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Part 2: 4 Most Possible Reasons and Solutions for HandBrake Won’t Rip DVD

These are common scenarios and solutions about HandBrake won’t rip DVDs. You can do as the following paragraphs show to troubleshoot HandBrake DVD ripping fail error.

Situation 1: Corrupted or Damaged DVD

If your DVD disc is scratched on the surface, the DVD ripping process may be failed. Thus, you can find that HandBrake stops encoding at the same place in a loop. In addition, the damaged or corrupted IFO files may cause HandBrake won’t rip DVD error too.

You can insert another DVD to rip with HandBrake. If HandBrake can rip DVD at this time, then the scratched DVD is the main cause. Next time you had better put DVD back into the case after watching.

Situation 2: Overloaded CPU Stop HandBrake Ripping

Situation 2: Overloaded CPU Stop HandBrake Ripping DVD

The heavy stress of CPU can increase the possibility of HandBrake DVD not ripping. Sometimes HandBrake rips DVD in a few seconds and then stop encoding. If your computer has been used for years, you can rip DVD with HandBrake on a new computer to have a try. Otherwise, you can optimize your computer’s performance by third-party cleaning software.

Situation 3: Unsupported Subtitles Lead into HandB

Situation 3: Unsupported Subtitles Lead into HandBrake Won’t Ripping DVD

It is true that HandBrake cannot rip DVD subtitles in some cases. You can disable subtitle options in HandBrake to have a check. If you want to rip DVD video with subtitle, you can run Vidmore DVD Monster to rip an entire DVD with the best quality.

Situation 4: HandBrake Won’t Rip Entire DVD Due to

Situation 4: HandBrake Won’t Rip Entire DVD Due to Copy Protections

HandBrake cannot rip entire DVD movie with copy protection. In other words, HandBrake rips non-protected DVD only. Thus, you can find that HandBrake won’t rip DVD with DRM, CSS encryption, ARccOS, region code, RCE, UOP and other DVD encryption technologies.

There is no need to bring the DVD everywhere. Just

There is no need to bring the DVD everywhere. Just be careful with your DVD discs in case of physical damages. If you want to keep your old DVDs safely, you need to put discs back into DVD cases in a dry and cool place.

All in all, these are 5 workable ways to fix HandBrake won’t rip DVD. Firstly, check if your DVD is scratched or damaged. Later, you can change HandBrake settings to fix HandBrake not encoding full movie. As for copy protected DVDs, HandBrake is not your best choice. You can free download Vidmore DVD Monster to rip almost all DVDs with 6x faster speed and 1:1 quality.

Thus, you can enjoy the high-quality DVD movies on your iPhone, iPad, Android, Apple TV and other media players like Windows Media Player directly. Vidmore DVD Monster has more powerful features about DVD ripping than HandBrake. You can free download the program to get more details.


Why is Handbrake Not the Easiest Way to Rip DVDs?

Are DVD users willing to go through all the steps?

Let's see some numbers:

Let’s see some numbers:

1. 53.31% DVD player owners are aged 30-49 and 51.28% aged 50-64 (from statista); 2. People aged 35-45 are the main customers of DVDs (internal survey).

This means that most DVD users are non-techies and won’t want to spend too much time on a complicated process. For them, Handbrake is just not user-friendly enough:

"I need to rip my DVDs to a format for my iPad2. I’ve tried handbrake, and it’s complicated and not working for me." "I found Handbrake to complicated for just converting a DVD to video – too many options." "Handbrake newbie, I need recommended video setting, confused with the settings." "I have difficulty finding a folder recommending Homebrew and just end up confusing the situation even more." "I tried the 1.4 libdvdcss but it’s still no good with later DVDs, especially from Disney, like Wall-e. HandBrake is totally confused with these."

How to Rip a DVD with HandBrake: Steps

I describe how to rip a DVD with HandBrake on a Windows PC in this example, but the premise is the same on a Mac.

Step 1: Open HandBrake and load the DVD you wish to rip.

Place the target DVD in your computer’s DVD drive. After that, open HandBrake and go to Source Selection, where your DVD should already be detected. (HandBrake can rip DVD VIDEO TS folders and ISO files to mainstreaming format as well.)

HandBrake will begin scanning the target DVD after you click it. The length of time it takes to check your disc depends on the content.

Step 2: Select the DVD title and chapter to be ripped.

HandBrake will choose a title for you automatically, but you can change it by selecting it from the Title drop-down menu. The desired title’s entire chapter will be covered. However, you can specify it if necessary.

If it’s a movie DVD, the primary movie segment should have the longest runtime. However, this regulation does not apply to 99-title movie DVDs, which HandBrake cannot handle. If it’s a TV series DVD, pick your favorite title/episode, usually between 20 and 44 minutes long. However, in most situations, we want to rip all episodes.

So, how do you use HandBrake to choose numerous titles?

After you’ve chosen a title, choose a preset, and then click the Add to Queue drop-down arrow. Add Current, Add All, and Add Selection are the three possibilities.

  • HandBrake will add the currently selected title to the queue when you click Add Current.
  • HandBrake will add all DVD titles to the line at the same time when you choose Add All.
  • HandBrake will open a box to specify which tags to add to the queue when you select Add Selection.

So that’s how you can extract multiple titles of a DVD or copy multiple/all episodes from a DVD of a TV show.

Step 3: Set up the output.

You can use HandBrake DVD ripper to transfer DVDs to MP4 or convert DVDs to MKV format. It also has a slew of output settings divided into categories such as General (1080p, 720p, 576p, 480p), Web (Gmail, YouTube, Vimeo, Discord), Devices (Android, Apple, Chromecast, Playstation, Amazon Fire, Roku, Xbox), Matroska (H.264, H.265, VP8, VP9), and Production. You can select any of them at your leisure or save a new preset by selecting Save New Preset.

When selecting a setting for DVDs, avoid the 720p and 1080p options. PAL DVDs have a 720 x 576 (576p) resolution, while NTSC DVDs have a resolution of 720 x 480. (480p). Choosing a larger setting will not make the result seem better, but it will appear larger.

Finally, the “Fast” and “Very Fast” presets will reduce output quality, while the “HQ” and “Super HQ” presets will slow DVD ripping and increase output file size.

Aside from container type and presets, HandBrake also lets you choose subtitles, choose an audio track, adjust video properties like codec and framerate, and much more. If you don’t know anything about such features, leave the default settings alone.

Step 4: Choose a location for your DVD rip file to be saved.

Navigate to the Save As a section, then click Browse to select a location for the generated file to be saved. You may use HandBrake to rip DVDs to your computer’s hard drive or external storage devices.

Step 5: Instruct HandBrake to quickly rip a DVD.

If you don’t want to change anything, click the Start Encode button in the top menu bar to begin ripping video/audio from DVDs with HandBrake. Then you’ll see a progress meter and be able to predict how much longer it will take to finish.

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Part 1 How to Rip DVD with HandBrake: Prerequisites

1. Download and install HandBrake DVD ripper.

HandBrake is a cross platform program, available to Mac (macOS El Capitan 10.11 and later), Windows (64bit Windows 7/8.1/10) and Ubuntu. As an open-source DVD ripper, it won’t cost you a penny. Simply go to download center – the only official place to download HandBrake DVD ripper – to get a copy fit for your computer and install it following wizard. The latest version is 1.4.0.

Download HandBrake
Download HandBrake

2. Download libdvdcss if you want to rip copy-protected DVD with HandBrake.

HandBrake itself can’t rip commercially copy-protected DVDs. If you want to use HandBrake to rip encrypted DVDs (actually, almost all store-bought DVDs are copyright-protected), you should firstly download libdvdcss. libdvdcss is a part of VideoLAN project capable of reading and decrypting DVDs locked by region codes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and CSS.

Get libdvdcss at:

Download libdvdcss to help HandBrake rip copy-prot
Download libdvdcss to help HandBrake rip copy-protected DVD

Next, you should install libdvdcss on your computer. The process is different on Windows and Mac.

On Windows, you simply need to copy the libdvdcss-2.dll to HandBrake folder.

On Mac OS X Yosemite or older, you can download the libdvdcss package file and double click it to install. But if you use Mac OS X El Capitan or later, you need to install libdvdcss via Homebrew.

  1. Open Terminal window and enter command line ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL" to install Homebrew. Then, you are required to enter Admin password to install Homebrew.
  2. After you finish Homebrew installation, run the command brew install libdvdcss in Terminal window. Moments later, the libdvdcss will be installed on El Capitan or later.

With libdvdcss installed, HandBrake now can rip DVD with copy protection.

Part 3 Why Won’t HandBrake Rip DVD

Various problems may occur when we use HandBrake to rip DVDs. Here, we pick out several common issues. If you fail to rip DVD with HandBrake because of one of the reasons, just head to the solution we provide.

* No valid source or titles found

This error pops up after you attempt to open the source of DVD. This is probably because your source file format isn’t supported by HandBrake or copy-protected.

Handbrake failed to rip DVD: no valid source or ti
Handbrake failed to rip DVD: no valid source or titles found

* HandBrake only rip part of DVD

HandBrake is reported to unable to finish the entire DVD ripping. For example, it only outputs one-hour video from a two-hour movie. This issue is probably also due to copy protection.

* HandBrake distorted video when ripping DVD on Windows 10

If HandBrake rips out a distorted video off your DVD, you may need to remove the DVD copy protections in advance, update VLC, etc.

How to Rip TV Shows

TV shows are great for iPods, and the process of ripping them is much the same as it is for movies. The big differences come in selecting the right titles, and in building a queue of titles (or episodes) to be ripped. Here’s how to do it:

  • Titles: When you’re ripping a television show, making sure you have the right title selected is easy – you just choose the longest available title. For a DVD from a TV show, the longest available title will be the one you get from selecting “Play All.” It’s all the episodes wrapped up in one convenient bundle! If you want that, then it’s fine. If not, you’ll have to select one of the shorter titles:

    As you can see, one of these titles is not like an

    As you can see, one of these titles is not like another! The first title is the “play all” option. The last title is probably the animation you see when you first play the DVD. The other three are individual episodes. If you open your DVD player, you can figure out how long each episode is and match the title to the episode. If you’re not willing to go to that much work, simply use a generic file name for each episode, and rename them when you’ve finished ripping.

  • Queues: When you’re ripping TV episodes off a DVD, you can build a queue to rip each episode in succession. That way, you don’t have to go back to Handbrake after each episode is finished. To build a queue, first select Enable queue. This activates the queue buttons.

    To build your queue, set up all of the options you

    To build your queue, set up all of the options you want to establish for your episode, then click Add to Queue. Then, go to the next episode and do the same thing. You can click Show Queue to look at the various tasks in the queue; if any are incorrect, you can click Remove to clear them from the queue. Note that once a task is saved, you cannot edit that task; you must delete it from the queue and create the task again. When you have finished building the queue, click Start to rip your episodes. One more thing about queues: They’re a great way to try a number of different settings for ripping the same material. For example, if you want to try a number of different video compression options to see which looks the best, you can set up a task for each option, then run them all to see which suits your fancy. Note, though, that if your Mac goes to sleep while Handbrake is running, Handbrake will eventually pause.

Why WinX DVD Ripper is the best option?

WinX DVD Ripper could be the best DVD ripper due to its outstanding features. It free rips DVD in high quality, at a hardware-accelerated speed, and with smaller final file size. It can rip a DVD in nine and a half minutes at 355 frames per second, maintaining 98% quality and 1.24 GB final file size. Handbrake will rip in 11 and a half minutes at 297 frames per second with 70% quality and a massive 6 GB file size. You can even check out Handbrake vs WinX DVD Ripper comparison here at the official WinXDVD website.

Extra plugins are not required to run WinX DVD Rip

Extra plugins are not required to run WinX DVD Ripper and it is able to offer over 350 file types output. Handbrake requires plugins and it only offers MP4, MKV and sometimes M4V.

It is possible to rip damaged DVDs, special Japanese DVDs, the latest movies and workout DVDs plus region-free 99-title DVDs with WinX DVD Ripper. Handbrake cannot rip these.

WinX DVD Ripper lets you copy a DVD to hard drive as an ISO image or MPEG-2 file with original quality and 5.1 Channel AC3/DTS Dolby audio for later burning. Handbrake offers ISO files but not backup DVDs without quality loss. WinX DVD Ripper is an excellent long term choice since it puts less strain on the computer.


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