like.

This is such a simple breakfast and I can’t wait to try it again with different toppings. Here are some more easy breakfast recipes you might like to try.

How to Poach Eggs

  • Bring several inches of water along with vinegar just to a boil in a large deep frying pan.
  • Crack eggs one at a time and add to boiling water, fitting four eggs in pan at once.
  • Cook until whites are just set and yolk is still runny, about 3 – 4 minutes.
  • Transfer to paper towel lined plate to drain, repeat with remaining four eggs.

Can I Make Eggs Benedict in Advance?

  • You can poach eggs in up to 2 days in advance and reheat in boiling water for about 30 – 60 seconds. The yolk just may be a bit more set this way.
  • I have found with leftover sauce I can reheat gently in the microwave, the consistency is a bit thicker though.
  • English muffins and ham will need to be served right after heating.

How Long Does Eggnog Last?

Eggnog will keep for several days in the fridge, especially if you've already added liquor (which acts as a preservative). Eggnog also tends to get better with time — it gets thicker and more silky, and the flavors meld together more uniformly.


saturated fat Heavy cream is high in saturated fat and egg has 86% less saturated fat than heavy cream – heavy cream has 23g of saturated fat per 100 grams and egg has 3.1g of saturated fat.

trans fat Egg has 31.5 times less trans fat than heavy cream – heavy cream has 1.2g of trans fat per 100 grams and egg has 0.04g of trans fat.

cholesterol Egg is high in cholesterol and heavy cream has 70% less cholesterol than egg – heavy cream has 113mg of cholesterol per 100 grams and egg has 372mg of cholesterol.

Using Raw Egg Whites Safely

For a traditional eggnog you also whip up some egg whites to stiff peaks, and then fold those into the eggnog mixture, making it light and fluffy.

The egg whites are not cooked and these days some people avoid eating raw eggs because of the salmonella risk. If you want to incorporate beaten egg whites, one way to get around this is to use pasteurized eggs.

I've also just reheated the combined mixture (eggnog base with beaten egg whites mixed in), until it reaches 160°F, and then let the mixture chill again. That works too if eating raw eggs is a concern for you.

  • Need an egg-free version of eggnog? Try coquito! It’s the Puerto Rican answer to eggnog, made with condensed milk, coconut, spices, and rum.

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Quiche Recipe Ingredients

This quiche recipe requires:

  1. Pie Crust – Don’t skimp on flavor and texture– make homemade pie crust. My favorite pie crust recipe is straightforward and you can make it ahead of time and freeze. One of my best baking tips is to always have pie dough in the freezer!
  2. Heavy Cream and Milk – For the best tasting quiche, use a combination of whole milk and heavy cream. (Or simply use half-and-half.) Using just heavy cream produces an overly thick filling. Whole milk is great, but a combo of heavy cream and milk is better.
  3. Eggs – Use 4 eggs per 1 cup of milk. Some quiche recipes throw in an extra egg yolk or two, but I don’t find it necessary with the ratio of ingredients in my recipe.
  4. Salt and Pepper – I don’t add salt to the filling if I’m using a salty add-in, such as cheese or ham. However, if you are making a plain quiche I recommend both.

Antioxidants and Phytonutrients

carotenoids Carotenoids are micronutrients commonly found in plants and some animal products. An example is beta-carotene, the notable carotenoid which is a popular source of Vitamin A.[4][5] For specific types of carotenoids, egg has more lutein + zeaxanthin than heavy cream per 100 grams, however, heavy cream contains more beta-carotene than egg per 100 grams. Egg Heavy Cream lutein + zeaxanthin 503 UG ~ beta-carotene ~ 72 UG

The Texture of a Perfect Quiche

Quiche is egg pie. But “egg pie” doesn’t sound particularly appealing, does it? Let’s talk about the texture of a perfect quiche, the kind I’m teaching you how to make. Perfect quiche is creamy and soft with textural contrast from ham, crispy bacon, or sautéed vegetables. Each forkful is undeniably rich, but has a light and delicate mouthfeel. Think of the main ingredient being milk/cream, not eggs.

Quiche is not a frittata with crust. Frittatas are sturdy and solid, while quiche is moist and melts in your mouth.

Recipe Steps

Grease the ramekins with butter and add one tablespoon of heavy cream into the bottom of each ramekin. Crack one egg into each ramekin and add your toppings.

Place the ramekins in a baking pan and pour enough water into the pan to reach halfway up the ramekins.

Bake them for 15 to 30 minutes at 350°F or until the eggs are barely set. Start checking them halfway through the cooking time, and then every few minutes until the whites are set and the yolks are cooked to your liking.

After you take the baking dish out of the oven, use tongs to lift the ramekins out. Let the eggs cool a little before eating. You can eat them as is, or spread them onto crusty bread or toast with a sprinkle of salt and pepper.

Keto Egg Muffins Recipe

Learn how to make egg muffins for a grab-and-go breakfast you can meal prep, with 15 flavor variations! You’ll love this healthy keto breakfast egg muffin cups recipe.

Prep: 10 minutes Cook: 35 minutes

Total: 45 minutes

Author: Maya Krampf from Servings: 12 (adjust to scale recipe)



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